Gourmia Air Fryer Vs. Philips Air Fryer, Which is Better?
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By Lauren Quan | 16 December 2020 | 0 Comments

Gourmia Air Fryer Vs. Philips Air Fryer, Which is Better?

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With air fryers, you'll get an easy way of making tasty fried meals with little or no calories. Air fryers cook your favorite dish by exposing it to the hot air contrasted to the traditional deep-frying method. These kitchen appliances are the most preferred because they can add crispness to your fries and vegetables and reduce fat, oil, and harmful elements in any meal.

In this enlightening post, we'll compare the
Philips air fryer Vs. Gourmia air fryer. We'll cover their designs, ease of use, features, pros, and cons before directing you to the best one.
Let's get started!

What Are Air Fryers?

Air fryers refer to the kitchen appliances that make fried dishes like potato chips, pastries, and meat. They make these fried dishes by circulating hot air around them, hence producing a crispy exterior.

The mode of air fryer working leads to a chemical reaction called the Maillard effect. This reaction happens between reducing sugar and amino acid in the heat presence. It alters the food's flavor and color.

An air fryer makes healthy foods compared to deep-fried foods. The air-fried foods feature a lower percentage of calories and fat. With air fryers, you use only a tablespoon of oil to make delicious foods.

Do We Need Air Fryers?

Yes, we need air fryers because they use hot air for cooking food instead of oil. As a result, this kitchen appliance is a perfect choice for a health-conscious individual. Besides this, an air fryer is a multipurpose device because you can use it for cooking various meals using cooking methods like roasting, baking, grilling, and frying. You can use it for cooking meatloaf, garlic bread, cakes, fried fish, roasted chicken, brownies, and pakoras.

An air fryer can cook your favorite food faster than the traditional frying methods. As a result, this device can save much of your time. Air fryers also feature large cooking spaces, hence the perfect option for both small and big families.

Gourmia Air Fryer Vs. Philips Air Fryer

Gourmia GTA2500


Gourmia GTA2500 is a stylish, sleek, and impressive kitchen appliance that features a white and black finish. It has a hemispherical lid that you can easily lift to place your favorite meal inside and has an excellent trendy and cool, stylish design that shows its fashionable feel.

The air fryer has all the controls you need on its front side. Also, the air fryer features an LED display screen that showcases time settings and ice blue temperature. The air fryer's digital control buttons are small, but they're comfortable to use, and their functions are displayed.

This larger air fryer weighs 13.3 pounds and measures 16.7 inches by 16.6 inches by 13.5 inches. As a result, it easily fits on your kitchen countertop and serves many people.

Ease Of Use

After buying Gourmia GTA2500, you'll need some time to get used to it. However, this air fryer comes with useful features that ensure you have an easy time using it. This air fryer has an option that delays the cooking process start time for up to ten hours. As a result, this device is an excellent option if you're likely to get held up somewhere or you would like the cooking process to start when you're not around. This feature and the large size make this air fryer the perfect option for serving many people.

This air fryer offers excellent results similar to those of a conventional oven, but with a different amount of heat/energy. Don't get worried if you don't know the meals to cook using this air fryer. This air fryer offers a nice touch because it comes with a free recipe booklet.


The six present functions are amongst the excellent features of this air fryer. It becomes much easier to cook your favorite meals with these functions because there's no need for setting the device temperature or timer to start the cooking process.
You can quickly cook your favorite food by choosing from pizza mode, turbo mode, bake mode, fry mode, defrost mode, and bake option. It's a versatile device that features several cooking options like stir-frying, broiling, grilling, and steaming. As a result, with this air fryer, you'll have an easy way of cooking all your favorite dishes.


  Sleek design
  Highly adaptable
  Eleven piece accessory pack


  It can be challenging to clean it

Philips XL Air Fryer


Philips XL falls under the category of the sleekest air fryers on the current market. The chic black finish explains why Philips XL gives out modern sophistication. The air fryer's digital screen interface is hassle-free to use, and it has highly responsive one-touch buttons. As a result, with Philips XL, you can't experience issues of frustrating sticky controls.

This air fryer also features a sixty-minute timer that you can visibly see on the fryer's front LCD screen. Furthermore, this LCD screen shows the cooking instructions using an orange glow. The air fryer weighs 18.4 pounds and measures 16.6 inches by 12.4 inches by 11.9 inches.

The air fryer features durable construction and can last for several years. It's an exceptionally sturdy air fryer and an attractive option to place on your kitchen countertop.

Ease Of Use

Philips XL is the air fryer to buy if you want to save your hard-earned money in the long run. With this air fryer, you can bake, grill, and roast your favorite food, meaning you'll say no to the conventional oven that uses more heat and energy.

It's easy to operate this air fryer, and you can use it for cooking large quantities of food as in the case of a conventional oven. However, you're likely to find a hard time handling a new Philips XL air fryer. The challenge will arise because of the air fryer's tech-savvy features. But you'll realize it's so easy to use this air fryer after using it for some time.

This air fryer utilizes Rapid Air Technology that plays a vital role in diminishing the oil's unwanted scent around the house. Moreover, this air fryer features dishwasher-safe parts such as a food basket and non-stick drawer. You can easily wipe down the parts after putting them in the dishwasher.

When the frying process comes to an end, this air fryer suggests the timer's end by beeping. This feature plays a pivotal role, especially if you're busy working on other things.


The Philips XL features a unique starfish design that promotes heat circulation leading to an efficient and even cooking process. Besides this, the Philips XL offers several other benefits apart from air frying. The remaining roles played by Philips XL include roasting, grilling, and baking.


  Comes with a detailed recipe book
  Stylish design
  Beeps when the cooking process comes to an end


  Need more space

Which Is Better?

All the two air fryers are truly exceptional appliances that you can replace with your kitchen oven to air fry, roast, bake, and grill food. These two can be expensive, but this depends on the model you choose. However, many people prefer Gourmia because of its larger option when compared to Philips.

If you're after an economical air fryer, then Proscenic T21 should be your top priority. It's the most preferred air fryer because it can work excellently with Alexa. As a result, you can instruct the air fryer using Alexa directly from your office.

With a Proscenic T21 air fryer, you can make crispy and tasty food compared to the one cooked typically.  Besides this, the air fryer features a larger capacity that reads 5.8 QT.  As a result, the Proscenic T21 air fryer is the perfect option if you're after an air fryer that can make food for three to seven people. Moreover, it is easy to clean this air fryer because it features a dishwasher safe non-stick, and detachable drawer and basket. Finally,
Proscenic T21 is an affordable air fryer.


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