Guide: How to choose an air purifier to purify the indoor air?
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By Lauren Quan | 04 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Guide: How to choose an air purifier to purify the indoor air?

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1.What does an Air Purifier do?

In a way or the other, you are likely to have come across the word “Air Purifier” but you did not know what is. It is just as the name sounds, “Air Purifier”. What air purifiers do is that they purify the air. An Air Purifier is simply a device that is built to help purify and clean the air in a particular space; it could be in the office, house, outdoors, and so on. An Air Purifier can perform its work by filtering the atmosphere and trapping out dirt and toxic components like dust, smoke, allergens, pollens, and others. This gives you a clean atmosphere that makes it possible for you to breathe in air that is healthy, fresh, and clean. In this article, we shall be going through the steps to choosing an air purifier to purify the indoor air.

1 What does an Air Purifier do?
2 Factors to consider while choosing an Air Purifier for indoors
2.1 Coverage Area
  2.2 Price
  2.3 Function
2.4 Design
2.5 Filters
2.6 CADR rating
2.7 Noise
2.8 Digitalization
3 Some Air Purifiers you can consider buying
3.1 Dyson Air Purifier
3.2 Honeywell Air Purifier
3.3 Levoit Air Purifier
3.4 Winix air purifier
3.5 Holmes Air Purifier
3.6 Coway Air Purifier
3.7 Proscenic A8 Air Purifier
3.8 Molekule Air Purifier
3.9 Germ Guardian Air Purifier
4 More about Proscenic A8 Air Purifier
4.1 Proscenic A8 Air Purifier
5 Conclusion


2.Some factors to pay attention to while choosing an air purifier to purify the indoor air

The following are a few factors to consider while choosing an air purifier to use:

2.1 Area of Coverage

When going for an air purifier, make sure to go for the one that can cover your desired space area. There are various air purifiers out there with various capacities. Some cover small-scaled spaces, some can cover medium-scaled spaces, while others can cover large spaces regardless of the size. You should know the size of your room and go for an air purifier that will cover it efficiently.

 2.2 Price

Various Companies have produced lots of air purifiers with different prices. When choosing an air purifier, you should put into consideration how much you have and go for the one that aligns with your budget. The price of the air purifier is not the only important thing, the cost of maintenance is also very important should be put into consideration. Try to know how long it takes to replace certain parts of the device, and how long it would last you before getting a new one. This will ensure that you do not spend beyond your estimated budget.

 2.3 Function

This is also another factor to consider while choosing an air purifier. Be sure to go for the air purifier you are sure is compatible with your atmosphere. There are a lot of air purifiers with different functions and uses, some air purifiers are very good with clearing off smokes, some are very good with pollens and allergens from pets, and some are good with clearing off the dust, while some are very good with getting rid of various harmful organisms. Try to check out what issues your atmosphere has and choose the air purifier that does that job the best way.

 2.4 Design

One other aspect to consider is the design of the air purifier. Be on the look-out for the size, weight, and build-up of the air purifier you are going for, the one that particularly suits your taste is what you should go for. If you are someone that gives preference to a particular colour or design, then be sure to go for your preferences. Go for the air purifier that awesomely blends with the design of your space and that would give your space a more beautiful look and appearance. Regardless of how trivial this point might appear, it is very important. You would not like to go for an air purifier that gives your space an ugly or awkward appearance.

 2.5 Filter stages

This is very important! Air purifiers come with varieties of filter stages. Be sure to only choose the one that has the filtering stages that best suits your atmosphere. Some air purifiers are designed to have Mechanical filters- these are the ones that use HEPA filters, some other ones come with Activated Carbon filters, some use Ozone generators, while there are others with Electric air purifying filters. There are so many Filter stages. Choose the one that has the filter that suits your atmosphere most, it will be more efficient.

2.6 Check for the Certified CADR rating

Make sure that the air Purifier you are choosing is with a certified CADR rating. This would enhance your confidence and trust in the product. The air purifier would come with a CADR rating if it is from a trusted and reputable Company. You should think twice before going for air purifiers without the CADR rating.

