Dyson's first robot vacuum cleaner:Dyson 360 Eye reviews and price
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By pppggg | 25 December 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson's first robot vacuum cleaner:Dyson 360 Eye reviews and price

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Let's just be frank, we all had to clean and sweep up. Gone are the days when you'll have to bear the unpleasantness of pulling around an inelegant vacuum cleaner.  In reality, you wouldn't even need to get out of the sofa. While it still sounds like a fairly recent consumer segment, there is a range of decent robot vacuums provided to assist you to rid of dirt, pet dander, as well as other contaminants in your home. In comparison to more conventional canister versions, robot vacuums are automated and (mostly) smart.  For a few cases, you scarcely ought to communicate with them.

The Dyson 360 Eye includes a 360-degree camera that lets you maneuver through your house, strong cyclone suction engineering, Wi-Fi, and a futuristic sci-fi style that makes it among the strongest robotic vacuums we've ever reviewed. But the 360 Eye has a hefty price of $999.99. You're certainly going to get a comprehensive, hands-free cleaning experience, but you're going to pay a price for it.

Table of Contents
1. Getting to know Dyson's first robot vacuum
1.1 Dyson 360 eye release date
1.2 Dyson 360 eye pricing/price
2. Dyson 360 Eye PROS/CONS
3. Dyson 360 Eye vacuum review
3.1 Design
3.2 Scheduling and control
3.3 Cleaning performance
3.4 Noise
3.5 Maintenance
3.6 Companion app
4. Comparing other brands Wi-Fi robot vacuums
Dyson 360 Eye VS iRobot Roomba 980 VS Proscenic M7pro
5. Conclusion

1.Getting To Know Dyson's First Robot Vacuum

1.1Dyson 360 Eye Release Date

The release date of Eye 360 UK was June 2016. Consumers who showed curiosity in the vacuum had received an email informing them of the good news. Dyson's robot vacuum cleaner was first revealed in early 2015 and was unveiled in Japan in October 2015.

1.2Dyson 360 Eye Pricing/Price

The Dyson 360 Eye is not a one-stop option for all your cleaning services. It's easier to clean big dirt and debris, but you're always going to have to sweep sharp corners and under the sofa. However, the 360 Eye is brilliantly built, needs no supervision, and removes dirt, dust, and fur in much of your living room, sparing you time and resources. It also provides smartphone management and routing, Dyson's customer service is outstanding. Essentially, the 360 Eye offers almost everything you expect from a top-notch robot vacuum. The Dyson 360 Eye is worth £800 or $999. 

2.Dyson 360 Eye Pros/Cons



Overall Strong vacuum cleaner
It can be managed by several phones
Strong cleaning capabilities
Precise navigation with a 360-degree camera
Arrange/ schedule/ control cleaning through app


It's very costly
Can't be swept underneath lowered furniture or in close areas
You're going to have to note to clean the dust bin frequently
Battery life should be longer

3.Dyson 360 Eye Vacuum Review


Dyson does a great deal with his technical efforts, but his exterior product design is also a vital component in the popularity of his products. The 360 Eye is no different, and its violet, blue and shiny greys make a strong aesthetic point that is truly complimentary to your home décor. It looks elegant and futuristic and attracts attention.
The robot's top has a 360-degree eye, that it utilizes to monitor your room every time and plan the easiest, most effective cleaning route. Also at top of the unit is a button to start and stop the device, which also acts as a performance indicator light that alerts you whether the robot dust bin is loaded, its power is down, or an error has occurred.
This sounds amazing, but in fact, we noticed that the unit was just as effective in determining its path around the home as most vacuums. Below the unit comes a brush bar, which brushes the floor as the 360 Eye passes about. This bar covers nearly the whole width of the unit and can be promptly removed for maintenance.

3.2 Scheduling And Control

The 360 Eye is among Dyson's first series of connected goods, together with the Dyson Cool Link, though it implies that much of its configurations and functions have been downloaded to the Dyson Link app for Android and iOS smartphones. You can always set robot cleaning the way you want to utilizing the button at the top, however, you need the app to coordinate the vacuum periods. When enabled and linked to the Wi-Fi – it can take more than one attempt to adequately connect – the software can monitor the robot everywhere, including your home.
It even gives you a visualization of where the robot is already, which is helpful. There's a complete product manual integrated into the app that goes through the functionality of what it does, repair, and fault detection.

