Review from Different Aspects: Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Really Worth Buying?
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By Lauren Quan | 25 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Review from Different Aspects: Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Really Worth Buying?

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Dyson products are renowned for their quality performance and eccentric design. Manufactured on the basis of modern living standards and the needs of 21st century, these technological tools have earned great customer satisfaction over the years and are considered best among their industrial counterparts.

Although extremely expensive, Dyson gadgets specifically Dyson vacuum cleaners witness a high customer demand every year. Dyson vacuum cleaners are available in multiple categories to satisfy the consumer needs. This article deals with various categories of Dyson vacuum cleaners, their features and specifications.


Established by Sir James Dyson, Dyson enterprise has flourished for more than 2 decades. Famous for producing household use gadgets, the brand label has produced multiple appliances including humidifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, hair styling tools and related products.

Among which vacuum cleaners are associated with extremely high consumer demand and sale and therefore, are available in a diverse range. Some famous Dyson vacuum cleaners include Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Dyson DC 40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner etc.

Categories of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson vacuum cleaners are classified into Dyson Corded and Cordless Vacuum Cleaner range along with Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners.
Each of these categories is associated with unrivaled suction power and specified features that provide outstanding cleaning experience. Some common features of the above mentioned categories are included below.

1.Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaners
Dyson Cordless vacuum cleaners, as the name indicate, do not require any power cord to operate. Instead these devices utilize the power stored in the Lithium ion batteries to provide excellent cleaning attributes to the consumers for almost 120 minutes.

 Embedded with Root Cyclone Technology and a powerful motor, these appliances are capable of generating a very strong suction power. Hence, are capable of removing debris and dirt from deep inside the carpet fibers. Suitable for multiple floor types, cordless vacuum cleaners are highly efficient on hard floor and carpets.

 Additionally, lightweight and versatile nature of these gadgets make it perfect for a variety of applications. Absence of power cord enables consumers to convert the vacuum cleaner into handheld version for cleaning cars and furniture.


Available Models

Dyson V11 available with the price tag of $599.99, Dyson V10 Animal available at the price range of $549.99 and Dyson V8 sold at the price of $399.99 are some powerful cordless vacuum cleaners under the Dyson label.

2.Dyson Corded Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson corded vacuum cleaners are the predecessors of cordless vacuum cleaners and are integrated with a long power cord to aid in cleaning. These plug in cleaning gadgets are also incorporated with root cyclone technology to generate powerful suction for capturing dirt particles of varying sizes. This feature coupled with a powerful motor makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for carpers and hard floors. Corded vacuum cleaners perform well while capturing pet hair from deep piles of carpets and leaving behind a clean dirt free surface. Moreover, ball technology embedded in the Dyson corded vacuum cleaning tools enables these appliances to maneuver without much effort.
Thus, making cleaning around furniture and effortless process. The only limitation to the performance of corded vacuum cleaners is their inability to work without a power cord which might cause hindrance in operation in areas where power plug is unavailable.

Available Models

Dyson Animal Ball 2 Total Cleaner Pet Vacuum cleaner is a hot model of Corded Vacuum cleaner available under the Dyson Trademark at the price range of $599.99 and is one of the powerful Dyson vacuum cleaner available for pet owners.

3.Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Upright vacuum cleaners are another category of Dyson vacuum cleaners that involve the use of a cleaning head attached with a handle and a bag. Inclusion of a rotating brush roll in the system enhances the cleaning abilities of the device by vibrations. Ball technology integrated in the appliance enable consumers to move vacuum cleaner around furniture with ease. Dyson Upright vacuum cleaners are effective against large amount of debris.

The vacuum cleaner also has the ability to remove dust from deep carpet piles ad is suitable for heavy cleaning operations that involve intensive cleaning. These vacuum cleaners are corded in nature and require a power cord to operate.

Available Models

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal and Allergy vacuum cleaner available at the price range of $699.99 and Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner available with the price tag of $499.99 are two famous models of Upright vacuum cleaners.

4. Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners are another class of Dyson Vacuum cleaner and are embedded with a powerful motor, which generates unrivaled suction power. The dust collector also known as a canister is a major part of a Canister Vacuum cleaner that stores dust and debris captured from surroundings.

The canister vacuum cleaning devices are renowned for their flexible nature and high maneuverability. Similar to its other counterparts, canister vacuum cleaners are also embedded with ball technology which provides navigation features to the appliance. Therefore, allowing it to avoid collusion with furniture and obstacles while cleaning. 

Available Models

Dyson Big Ball Multi floor Vacuum Cleaner is a hot model of Dyson canister vacuum cleaner available at the price range of $399.99.

Are Dyson Vacuums worth Buying?

We have introduce the types of Dyson in above paragraph, and following we will analyze if it is worth buying from different aspects.


Dyson Vacuum cleaners are known for their unparalleled and elegant design. These appliances are manufactured based on modern living standards and stand out among others in terms of construction.


Along with this, Dyson products are famous for their quality construction and compactness. Vacuum cleaning gadgets produced under the trademark of Dyson enterprise are sturdy and compact in nature and last for years without any major damage.

Dyson vacuum cleaning products are second to none when rated on the basis of performance. These performance oriented appliances provide extremely powerful suction abilities.

This attribute enables the gadgets to remove stubborn dust particles from deep carpet piles and multiple floor types. Dyson Animal vacuum cleaners are another category of Dyson product line, which are especially designed to capture pet fur.

Dyson vacuum cleaning tools are embedded with Lithium Ion battery that have high power retaining abilities as compare to their industrial rivals. If operated on medium suction mode, the appliance can retain power for 30 minutes maximum. Though power drains rapidly while operating on high suction speed or while using multiple accessories.

Most Dyson vacuum cleaners are integrated with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) filters that are capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. HEPA filters are known to have an efficiency of 99.97% and are efficient absorbent of minute microorganisms, allergens and pollens.

Therefore, vacuum cleaners integrated with HEPA filters are safe to be used around patients with Asthma and allergies.  The Dyson vacuum filters are reusable and easily washable. Most consumers also state that the filters are easy to maintain and can be replaced with ease.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are well known for their extremely pricey nature and are often available at very high price. Most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners are available with the price tag of above $500 and are not easily affordable for majority. But when compared with high efficiency and performance, it is really worth to spare some dollars. Although highly priced, dyson vacuum cleaners are a long term investment.


Dyson Vacuum Cleaners are performance oriented beautifully designed appliances, launched in the market to provide exceptional cleaning experience to consumers. These technological gadgets are excellent capturer of dust and debris and are suitable for pet owners as well.

Classified into diverse categories, Dyson vacuum cleaners are integrated with highly efficient filtration system that prevent spread of dust in the surroundings. Although expensive, these tools are worth spending money because of their highly efficient outclass performance and consumers satisfactory remarks. Therefore, vacuum cleaners under the name of Dyson are an extremely safe purchase for easing down the labor of cleaning.


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