Top 6 Best Rated Oreck Air Purifiers of 2020
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By Joey | 21 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Top 6 Best Rated Oreck Air Purifiers of 2020

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           Top 6 Best Rated Oreck Air Purifiers of 2020
With the increased inventions and increased human activities, there has been an elevated increase in global warming that contributes immensely to the air pollution in our homes. To make sure we have a clean and healthy home, the Oreck air purifier developers have taken full initiative to build this great Oreck air purifier brand. Research indicates that we spend a lot of time indoors, and we won’t compromise the air quality in our indoors.

About Oreck Air Purifiers
The Oreck air purifiers are among the top competing air purifier brands in the current air purifier market. If you need the latest air filtration and smart technology, then you have no option than to invest in the Oreck air purifier. With Oreck, you will get air purifiers such as the Oreck DualMax air purifier, Oreck ProShield Plus, Oreck Response, the Oreck AirVintage Plus air purifiers, among others.

Is Oreck DualMax Capable of Cleaning Air?
The Oreck DualMax is one of the Oreck air purifier brands. It overwhelmingly performs its air filtration exercise using its up-to-date air cleaning technology. Among the technologies that give Oreck DualMax the capabilities to clean the air in your home include; the two high-performance fans that give it twice the air circulation hence high air exchange rate, the Helios Shield technology that serves to eliminate odors from your indoor air, and the Truman Cell filtration that has the highest air filtration efficiency. These features, among others, allows us to rank Oreck DualMax that it has capabilities  of air cleaning.

6 Best Oreck Air Purifiers Reviewed in this Guide
Oreck Response Air Purifier 

The Oreck Response Air purifier is designed to fit in both your small, medium, and large room sizes. Even with its promising high-quality performance in different areas, it operates in a super-silent operation that makes it the best for your bedroom and even that of your kids.
One of the outstanding features with the Oreck Response Air purifier is the DUSTSENSE TECHNOLOGY that gives this purifier the ability to monitor the air to detect air contaminants automatically re-adjusts the air purifier fan speed settings to fit the amount of air contamination in your indoors.
It is also engineered with a 2-stage filtration system, the HEPA filters, and the Activated Carbon filters. The HEPA filters come with a 99% filtration efficiency and capture air particulates as fine as 0.3 microns. The Activated Carbon filters, on the other hand, serves to eliminate odors and other chemical air contaminants.

Oreck AirVintage Air Purifier

If you are disturbed by volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in your indoors, then the Oreck AirVintage Air Purifier is the best purifier we can recommend for you. It is well designed to serve you better in areas up to 118 square feet.
Oreck AirVintage Air Purifier comes with a 3-stage super filtration system that is characterized by the VOC filters that serve to eliminate the VOCs and other chemical air pollutants. Then, there are HEPA  filters that serve to eliminate 99.97% of air pollutant particulates as fine as 0.3 microns. Lastly is the carbon filters that have the ability to do away with gaseous air pollutants such as smoke. The 3-stage air filtration system makes Oreck AirVintage Air Purifier trustable on air pollutants such as allergens, pollen, mold, dander, and even bacteria.
You will also find Oreck AirVintage Air Purifier effective and convenient with its lightweight and silent operating nature. The Oreck AirVintage Air Purifier just weighs 5.51 pounds, allowing you to move from one room to the other with ease. Its silent operation nature makes it effective for your bedroom use.

Oreck DualMax Air Purifier
Every home needs a clean environment and healthy air to breathe, and Oreck DualMax Air Purifier is here to make sure you achieve this hassle-free. It houses different unique air purifying features that allow you and our family members to breathe easy.
Oreck DualMax Air Purifier makes use of dual high-performance fans. The fans give Oreck DualMax Air Purifier a double air intake for filtration that assures you a fast way to have your indoor air exchanged.
In terms of filtration and filtration efficiency, Oreck DualMax Air Purifier makes use of the high-efficiency Truman Cell Filtration that works like a magnet that attracts and captures air contaminants such as dust and allergens. The Oreck DualMax Air Purifier is further engineered with HELIOS shield odor filters that serve to leave your indoor air as odorless as possible.

Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier
The Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier is specially designed to fit into your large rooms with areas up to 600 square feet. You can trust Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier for your large office, big living apartment, and even your large master bedroom.
It utilizes the ORECK Truman Cell filter that you can trust to filter our air contaminants such as smoke, dust allergens, and even pollen. The ORECK Truman Cell purifier is further classified as best when it comes to destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. It also serves to clear any odor that may be disturbing your breath in your indoors. Apart from the ORECK Truman Cell filter, the Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier’s filtration efficiency is further enhanced by other filters like the Pre-filter, Activated Carbon filters, an Oxygenator, and also the Ionizer. All this combines to give Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier a trustable filtration efficiency.

