Review: Winix A231 4-Stage True HEPA Air Purifier, Is it Worth to Buy?
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By Lauren Quan | 24 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Review: Winix A231 4-Stage True HEPA Air Purifier, Is it Worth to Buy?

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Technology evolving all around the globe, coping and dealing with allergies is now much easy as various air purifying devices have recently been developed. If you are a person that easily reacts to toxins, pollution, or allergens, then you should consider trying an air purifier out.

An Air Purifier is a device that is designed to sieve and trap out dirt, allergens, and toxins, in the air. It works by filtering the atmosphere and removing toxic components, thus making it much easy for us to breathe in clean, healthy, and fresh air, every time.

Today, so many Air Purifier producing company have originated globally. This makes it possible to have a variety of air purifiers at the market and so you might find yourself having to choose between many options. One of the popular brands of air purifier is Winix A231 Air Purifier.

This article will look through everything about Winix A231 air purifier- what it looks like, how it works, and how it is maintained.

Winix A231 Air Purifier

The Winix A231 Air purifier is a product of the Winix Company and it is one of their best-produced Device. The product uses the HEPA filter mode and it has the dimension of 9.5 in Length, 9.5 in Width, and 14.6 in Height.


Talking about its general performance, the product rates high and it is recorded to have the capacity to clean more than 99% of toxins in the atmosphere. It is very effective in trapping toxins and clearing off allergens from pets and also smokes that come from cigars, tobaccos, and even kitchen smokes.


Talking about the colours it comes in, the product is available in just two colours: The white and grey.
 Just like many other air purifiers, the product comes with a very good design and it has a strong and well-built body that makes it difficult for it to easily break or crack. It is a very durable product that has the capability of letting out strong purifying air in short intervals. This makes it efficient in air purification.

Its button is at the top like it is for many other air purifiers, and it has 4 different phases of air filtration which are the Fine Mesh phase, the Hepa Filter phase, the activated carbon filter phase, and the plasma wave air cleaning phase.  It weighs 9.13 pounds and it is suitable for a room size of Room Size 230 Sq. Ft.

How to clean it

Talking about how easy it is to clean the product, the product comes with a washable Fine Mesh Pre-Filter that makes it quite easy to clean with hand wash.


Looking at the phases of air filtration that the product has, it has four phases of filtering. They are the Fine Mesh phase, the HEPA Filter phase, the activated carbon filter phase, and the plasma wave air cleaning phase.
 In the Fine Mesh phase- which is the first phase, the device works excellently by trapping out physical toxins and pollutants in the air. In this phase, it absorbs macro constituents in the air like wool, cotton, and so on. It also helps remove very toxic odours to a large extent before the second phase. The pre-filtering component of the product however needs to be replaced every three months.

The second phase it uses in filtering is the True High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering phase, and here, the device filters the air by trapping micro and very small particles in the air. It clears up particles like pollens, smokes.

The third phase is the activated carbon filter phase, and in this phase, it reduces VOCs and odours from cooking, pets, and smoke. It also helps prolong the True HEPA Filter lifespan.

The fourth phase, which is also the last phase, is the plasma wave air cleaning phase and this is a very unique feature of the product. Here, in this phase, it creates Hydroxyls to neutralize Bacteria and Viruses.
The fan that comes with the product features a smart sensor mode plus an auto mode and its LED light changes in real-time based on air quality.

Benefits of the Product

Apart from being a very quality product that is well known for its efficiency, the products have many other advantages and some of them are:
Winix A231air purifier is a very good product and it has a lot of advantages that would make people want to buy them in the market. Here are a few benefits that come with the product:
  • It comes with a Sleep Mode Operation
Once you activate the whisper-quiet Sleep Mode, the product maintains continuous and undisturbed operation that makes it possible for you to have a deep and undisturbed rest or sleep. This mode makes it possible for you to make the device quiet and not have to bother yourself about dealing with noise pollution while using the product. It does an almost perfect job in trapping allergens and toxins in the atmosphere so you can be certain of enjoying a very cool and serene atmospheric condition while using the product.
  • It comes with a manual
Operating the device is very simple and has no complexities as it comes with a manual that contains easily understandable instructions on how to use it. It does not make noise
  • It is very healthy to use
The device is a very good one for you if you are someone that gets allergies easily or you are asthmatic or have someone asthmatic around you. It perfectly clears away toxins and allergies in the air making it very easy for you to breathe in healthy air around you without having to bother about your health is at stake.
  • It works with four filtering phases
This is amazing! These four filtering phases that it adopts, which are the Fine Mesh phase, the HEPA Filter phase, the activated carbon filter phase, and the plasma wave air cleaning phase, makes it efficient in clearing dirt and polluted components in the air. It makes it do a cool job.
  • Two (2)  years Warranty
The product is covered in a warranty for two years so you can be very sure of its good quality. It is a trusted brand and you get the chance to enjoy a two-year warranty over it.
  • It can cover medium spaces efficiently
Another good advantage of the product is that it can cover medium spaces and yet do a very effective job. It is a portable air purifier that is easy to move about and easy to use.
  • It is one of the best quality air purifiers
This is another important benefit. The Winix Company is a well-known company and they are known to produce only quality products. The product is of very high quality and it operates effectively.  When you use this product, you enjoy good quality service.
  • It is very beautiful
One other uniqueness of the product is that it is created with eye-catching designs that make it very beautiful. If you are looking for something that would add some colours and flavours to your space, the product is for you. The two colours it comes in which are white and grey, makes it stand out well compared with other air purifiers.

 The Demerit of the Product

  • Its Size
Looking through various reports and reviews from many users, we could not find much demerit of the product well except for the relative size. You might not like the product too much if what you are looking for is anair purifier that is very large and can cover a very large space because this product is only designed to cover small to medium-sized space. Apart from the relatively not large size of the product, it is generally a good product with high quality.


Looking through the explicit review of this product, it would be seen that it has a whole lot of benefit with only very few demerits. The device leaves its users with a very awesome experience and cool enjoyment. The noted demerit is even relative as some people might consider it an issue while others would not because that is the exact size they are looking for.

This product is a good plug for anyone who prioritizes good health and clean, serene, atmospheric condition and environment as it does a great air purifying job!


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