How does the air purifier work and how to choose an air purifier?
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By Lauren Quan | 21 December 2020 | 0 Comments

How does the air purifier work and how to choose an air purifier?

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Have you come across Air Purifiers before but you do not know what they are about? Are you someone with allergies and you would like to get an air purifier and also like to know how they work? Are you considering buying one but you do not know how to choose the best? Worry no more! This article right here will put you through how air purifiers work and the things you should consider and look out for while choosing an air purifier that matches your taste.

 1 How does an Air Purifier work?
2 How to Choose an Air Purifier
  2.1 Price
  2.2 Function
2.3 Design
2.4 Filter
2.5 Noise
2.6 CADR rating
2.7 Digitalization
3 Some Air Purifiers you can go for
3.1 Levoit air purifier
3.2 Honeywell air purifier
3.3 Dyson air purifier
3.4 Winix air purifier
3.5 Holmes air purifier
3.6 Coway air purifier
3.7 Proscenic air purifier
4 Conclusion


1.How does Air Purifier work?
Just as its name appears, an Air Purifier is a device that is designed to help purify and clean the air in a certain place; it could be in the office, house, outdoors, and so on. An Air Purifier works by filtering the atmosphere and trapping out dirt and toxic components like dust, smoke, allergens, pollens, and others. This makes it very easy for you to breathe in healthy, clean, and, fresh air.

2.Things you should pay attention to while choosing an air purifier
You might likely find yourself stuck in the decision of choosing between options of various air purifiers in the market, here are some factors to help guide your decision of choice:

2.1 Price

There are a lot of air purifiers out there with various price. So while choosing an air purifier, you should consider your purse and go for the one that best fits your budget. You should not only check for the price, but you should also consider the cost of maintaining the air fryer, how long it takes to replace certain parts of the device, and how long it would last you before getting a new one. This will help you spend within your budget.

2.2 Function

Another factor to consider while choosing an air purifier is the function. Make sure you know how it works particularly and go for the one that best suits your condition. Some air purifiers are very good with clearing off the dust, some are very good with pollens and allergens from pets, and some are good with clearing off smokes, while some are very good with trapping in harmful micro-organisms. Know what exactly you want to deal with in your atmosphere and go for that air purifier that does a great job doing that.

2.3 Design

Another thing to consider is the design of the air purifier. Check for the size, weight, and build-up, and make sure it matches your taste. You know your space best and so you know what fits it, if you would not like something big that takes up space, then go for the portable sized air purifier. If you have a really large space and would be needing an air purifier that has a huge capacity of covering large spaces, then go for it. Check for the design that best fits your space too- the colour and all. These are important things to look out for.

2.4 Filter stages

There are a whole lot of air purifiers out there today without a variety of filter stages. Make sure you go for the one that has the filtering stages that best suits your atmosphere. There are some air purifiers out there that come with Mechanical filters- these are the ones that use HEPA filters, some other ones come with Activated Carbon filters, some other one uses Ozone generators, there are others with Electric air purifying filters, and so many other ones. Look for the one that has the filter that suits your atmosphere most, and go for it.

2.5 Noise

This is something that onlya few people pay attention to but is also very important. While you are trying to avoid your atmosphere being air polluted, you would also not want to always have to deal with disturbances from noise pollution. There are some air purifiers out there that are good noisemakers, and there are some other ones too that work without making noise; so watch out! If you are someone that is very sensitive to noise and usually have difficulties coping with it, make sure you go for air purifiers that are not so loud.

2.6 Certified CADR rating

This is also very important. Ensuring that the air Purifier you are going for, has a certified CADR rating would build your confidence in the product. Most reputable and trusted Company have a CADR rating on their products. Any Air Purifier that does not have one should have you raise your brow and think twice before going for it.

2.7 Digitalization

Yeah! Consider the level of technology of the air purifier you are opting for. If you are someone that love highly digitalized products then you can go for air purifiers like that of the Proscenic Company. It uses Wi-Fi and this makes it very easy for you to control and use the device from your phone.
These factors, and so many other ones, are the things you should consider while choosing an Air Purifier for your space.

3.Some Top-Rated Air Purifiers you can go for

3.1 Levoit Air Purifier

If you are looking to buy an air purifier that does a perfect job in filtering air and trapping dirt, this right here is for you!

The levoit LV-HI3 is a product of a company called Levoit, and it is one of the most sought after air purifiers. This brand makes use of the Pre-Filtering and HEPA filter stage in purifying the air. It also uses an additional third stage known as the Active-Carbon filter. It is a really good one.

3.2 Honeywell Air Purifier

The Honeywell HPA300 is another blast of an air purifier! It is a product of the Honeywell Company and this company has gained the confidence of so many people as they are much known for quality and excellent products.

This product purifies the atmosphere by making use of two different filtering stages. It uses the pre-filter stage and the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering stage. With these two stages, the air purifier successfully traps dirt, odours, and even smaller pollutants like hair and also some types of micro-organisms.

3.3 Dyson Air Purifier

This is another air purifier from a Company known as Dyson. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is a very good and effective one too. The air purifier also makes use of two filtering stages. The filtering stages are the HEPA filter and the Active Carbon Filter stage.

3.4 Winix Air Purifier

The Winix A231 Air purifier is a product of the Winix Company and it is one of their best-produced Device. The product has four phases of filtering. They are the Fine Mesh phase, the HEPA Filter phase, the activated carbon filter phase, and the plasma wave air cleaning phase.

3.5 Holmes Air Purifier

This is an air purifier of the Holmes Company. The Holmes Desktop true HEPA uses the HEPA filter stage to purify and it also comes with an optional Ionizer. It does awesome work too.

3.6 COWAY Air Purifier

The Coway AP-1512 is a brand of the Coway Company. The product uses four phases of filters in purifying. They are the Pre-filter stage, the Deodorization stage, the HEPA filter stage, and lastly, the vital Ionizing stage. With this four-stage, the effect of this product is super!

3.7 Proscenic Air Purifier

The Proscenic A8 Air Purifier is awesome from the Proscenic Company. This product took its uniqueness from its smartness and high quality. It adopts a four-phased purification filter. These filters are The Pre-filter, Nano Filter, Activated carbon filter, H13 True HEPA Filter stage. This air purifier is a highly digitalised one as it uses Wi-fi. It is loaded.

Now that you know what an Air Purifier is and how it does its purifying work, the next time you are out there to buy an Air purifier, make sure you choose one that perfectly suits your atmosphere, your taste, and your purse. There are a lot of air purifiers from various trusted Companies so you can be certain of very good varieties.

If you are however someone that values good health and also value placing your money on really valuable and quality things, we recommend the Proscenic Air Purifier for you. The device is highly sophisticated and digitalized as it uses Wi-Fi which makes it very much easy for you to get the device controlled through your phone using App. Apart from being designed using high technology, the product also does a great job of clearing off even the slightest of dirt and pollutants in your air. You should give it a trial today, you sure would not be disappointed!


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