Oreck ProShield Air Purifier
This is an all-round air purifier built to fit smaller rooms like those with 80 square feet area. The Oreck understands that you need to breathe easy, and that is why they have equipped Oreck ProShield Air Purifier with a high-efficiency 6-stage filtration system.
The 6-stage air filtration system houses six different filters that include a pre-filter, a positive charging wire filter, the particle collection filter, permanent UVA light, an Oxygenator, and the air revitalizer. With this detailed air filtration and purification system, Oreck ProShield Air Purifier assures you healthy and easy breathing.
The Oreck ProShield Air Purifier is further made in a slim and sleek design. This special design allows you to use it while in a vertical or horizontal position. There is also these smart remote control feature that allows you to adjust the speed levels, turn the night light ON/OFF. The remote control allows you to gain control over the Oreck ProShield Air Purifier hands-free at the comfort of your seat.

Oreck WK 15500B Air Purifier and Humidifier
With the Oreck WK 15500B, you won't need to have both an air purifier and a humidifier since this appliance combines the two most important smart home appliances. It can humidify your indoors and, at the same time, purifier the air you breathe concurrently.
On the Air filtration side, Oreck WK 15500B comes with a 2-stage filtration system that has both the HEPA media ad the Charcoal filter. The HEPA Media filter serves to eliminate particulate air particles like pollen, allergens, mold spores, and even dust. On the other hand, the Charcoal filter serves to eliminate a form of odors. These two filters combine to give you 99% contaminant-free indoor air.
On the humidifier side, Oreck WK 15500B is designed to serve and an ultrasonic humidifier releasing a soothing Cool Mist that serves to moisten the air in your room during the dry seasons. The Oreck WK 15500B has an advantage in that it comes with a large water tank that assures you long humidification time before refilling the tank again.
Oreck WK 15500B Air Purifier and humidifier is the best smart home appliance that you can't afford to miss. It is fitted with silence technology that lets it humidify and sanitize the air in your room in a super-silent way.
Model Filtration stages Weight Recommended Area Dimensional Size Filter Type Smoke CADR
Oreck Response Air Purifier 2 13.8 310 9.1 x 16.9 x 20.7 HEPA + Carbon 200
Oreck AirVintage Air Purifier 3 5.51
118 13.78 x 7.87 x 12 HEPA + Carbon 102
Oreck DualMax Air Purifier 2 15.62 200 11.8 x 9.5 x 18.4 Truman Cell 174
Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier 5 7.2 183 9.3 x 11.8 x 20.1 Truma Cell + Oxygenator 223
Oreck ProShield Air Purifier 6 10.28 80 14 x 23 x 9 UVA Light + Oxygenator 115
Oreck WK 15500B Air Purifier and Humidifier 2 15 115 10 x 10.5 x 29 HEPA + Charcoal Filter 100
Are Oreck Air Purifiers Any Good?
Yes! We can proudly let you know that they are the perfect air purifiers. With their latest air purification technologies like the Automatic Particulate sensors, Oreck Trueman Cell filters, among others, w can say that the Oreck air purifiers are perfect.

What is the Best Oreck Air Purifier?
All the Oreck air purifiers are designed to fit your home air purification needs. Oreck WK 15500B Air Purifier and Humidifier can be classified as the best since t can serve both as an air purifier and a humidifier. 
Does Oreck Air Purifiers Emit Ozone?
Most of the Oreck air purifiers do not make use of ionizers; hence they do not emit ozone. They are the safest air purifiers to use.

How Do You Clean an Oreck Air Purifier?
Cleaning these appliances is easy. Follow the following simple steps to have your Oreck air purifier cleaned.
  1. Remove the outer cover and disassemble the Truman Cell cartridge and the charcoal filter.
  2. Clean the air purifier from the front side using running water.
  3. Wash the True Man cell separately using compressed air.
  4. Allow the washed parts to completely dry up before replacing back the charcoal filter and the True Man Cell.

Is Oreck a good Air Purifier?
The Oreck air purifiers give the best air purification services, and some even act as humidifiers, making them good air purifiers.
How Much is an Oreck Air Purifier?
Different Oreck air purifiers come with different features. The different air purifiers come with variable prices.

The Oreck air purifiers come in different brands that offer different air cleaning capabilities. You have the option to always choose from the wide Oreck air purifier varieties considering both your budget and your home special requirements. The Oreck air purifiers are always the best.


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