3.3 Cleaning Performance

There is no question that the Dyson 360 Eye is possibly the most detailed vacuum robot possible. Its edge-cleaning efficiency is even higher than most of those that focus on side rotating brushes but won't clean it all well. Bid farewell to daily mud, dog fur, and other debris.
The camera function also helps you to switch from floor to floor, and the variety of detectors onboard ensures that you won't drop itself off the stairs like a blind sheep. As all robots cleaning, the Dyson 360 Eye is not ideal in every space or every scenario. You have to note to clear the rubbish bin daily, the app will notify you so you wouldn't have to monitor it, however for a more complicated cleaning experience, and you will need another vacuum.   That being said, for routine maintenance cleaning, we were more than pleased with the results.

3.4 Noise

The 360 Eye is not the friendliest of all vacuums, because it's noisy and loud, but it's still at a nicer level than many others.

3.5 Maintenance

This should stand to reason that the Dyson 360 Eye circulates its good proportion of dust and debris on its insides for a machine built to reach into every dusty single corner in your house. Luckily, the entire unit has been made to be disassembled so that you can just quickly clean any part you want with nothing more than clean running water.
Although the 360 Eye is going to vacuum everything, small management is often necessary. Each month, you get to clean the pre-and post-motor filters that are easily removable at the back and one at the bin-run underneath a tap and allow it to clean for 24hrs.
The 0.33L bin is simple to empty. Only push the release button on top of it, take it out, raise the lid and toss it in the bin. Duration of 30 seconds of work only.
Keeping the Dyson 360 Eye maintained is as torturous as it should be, and it's nice to have a brand concentrating on helping you to clean pieces instead of just removing them as they get dirty. These components would inevitably have to be replaced, but the robot's architecture allows it simple to take good care of them and extend their longevity.

3.6 Companion App

Like most robot vacuums, the Dyson 360 Eye arrives with a companion app that you can utilize to arrange daily cleanings. You get the luxury of arranging cleans on various days at various times month to month.
The 360 Eye will connect to the Wi-Fi system and can then be accessed using the Dyson Link app. This will allow Dyson to take upgrades daily and install them gradually, which the business claims will increase efficiency over time.
The application also allows you to start, pause, and program the robot, and provides a complete manual with a reference to cleansing the filters and clearing the dust bin.
The app also provides you with details about the Eye's previous operations, like comprehensive floor plans for your home. It's fun stuff to peek at, but the floor plan is unwilling to alter a lot between cleanses.

4.Comparing Other Brands Wi-Fi Robot Vacuums

Dyson 360 Eye
iRobot Roomba 980
Dyson 360 Eye
iRobot Roomba 980
Price   $999
Price  $900
Bin capacity  
0.33 liters
Bin capacity  
0.6 liters
Weight   5.4 pounds
Weight   8.7 pounds
Expected charge time  
2 hours 30 minutes
Expected charge time  
3 hours
Expected run time  
45 minutes
Expected run time  
2 hours

If you are not pleased with the comparison above and are searching for a more powerful robot vacuum cleaner, you should take a look at the Proscenic M7 pro.
The M7 Pro conducts both vacuuming and mopping functions, uses laser navigation and map visualization, and provides lots of cleaning flexibility at a decent mid-tier range. You can monitor the vacuum with your Physical Controller, the Proscenic Home Companion app, or with voice control from Amazon Alexa. The software offers a variety of ways to automate cleaning activities, like planning, creating virtual limits, and zone sanitation. It also monitors vacuum stats and battery use and warns you whenever the vacuum is disabled.



Robot vacuum cleaners are equipped for vacuuming each day or at a minimum many days a week that ensures that cleaning capacity doesn't count as much. Although purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner is not your key to never needing to do a vacuum again.
The Dyson 360 Eye is the most powerful vacuum robot available. It's easier to clean up than all the rest, but it still has its disadvantages. It can't get underneath quite so many objects as Roomba, it still brushes into thinner things, and still, it can't scrub anything, which means that's not the only vacuum you have to own. It's reduced size matters a lot in its potential to get in and under table and table legs, and it requires up less room while lying on its pier, making it possible to live in crowded apartments and terraces.
The Dyson 360 Eye is costly, it cannot be denied, particularly against rivalry. Its £800 listing price is higher than any of the other robot-vacuums. But it's much stronger than its rivals. The Dyson 360 Eye is among the strongest robot vacuums you can purchase owing to its excellent cleaning and navigating capabilities; however you can find reasonably fitted variants for less cost.


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