Review: irobot Roomba 676, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Connectivity
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By Lauren Quan | 24 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Review: irobot Roomba 676, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Connectivity

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You can make your house cleaning chores easier and faster, thanks to vacuum cleaners. A vacuum cleaner is an electric tool that uses an air pump to suck up dirt from the floors and around the house. The tool comes in handy if you have children or pets living in your house. The following are the benefits of a vacuum cleaner:
1.It Saves You Time and Energy
One of the main reasons why vacuums were invented is because they are fast and efficient when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning manually is tedious, exposes you to dirt and dust which can stir allergies and breathing issues. In addition, cleaning manually does not offer perfect cleaning and consumes more of your time. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner can take up to 10 minutes depending with the size of the area you are cleaning.
2.Safe for People with Allergies
Most vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters which sucks up the allergens in the air, such as bacteria, germs, and other air borne pollutants, making it safe for people who struggle with allergies.
3.Effectivelt Removes Pet Hair from Your House
Vacuum cleaners are extremely important for households with pets. Pets keeps on shedding their hairs and dropping them all over the house. It is hard to clean up the pet hair manually. However, a vacuum cleaner is effective in collecting the pet hair and this will no longer be an issue in your house.
4. Vacuum Cleaners Are Flexible
Modern day vacuum cleaners are highly flexible. For instance, a robot vacuum allows you to clean up your house even when you are away. This is possible thanks to the mobile phones applications connected to a vacuum cleaner that allows you to schedule, start, or stop cleaning while you are away. Robot vacuum cleaners have a mapping technology which allows them to move across different rooms without need for any assistance.
5. Easy to Use
Vacuum cleaners are easy to use. Depending with the type of vacuum you are using, vacuum cleaners utilize electric power energy to operate. For some vacuums, such as corded cleaners, you can plug on the power outlet and clean. Others such as robot vacuums, requires you to charge the battery to enable you to clean.

irobot Roomba 676 Review
The Roomba 676 is manufactured by irobot which is known for producing high quality vacuum cleaners. Roomba 676 is a high performance vacuum cleaner that is worth your money. It has a sleek and compatible design with easy to use features.
Roomba 676 Technology
One of the notable tech feature of Roomba 676 is a smart navigation system. It has sensors which makes it easy to navigate through different part of the house and through the furniture. The 676 robot vacuum knows to navigate through the house, it knows in which part of the room it is at, and can easily find its way to the docking point.
In addition, the robot has dirt sensors which identifies the heavily soiled parts of your house. Once it senses more dirt in a particular area, the robot moves over the area a couple of times to ensure it collects all the dirt.
Roomba 676 Suction Power
Roomba 676 has a high and good suction power. The vacuum cleaner operates on a three-stage cleaning system which enables the vacuum to suck up everything in its way. This strong suction power comes in handy especially if you have pets.
Roomba 676 Voice Controls
You can control your Roomba 676 fully with voice commands with Amazon Alexa. In addition, you can use the iRobot Home app for controlling the
Roomba 676 Performance
The 676 is a high performance robot with high suction power. It is capable of cleaning the wooden floors, carpet and floors, laminated floors, hard floors, tiled floors, and woolen carpets.
Features of Roomba 676 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Weight 4.92kg
  • Dimensions of the vacuum H9.2x W34 x D34 cm
  • Charge time- Approximately 3 hours for a full charge
  • Operating time ranges from 60 minutes, depending with settings on use
  • It has a low battery indicator
  • Number of batteries on the pack: One
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with a docking station
  • It has adjustable floor head to easily switch between carpet and hard floor at the touch of a button.
  • Dustbin capacity of 0.5 L
  • Comes with a dust bag full indicator
  • 240 volts
  • Noise levels of 65 db.
  • Bagless cleaning that is easy to empty
  • You can initiate and stop cleaning using mobile application
  • It utilizes AeroVac filters that captures dust and debris
Roomba 675

The Roomba 675 is the identical twin of the Roomba 676 since there are no notable differences. It has the same sleek design and compact shape like the Roomba 676. You can use your smart phone and voice command controls to operate the vacuum.

You can control and operate the Roomba 675 using a remote control or the iRobot Home App. Using the mobile application is flexible and easy, as you can access different features and settings, as well as operating the robot from anywhere.

The difference between the models is the performance. The Roomba 675 does not efficiently pick up the debris and dirt like 676. In terms of performance, Roomba 676 performs slightly better than the 675.

The Roomba 675, has different cleaning modes, that you can switch to using a remote or a smartphone. Examples of cleaning modes for this robot are: edge cleaning mode, spot mode, and Auto mode.

In addition, the Roomba 676 comes at a higher price compared to the 675. Although both the vacuums have similar functions, when it comes to durability, the Roomba 676 is more durable compared to Roomba 675.
The Roomba 675 in not effective at sucking up dirt from the floors. However, it is excellent at cleaning the hard floors, wooden and laminate floors.

iRobot Roomba 676 VS. iRobot Roomba 675 Comparison
  Roomba 676 Roomba 675
Weight 0.6 L 0.6 L
Capacity 3.6 KG 3.5kg
Runtime 60 minutes 60 minutes
3-stage cleaning Yes Yes
Filters AeroVac AeroVac
Noise Levels 58 dB 58 dB
Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes Yes
Pros of Roomba 676 iRobot
  • Effectively cleans all types of floor coverings
  • Supports app control and voice commands with Amazon Alexa
  • Allows for scheduled cleaning
  • Automatically finds its way to the charging dock
  • Has smart navigation system and it does not get stuck
  • Automatically adjusts to different types of floors
  • Has sensors to detect heavy soiling on floors and carpets
  • Comes in handy for animal lovers as it effectively collects pet hair
Cons of Roomba 676 Robot Cleaner
  • Not suitable for high pile carpets
  • Does not have HEPA filters
  • A bit noisy
Pros of Roomba 675 iRobot
  • It does not get stuck
  • Supports mobile app and voice commands with Alexa
  • Supports scheduled cleanings
  • Automatically adjusts to different floor surfaces
  • Detects and cleans up heavily-soiled areas
  • Cheaper than Roomba 676
Cons of Roomba 675 iRobot
  • It is loud
  • Not effective at picking up debris as the Roomba 676
  • It loses its way to the charging dock sometimes.
The Roomba 676 is a high-performance robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity. It has strong suction power, efficient at picking up dirt and debris from the floor and deep cleaning the carpets. Thanks to the smart tech, you can operate and control the Roomba 676, using a mobile application or a voice control with Alexa. The Roomba 676 is a bit noisy, however, it less noisy compared to other brands. It is safe for people who have allergy issues as it captures at least 99% of the allergens in the air. The three-stage cleaning system ensures a good cleaning job for your house without much hassle. In addition, if you love pets, the robot has strong suction power to ensure that it picks up all the pet hair and dander.


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