Top 8 GoWISE Air Fryer of this Year
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By Joey | 07 December 2020 | 0 Comments

Top 8 GoWISE Air Fryer of this Year

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                               Top 8 GoWISE Air Fryer of this Year
Looking to eat healthier? Wanna buy an air fryer? An air fryer with the right features and technology can help you cut those extra calories from your diet that are coming with deep-fried food. An air fryer works by circulating hot air at high speed around the food that produces a crisp layer and fries without needing much oil. It cuts calories by 70% to 80% as less or no oil is being used to fry food and, therefore, has a lot less fat.  
If youre looking for the right air fryer, youve probably reached the right destination as we will be reviewing the top 8 GoWise air fryer of this year.
Table of Contents
1.    Why Should You Consider GoWISE Air Fryer?
2.   GoWISE Air Fryer Comparison Chart
3.   Top 8 gowise usa air fryers Reviews
   3.1. GW22731 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer  
   3.2. Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer  
   3.3. GW22621 7-in-1 Air Fryer
   3.4. GW22661 Retro Air Fryer  
   3.5. GW22958 Air Fryer  
   3.6. GW22959 Air Fryer  
   3.7. GW22921 Digital Air Fryer
   3.8. GWAC22003 Air Fryer  
4.   GoWISE Air Fryer Buying Guide
5.   My Top Pick  

Why Should You Consider GoWISE Air Fryer?
Wondering how small countertop convection can help you eat healthier? Air fryers can be safer than deep fryers as no or less oil is used to cook food. Also, cutting down on too much oily food reduces disease risk and that could be the reason that air fryers are gaining immense popularity.
With so many brands and models available on the market, it can be difficult to pick the right one for your kitchen. However, there are some brand names known for their quality and wide range of air fryers and GoWISE is one such name in the kitchen appliance and healthcare industry.
GoWISE offers a wide range of air fryers with air frying, rotisserie, and depredator functions. Also, the air fryers come with a large capacity to prepare large meals faster and come with many features and programs for easy operation.
While air fryers may all seem similar, they are not as they may differ in the technology they use to cook your food. If you want to switch to a healthy frying option but still want that crunchy texture and flavor in your food, you need to look out for the right technology.

GoWISE Air Fryer Comparison Chart
 As finding the right air fryer can be extremely difficult, we have compiled a list of 8 top GoWISE air fryers using some popular parameters. Check this out:
Air Fryer Model Type Capacity Wattage
GW22731 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Full Digital/Smart Presets 5.8 QT 1700W
Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer One-Touch Cooking/8 Cooking Functions 7 QT 1700W
GW22621 7-in-1 Air Fryer Touch Screen/Digital LCD Controls 3.7 QT 1400W
GW22661 Retro Air Fryer Presets/Press-Button Controls 2.5 QT 1200W
GW22958 Air Fryer 8 Cook Presets/Basket Divider 5 QT 1400W
GW22959 Air Fryer Digital Screen/8 Presets 5 QT 1400W
GW22921 Digital Air Fryer 8-in-1 Digital/Smart Presets 7 QT 1700W
GWAC22003 Air Fryer 8-in-1 Digital/Accessories 5.8 QT 1700W

