Is iRobot Roomba 960 Better than Roomba 676?
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By Lauren Quan | 24 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Is iRobot Roomba 960 Better than Roomba 676?

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The iRobot is a reputable brand that is globally known for producing high-quality and high-performance vacuum cleaners. The iRobot vacuums from Roomba are integrated with high technology which aids them in great performance when it comes to cleaning your house or office.

For animal lovers, the Roomba brand has the markets best vacuums that effectively picks up pet hair and debris. It is no longer a headache watching your pets shed of their hair all over the house.

One of the notable feature of the all the Roomba vacuum cleaners is the use of smart tech which enables it to clean effectively and control it easily.

In this article, we will review two iRobot vacuum cleaners, the Roomba 960 and 676 to find out which one performs better than the other.

1.iRobot Roomba 960
Roomba 960 is one of the best vacuum cleaner in the iRobot series. It comes with smart features that enables it to give it superb performance.  Compared to other robot vacuum cleaners, the Roomba 960 is more expensive. However, despite its high cost, this vacuum is worth every penny, thanks to its high-performance capabilities.
Powerful Performance
The Roomba 9960 has a strong suction power which enables it to have strong dirt and debris pick up abilities.  It has a power-lifting suction power which is 5 times the air power for perfect picking up strength. The strong suction powers make it suitable for deep cleaning of the carpets and all other types of floors.

Navigation System
The Roomba 960 utilizes the advanced patented iAdapt navigation 2.0 system to move around the house. The vSLAM navigation system captures up to thousands of precise measurements in every microsecond to optimize the area coverage.

The 960 vacuum navigates in neat rows to logically and purposefully navigate throughout the house. The robot has floor tracking sensors to ensure a systematic and complete cleaning your floors.

The system enables the robot to identify the places it has already cleaned and moves on to the next one. In addition, the mapping system enables, the robot creates a cleaning pattern depending with the shape of the room. The sensors keep the robot from bumping and hitting on the furniture and the surfaces.

New Mobile Application
The Roomba 960 has a new updated iRobot Home App which enables an upgrade in the general cleaning experience of your home. The application allows you to personalize your cleaning schedule. In addition, the home application enables you to schedule cleaning sessions from a distance.

Roomba 960 is grey bodied with black rims. The clean button is located at the recessed center. It has dimensions of 3.8 x13.8 x 3.6 inches with a weigh of 8.75 pounds. Compared to Roomba 676, Roomba 960 is a little bigger which makes it difficult to go under tight furniture.

Cleaning System
The Roomba 960 uses a three-stage cleaning system which has five times more suction power than the Roomba 676. The 960 has powerful AeroForce motor which is tough on dirt, debris and pet hair. In addition, this robot vacuum cleaner has a dirt detector sensor that identifies the heavily soiled areas of your carpet.

The Roomba 960 connects to the Wi-Fi, a feature that allows you to use the robot in tandem with the Home application. The app enables you to schedule cleaning, start cleaning sessions or stop the cleaning all from a distance. In addition, the Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to use voice commands, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with the robot.

Another connectivity feature of Roomba 960 is the map indicated the areas of the house it has cleaned. The map allows you to see areas of the house the robot has missed out when cleaning. Using the application, you can monitor the progress of the vacuum from anywhere.

2.Roomba 676 Review
The Roomba 676 is another one of the 600-series from the iRobot.  If you are looking for high-performance vacuum cleaner but at a lower price than the Roomba 960, this might be robot you are looking for. It has a powerful cleaning system which picks up all types of dirt such as the dust, pet hair, and debris.
Navigation System
The Roomba 676 uses the seamless iAdapt navigation which is equipped with full suite sensors to allow your robot to work its way in and around every corner of your home. The robot uses acoustic sensors which detects dirt and heavily soiled parts of your floors for a thorough clean-up.

In addition, the Roomba 676 has a low profile, lower than the Roomba 960, which enables it to effortlessly get under the furniture and other objects around your house. Another smart navigation feature of the Roomba 676 is the cliff-detector sensors which enables the robot to avoid falling off the stair and the edges of your home. Also, these sensors prevent the robot from knocking on furniture and other objects around the house.

Three-Stage Cleaning
All the Roomba vacuum cleaners utilizes the three-stage cleaning system to clean up the floors. The 676 vacuum cleaner has dual multi-surface brushes, a vacuum suction, and the edge sweeping brush that work together to ensure you get clean floors.

The dual multi-surface lifts the pet hair and dirt off the floor. The brush scrubs and lifts off the dirt from deep in your carpets, hardwood floors, or other types of floors.

The edge-brushes enables the robot to clean and suck up dirt of the edges and other hard to reach corners of your house. In addition, this robotic vacuum cleaner utilizes the AeroForce vacuuming system which delivers enough power for picking up dirt, pet hair, and debris off your floors.

The Roomba 676 supports the iRobot HOME Application that enables you to schedule cleaning, start or stop the cleaning sessions from anywhere. It connects to the Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to use voice commands with Amazon Alexa and control it using Wi-Fi.

The Mobile application enables you to monitor the cleaning sessions. You can preset and schedule cleaning sessions up to seven days in a week.  The robot is capable of cleaning all types of floors and it automatically adjusts itself to allow it clean different types of floors. Once the robot is done with the cleaning session, it automatically returns to the charging dock.

The Roomba 676 runs on a lithium-ion battery which runs for up to 90 minutes on a full charge. When the battery depletes, the robot will automatically find its way to the dock for recharging.

The iDetect Dirt Technology
The robot has dirt sensors that detects areas that are highly concentrated with dirt. It passes over the surface for a couple of times to ensure it is clean.
Side by Side Specs Comparison of the Roomba 960 and Roomba 676
  Roomba 676 Roomba 960
Dimensions 34 cm x 9.2 cm 35.0 cm x 9.1 cm
Weight 7.8 lbs 8.5 lbs
3-stage cleaning system Yes Yes
Dirt Detect technology Yes Yes
Filters AeroVac HEPA
Navigation system Sensors Camera
Runtime 90 minutes 75 minutes
Auto-recharge Yes Yes
Wi-Fi connectivity Yes Yes
Auto-recharge Yes Yes
Voice Commands Alexa/ Google Assistant Alexa/Google Assistant
Suitability for Pet Hair Yes Yes
Virtual Barriers No Yes
Scheduled cleaning Yes Yes
So, is Roomba 960 better than the Roomba 676? The truth is that both vacuum cleaners are high-performance, especially when it comes to cleaning up the floors, which is the key reasons why you need a vacuum cleaner. The Roomba 960 comes at a higher price, which is worth the money due to smart features.

However, if you need a basic vacuum cleaner with simple controls, the Roomba 676 is a good choice. You get to save a few bucks on a vacuum that literally does the same job. In addition, if you have a larger home, the Roomba 960 can handle bigger spaces better than the 676. Also, if you are looking for additional smart features in a robot vacuum, Roomba 960 is ideal for you.


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