 2.7 Noise

Noise pollution is bad just has environmental pollution!  Only few people consider this factor but are also very essential. In a bid to prevent and clear your atmosphere of air pollutants, you would also not like to have to deal with disturbances from noise pollution. Just as some air purifiers out there cannot work without letting off much noise, there are other air purifiers too that work without making noise at all. Be on the lookout! If you hate noise and do not find it easy coping with much noise, be sure to go for air purifiers that are very quiet to use. There are lots of them out there.

2.8 Digitalization

If you are in love with highly digitalized devices, then make sure you go for air purifiers that are well digitalized. Yes! They are well available. An example of highly digitalized air purifiers is the one from the Proscenic Company. You can go for them if you would like air purifiers with special features.

There are so many other factors to consider while choosing an air purifier part from the one mentioned, the mentioned ones are the very important ones.

3.Some Top-Rated Air Purifiers you can go for

3.1 Dyson Pure Cool TP04 Air Purifier


3.2 Honeywell HPA 3OO Air Purifier


3.3 Levoit LV-H13 Air Purifier


3.4 Winix  A231 Air Purifier


3.5 Holmes Air Purifier


3.6 COWAY AP-1512 Air Purifier

3.7 Proscenic A8 Air Purifier


 3.8 Molekule Air Purifier

3.9 Germ Guardian Air Purifier

4.More about Proscenic A8 Air Purifier

4.1 Proscenic A8 air purifier

This air purifier is a product of the Proscenic Company. The Proscenic Company is widely known to be one of the best home appliances producing company in the world today. . The Company got the name “Proscenic” from the merging together of the two words: Prosperous and scenic.  The name is said to mean: “The future of the intelligent life”. The Company was established in Japan by a Talwan group in 1993 and has since then produced lots of home appliances and devices that suits perfectly, the demand of the digital period.

Talking about Proscenic A8 air purifier, it comes with a lot of intriguing features that cannot be found in many other air purifiers. The device is a product of the proscenic company and it comes in white colour with the dimensions of 9.45 in Length, 16.54 in width, and 9.45 inches in Breadth.

4.1.1 Its Performance

Looking at its performance, Proscenic A8 Air purifier does a high-quality job and it clears more than 99% toxins and dirt in the atmosphere. It efficiently clears off allergens, smokes, cigars, tobaccos, and all. It is designed using high technological devices that make it sophisticated and digital to use. The device is a very unique one.

4.1.2 Its Design

Talking about the colour it comes in, the device comes in a beautiful white colour and is awesome.
It weighs 9.63 pounds and has the dimensions of 9.45 in Length, 16.54 in width, and 9.45 inches in Breadth. It uses the pre-filter mode and has a smart control feature that makes it easy to control the device with voice. The battery required for the device is 2 AAA batteries. The device is well built and does effective work.

 The fan that comes with the product features a smart sensor mode plus an auto mode and its LED light changes in real-time based on air quality.

4.1.3 Its Filters

The device uses four effective filtering phases to filter. They are the Pre-filter phase, the Nano Filter phase, the Activated carbon filter phase, and the H13 True HEPA filter phase.

The pre-filter phase helps with clearing out physical toxins and pollutants in the air. In this phase, it absorbs macro constituents in the air like wool, cotton, and so on.

The Nano Filter phase absorbs and oxidises harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses in the air.
The Activated carbon filter phase reduces micro-organisms and odours from cooking, pets, and smoke. It also helps to prolong the True HEPA Filter lifespan.

The H13 true HEPA filter phase filters the air by trapping micro and very small particles in the air. It clears up particles like pollens, smokes, and flames.


Like we have earlier mentioned in the article, air purifiers are essential for every household and so each household should try to have one. It is even more important for people who are allergic to various components in the air like pollen, dust, flames, smokes, and other pollutants. When choosing an air purifier, consider the above-mentioned factors as they would perfectly guide you to choosing the exact air purifier for you. With all sincerity, we recommend that you go for the Proscenic A8 Air Purifier if you are a lover of quality, uniqueness, beauty, and effectiveness. The Proscenic Company did a great job producing that Air Purifier, you should give it a trial today!


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