Top 8 gowise usa air fryers Reviews
Planning to purchase an air fryer? We have reviewed the top 8 GoWISE air fryers that you can check for their features and specs. Hopefully, the below-mentioned list will help you pick the right air fryers for your specific needs.  
  1.  Gowise gw22731 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer: One of the most advanced air fryers from the brand that comes with 5.8-QT capacity and Rapid Air technology for cooking food from all sides. Some impressive features include a new digital touchscreen, 8 built-in smart presets, wide temperature range, cool-touch housing & handle, start/stop button, and an alarm function.
  1. GoWISE Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer: An air fryer with an extra-large cooking capacity of 7 quarts comes with one-touch cooking and includes new dehydrate functions & 3 racks. The control panel features a one-touch menu screen with 8 cooking functions and 3 stackable racks make it possible to cook more food at once.                                 
  1. GW22621 7-in-1 Air Fryer: A portable air fryer that can be effectively used in a small kitchen with just a press of a button and 7 specialized cooking presets. It comes with 3.7 quarts capacity and digital LCD controls. It has an alarm indicator to let you know when the food is cooked and also includes a recipe book for easy cooking. 
  1. GW22661 Retro Air Fryer: The model is inspired by the retro feel and available in many colors to pop up your kitchen. It gives you 2.5 quarts capacity and uses Rapid Air technology to cook food from all sides at once. The air fryer has 7 presets, press-button controls to adjust the temperature and an alarm indicator.    
  1. GW22958 Air Fryer: An advanced air fryer that comes with Rapid Air Circulation technology to cook food from all directions. It allows you to prepare a variety of dishes as it comes with a basket divider. Furthermore, the device comes with 8 presets, a digital screen, an indicator, and a recipe book.    
  1. GW22959 Air Fryer: Designed to automatically turn off when the basket is removed, this air fryer uses Rapid Air Circulation technology. It has 5 quarts capacity and comes with 8 presets and a digital screen. It also includes a basket divider for cooking two different foods at once and an indicator to know when the food is cooked.     
  1. GW22921 Digital Air Fryer: An advanced air fryer that comes with a digital touchscreen and 8 built-in smart presets. The air fryer is powered by the Rapid Air technology and has cool-touch housing and handle to check on food mid-cycle. It also features a Start/Stop button to change settings and an alarm function.    
  1. Gowise usa air fryer 5.8 qt: GWAC22003 Air Fryer comes with a variety of accessories for easier cooking and the most advanced model to date. This 8-in-1 digital air fryer comes with a 5.8-quart capacity, wide temperature range, cool-touch housing, a new Start/Stop button, and an alarm function. 
Air fryers are a recent innovation in kitchen appliances and have become widely adapted in many kitchens. With a large number of brands and models out there, deciding on a particular model might be a bit difficult. The above-mentioned list might help you shortlist some good air fryers and pick the most suitable one.  

GoWISE Air Fryer Buying Guide
There are several good air fryer brands out there but choosing the best may require some research and considerations. GoWISE jumped into the market a few years back and offer an impressive line of air fryers.
If you want to invest in an air fryer that works best for your needs, here are a few things that you should keep in mind…       
  • Frequency of Use - Before deciding on purchasing an air fryer, know how often you will be using it. You may not want to invest a lot of money into something that you wont be using on a regular basis.   
  • Features - It is imperative to know the features of your chosen air fryer to make sure you get the best value for your money. Do make sure that your air fryer has all the features you want for your cooking.     
  • Hydration Needs - It is always better to know your specific hydration needs and check the same with the product. Though most advanced GoWISE air fryers come with many features, it is good to check everything before buying one.
  • Size - Size is an important consideration as air fryers come in a variety of sizes and not all of them may work well for you. Know your cooking needs to choose the most appropriate size of the basket.  
  • Storage Space - It is always good to invest in an air fryer that you can store easily in your kitchen. To make sure that it fits well in your kitchen, know your storage space and pick the model accordingly.
  • Ease of Use - All advanced air fryers come with a variety of features to make it easier for you to operate and cook. However, some models may lack certain features and if you have some specific needs, pick one that fits well.
  • Warranty - Every air fryer model comes with a different warranty period and that is why you need to consider the warranty provided by the company. Most of the air fryers come with a one-year limited warranty.

My Top Pick
Though all GoWISE air fryers come with great features, models GWAC22003/4/5/6 come with some impressive ones. This is an 8-in-1 air fryer that comes with 5.8 quarts capacity and a fully digital display to adjust cook times. Also, it comes with a wide temperature range and cool-touch housing and handles to check on food mid-cycle. It features a new Start/Stop button to change settings in the middle of a cooking cycle.
More and more kitchen lovers are looking for good air fryers and this buying guide is intended to help them pick the best for their needs. The best thing about air fryers is that you can deep fry your favorite food without using excess oil. Also, it adds a different texture to your kitchen and saves plenty of time that you may waste frying food.


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