Holmes Vs. Levoit Vs. Proscenic Air Purifier Reviews Comparing Three Brands
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By pppggg | 03 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Holmes Vs. Levoit Vs. Proscenic Air Purifier Reviews Comparing Three Brands

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If you are sensitive to pollen, you will find some relaxation when the outside temperature falls and windows shut for the time being. However, it's the perfect season for indoor toxins, such as pollen and mold. A potent air purifier will decrease most of these toxins and make you breathe more easily.
A decent air purifier will make your life easier. But to count as fantastic, it has to be flexible enough to purify the air in a huge bedroom or guest bedroom, peaceful and quiet enough for you to sleep next to it in a bed, and cheap enough to get a handful spreads all over your house.
Air purifiers arrive in all types and dimensions, and they also function in profoundly unique ways. Most of them possess what is regarded as an active filter and are usually very efficient in eliminating contaminants. It might be challenging to choose a cleaner that operates in the way you expect, suits your needs, comes within your price bracket, and doesn't appear like an obsolete radiator.
It is better to shift to the best-known products and brands with outstanding customer feedback. We have reviewed Holmes Vs. Levoit Vs. Proscenic Air Purifier by their performance, ability, and design, and cost.

Table of Contents
 1. Best Holmes Air Purifiers Reviewed
1.1 Holmes HAP9726-U
1.2 Holmes HEPA Type Tower
2. Best Levoit Air Purifiers Reviewed
2.1 Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier
2.2 LEVOIT Core 300
3. Best Proscenic Air Purifiers Reviewed
3.1 Proscenic A8
4. Holmes vs. Levoit vs. Proscenic air purifier :Comparing Three Brands
5. FAQ
5.1 Where can I buy the above air purifiers?
5.2 Where Should I Put My Air Purifier?
5.3 How Much Does It Cost To Operate an Air Purifier?
6. Conclusion

1. Best Holmes Air Purifiers Reviewed

1.1 Holmes HAP9726-U

If you want a potent air purifier worthy of managing spaces up to 349 square feet, then comes the Holmes HAP9726-U. Although it can be resilient inefficiency, it's very tiny (It weighs just 11 pounds). The all-black color design provides a luxury look that suits its luxurious results. All in all, we found that the construction standard was outstanding and designed to last, which is supported by a 3-year warranty.
The control panel can be easily reached. This is where you can choose from 4 adjustable speed levels to ensure that your air is still evident. The digital display is easily understandable, equipped with an automatic timer, meaning you don't should be at home to see when to switch it off.
You can also notice two separate filters: an active carbon filter and a real HEPA filter. The prior arrives with baking soda, serving as a pre-filter to trap larger pollutants and remove foul odors often created by smoke, dogs, and trash. The actual HEPA filter can detect up to 99.9 percent of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.
When adjusted to 2 higher speed levels, the only problem is that it can be deafening – up to 70 dB. Overall, we quite liked the HAP9726-U!

1.2 Holmes HEPA Type Tower

This high-rise tower arrives with minimal size, consuming up relatively little room. That being said, it is built to clean the air in spaces up to 180 square feet, rendering it perfect for medium-sized rooms.
AHAM and UL accredit this air purifier to make sure it is safe to be used. This air purifier is equipped with a HEPA-type filter that allows it to handle small contaminants (2 microns) such as pollen, animal dander, and airborne particles. Filters are created safer with baking soda, which ultimately removes all home odors.
With HEPA-type filtration, up to 99.97 percent of dust, ash, pollen, foul odors, mold spores, and perhaps even bacteria can be extracted from it. Besides, it can filter molecules as small as 0.3 microns. The Holmes air purifier ionizer aims to trap these contaminants more efficiently, so no wonder whether you're someone with an allergy or not, it's still safe to breathe in your house.

2. Best Levoit Air Purifiers Reviewed

2.1 Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier

LV-H132 is an older variant of Levoit air purifiers, although the main drawback is that it's much quieter than recent editions because it doesn't have timer options. LV-H132 little air purifier is perfect for tight spaces like college dorms or offices for comfortable ventilation all day.  It also extracts up to 99.97 percent of dirt, spores, dust, and scent, smoke, and animal hair with simplicity. It's even going to notify you whenever it's time for a fresh filter, which is only every six months.
We are primarily impressed with the consistency and nature of the Levoit air purifiers, but the company is choosing a proactive direction with the Levoit LV-H132. Rather than the standard, a reliable square-shaped configuration in Levoit LV-PUR131, the Levoit LV-H132 is cylinder-shaped, with a pre-filter located at the base. There's also a nightlight alternative with gentle blue light, rendering it an excellent complement to a child's bedroom.

