8 Best Air Fryers in 2020, Gourmia, Philips, COSORI and more
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By Lauren Quan | 16 December 2020 | 0 Comments

8 Best Air Fryers in 2020, Gourmia, Philips, COSORI and More

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Are you after a healthier means of cooking food? Do you want to cut down the greasy food intake to control cholesterol? Are you after a new kitchen appliance that offers you the same dish, but cooked healthily? If yes, then keep reading this enlightening post. In this comprehensive post, we'll cover the top seven air fryers to buy, their features, pros, and cons.

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What Are Air Fryers?

An air fryer refers to a healthy way of cooking and enjoying that favorite food. With this kitchen appliance, you don't need to deep fry your favorite dish in a large quantity of oil. An air fryer allows you to use only a tablespoon of oil to prepare tasty food.

Therefore, with an air fryer, you can cut down large quantities of oil and keep enjoying that favorite dish. For more understanding, an air fryer works the same way as the oven because of its ability to bake and roast meals like fish sticks, vegetables, French fries, empanadas, and chicken wings.

Yes, an air fryer is not primarily a fryer, but it makes similar tasty meals with nearly zero-oil frying. It uses a hot air mechanism to ensure you get a crispy layer, resembling the one of deep-fried food.

Do We Need an Air Fryer?

Yes, we need an air fryer because it has versatile uses and cooks several delicious, healthy, and exciting recipes.

Most people love this kitchen appliance because it offers healthy cooking. With an air fryer, you can make tasty dishes using nearly zero oil compared to the traditional method. Besides this, you can save money when using an air fryer because it's a multi-functional appliance.

Also, an air fryer is a compact appliance because it occupies a smaller space and performs multiple functions. The air fryer's dimensions explain why it can easily fit into small-sized kitchens. Other than this, an air fryer enhances fast cooking because of its anatomy and hot air circulation mechanism.

Best Air Fryer In 2020

1. Gourmia GAF575

Gourmia GAF575 is a compact air fryer housing eight presets for cooking tasty dishes. With this air fryer, you can cook delicious meals like bacon, chicken, French fries, pizza, shrimp, and more.

When selecting the presets, you only need to use the air fryer's LED screen. It's a convenient air fryer because the pre-programmed presets are highlighted understandably on its control panel.

Another top-notch feature of Gourmia GAF575 is that you can customize it to set its cooking timer to thirty minutes and temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, you can use this kitchen appliance to air fry, roast, grill, broil, or bake.


   Easy to clean
   Compact design
   Affordable price
   User-friendly control panel


   A new unit produces a plastic smell
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2. Philips Air Fryer XXL

Philips Air Fryer XXL is the next air fryer to consider if you're after the healthiest means to fry with nearly zero or little added oil. Most people prefer this air fryer because it features the fat reduction technology that plays a pivotal role in reducing and capturing excess fat.

With the three-pound capacity, it means you can cook tasty meals every day for up to six people. You can use this air fryer for cooking two bags of French fries or a whole chicken. Another excellent feature with the 
Philips Air Fryer XXL is that it gets hot instantly and ready for use within a few seconds.
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   Portable air fryer
   Easy to clean
   Durable construction
   Automatic shut off
   Ample cooking capacity


   Non-ergonomic handle
   It's a bit expensive

3. Cuisinart AFR-25

The Cuisinart AFR-25 air fryer features a specifically engineered heater and motor fan that deliver high heat and powerful airflow for excellently fried results. The air fryer's quiet operation enhances optimum performance with reduced noise.

The large capacity and compact design explain why this air fryer can easily fit on all kitchen countertops. Besides air frying up to 2 1/2 lb of meals, the Cuisinart AFR-25 air fryer also has an adjustable time ranging from zero to sixty minutes.

This kitchen appliance has a viewing window that makes it easy to check progress as your favorite meal cooks. Other than this, the exterior, brushed stainless steel enhances all kitchens' decors.


   Large cooking capacity
   Durable construction
   Quiet operation
   Compact construction
   Viewing window


   It doesn't have presets
   Lack of digital display

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COSORI Max XL is the most preferred air fryer because of its award-winning design. Besides having several presets that are easy to use, this air fryer also has a compact size, meaning it can fit easily on your kitchen countertops.

This air fryer uses much less oil than the traditional method of frying food. It makes this possible and maintains the food's delicious taste, hence an excellent gift for friends and family. It features eleven one-touch presets and allows you to set your desired cooking time and cooking temperature. Besides this, this air fryer comes with hundreds of unique easy and delicious recipes for all meals.


   Features eleven presets
   It comes with a recipe boob
   Easy to use
   Durable design
   It's dishwasher friendly


   It needs some time to cook

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5. Ninja Air Fryer

With this Ninja Air Fryer, you stand in a better position of enjoying guilt-free food. It uses much less oil compared to the traditional means of frying food. This air fryer also gives you a more comprehensive temperature range from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. With this temperature, you can gently remove food moisture or use convection heat to crisp and cook your favorite dishes.

Most people prefer this air fryer because it features safe dishwasher parts. These include a multi-layer rack, crisper plate, and a basket that you can easily clean. With this air fryer, you will enjoy thorough dehydration because of the combination of low temperature and low fan speed.


   Compact size
   Wide temperature scale
   Dishwasher-safe parts


   No extra features

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With this air fryer, you'll enjoy your favorite meal without the stress of unhealthy oil. The air fryer allows you to roast, broil, air fry, bake, and grill various meals using little or no oil.

It features a six-quart capacity, making it easy to enjoy wholesome foods without compromising the countertop space. With the preheat function, you can set the right cooking temperature for excellent cooking results. Also, the bright LCD makes it easy to see the cooking temperature.


   Presence of digital controls
   The best for cooking a lot of food



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7. Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse is another top-rated air fryer because of its powerful heating elements and Quick Cook Technology. With this air fryer, you don't need unhealthy grease or additional oils and fats. It's a compact, 1500-Watt that delivers chef-quality results, 40 percent that the regular ovens.

This air fryer is extra versatile because it can broil, dehydrate, bake,  warm, reheat, bagel, toast, slow cook, roast, air fry, pizza, and rotisserie.


   Excellent heating elements
   Multipurpose air fryer
   Durable construction


   Only suitable for small families

8. Proscenic T21

Proscenic T21 is a well-functioning and durable air fryer that uses the new hot air technology to ensure your favorite meal gets cooked well. It has top-notch features like a dishwasher safe and non-stick basket, LED touchscreen, large cooking capacity, WiFi connectivity, and eight cooking presets.
The WiFi option makes it easy to control this air fryer using your voice through Google Assistant or Alexa. With a sensitive touchscreen, it becomes easy to choose functions and menus.


●   LED touchscreen
●   Multipurpose air fryer
●   App remote control
●   Easy access to customizable recipes


●   None

Final Thoughts

With the current technological advancements, you should invest in a cooking appliance that makes it easy to fry your favorite meal without using oil.

It's a challenge to select the best air fryer, suiting your needs, but with the above in-depth information, you'll easily choose the right one.

The best air fryer is a must if you're a weight watcher, and you want to keep eating your favorite food.


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