2.2 Levoit Core 300

The Core 300 is the most potent compact Levoit air purifier. Several air purifiers on the marketplace currently induce a tiny bit of ozone or secondary emissions. While these items are theoretically considered safe to use, they can become hazardous if placed in inappropriate conditions or misappropriated. Luckily, Levoit goods are all ozone-free assured, so you do not even have to worry about buying a few of these cleaners for your bedroom or apartment.
It arrives in a package ready with a True HEPA filter, which lasts 6-8 months (maybe longer). When it falls to the time of repair, you have four filter choices from the business: the standard HEPA filter, the Toxin Absorber Filter, the Mold & Bacteria Filter, or the Pet Allergy Filter.

3. Best Proscenic Air Purifiers Reviewed

3.1 Proscenic A8 

Proscenic A8 is a smart H13 HEPA filter air purifier. The A8 is mighty and arrives with a CADR value of 135 CFM or 220m3/h. The ranking of the CADR corresponds to the capability of the air purifier. Proscenic A8 allows users to pre-set the purifying period remotely through its smart APP. Not just that, but consumers can also change the configuration and adjust the speed of the fan and purification using their smart APP. In addition, the A8 arrives with an outstanding air performance sensor. The sensor in the A8 will sense the room's air quality in full detail.
The Proscenic A8 air purifier offers a four-stage filtration system that guarantees fast and effective filtration and air rejuvenation.  The four-stage filtering device removes 99.97 percent of dust, ash, pollen, other odors, and contaminants as tiny as 0.3 um. Besides, the air purifier includes support from Google and Alexa Virtual Assistant from its Smartphone partner.

4. Holmes Vs. Levoit Vs. Proscenic Air Purifier Comparing Three Brands

Holmes HEPA Type Tower VS Levoit LV-H132 VS Proscenic A8

Holmes HEPA Type Tower
LEVOIT Core 300
Proscenic A8
Coverage Area
Up to 180 sq. ft.
215 sq. ft.
430 sq. ft.
Filtration Life
4-12 months
6-8 months
Vary depending on use
Air Quality Sensor
Noise Level
Up to 60 dB
24-50 dB
Filtration Type
2 Stage
3 Stage
4 Stage
Smoke 140 / Dust 141 / Pollen 145 CFM
220 m³/h Dust/Pollen/Smoke

5. FAQ

5.1Where can I buy the above air purifiers? 

Air purifiers much minimize pollution and enhance the quality of indoor air. Air purifiers aim to filter pollution out of the air. They are widely available on a variety of online shopping platforms, such as Amazon and retail stores. However, it is better to purchase from the best known credible online sites that deal with original products

5.2 Where Should I Put My Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are beautiful appliances that you can use to maintain the air in your house as clean as necessary. While anyone will reap the advantages of an air purifier, it is much more beneficial for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies. Having the best out of the air purifier needs you to place it in the correct location, and some individuals don't even understand the air purifier's site.
Put your air purifier in a space where you spend more time, much like your apartment. Be confident there is no obstacle in the airflow of the air purifier. There should be nothing in front that will prevent the indoor air from going through it.
If you appear to have a neighbor who smokes, contributing to any odors accumulating in your house, the air purifier by the vent or walls where even the smell is most abundant.
However, it is very challenging to collect odors that do not exist in your household. Putting the air purifier where the smell is brought into your house, you are capturing the pollutants near the offender as practicable.

5.3 How Much Does It Cost To Operate an Air Purifier?

It relies on a lot of factors. For instance, while electricity is a secondary expense involved in operating an air purifier, the unit's energy efficiency would affect how much it expenses to operate. You're still going to need to purchase new filters periodically. If you indulge in a high-quality HEPA filter, you'll have to upgrade it every 3-5 years. Lower priced filters are usable, but they are less reliable and have to be updated more frequently.

6. Conclusion

To sum up, we believe the Proscenic A8 is the perfect air purifier for most users. It is efficient enough to disinfect the air in large spaces. We can't disagree with extremely favorable user feedback on how simple and efficient this device is. Purchasing an air cleaner sounds relatively straightforward, but based on how you use it to treat respiratory issues (such as asthma) or to alleviate allergies, the kind you want for you or your family matters a lot. Be sure you invest your money in the one that suits you the most.


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