Dyson v11 animal cordless vacuum cleaner , is it really helpful?
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By Lauren Quan | 20 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson v11 animal cordless vacuum cleaner , is it really helpful?

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Today, it’s impossible to talk about vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, air purifiers, heaters, lights, and fans without mentioning the Dyson brand. It has indeed become a household name ever since its inception in 1991. James Dyson, its founder, established the company to create a new type of vacuum- the bagless cleaner.

It was after he had bought the traditional cleaner and discovered that it lost suction after a period of use. Even after emptying the bag several times, the device couldn’t resume its original suction. Frustrated, James decided to examine the equipment, and upon opening the bag, he noticed a layer of dust clogging the fine mesh.

He then decided to invent a bagless vacuum, and after developing 5127 prototypes, he introduced the cyclonic vacuum. James had discovered that the technology was good at extracting dust without creating clogs on the equipment. This was the culmination of the famous Dyson Vacuum cleaners.  

However, even after discovering a groundbreaking invention, Dyson found it challenging to find a licensee for his machine. Famous companies like Hoover found Dyson’s machine a threat to their already established market.

In 1985, Apex ltd, a Japanese company, expressed interest in licensing Dyson’s design but reworked the original version to produce G-Force vacuum cleaners. Later, James registered his company, Dyson Appliances Ltd, using the Japanese license income and has since refined its products to provide products that cater to the user’s needs better. One such invention is Dyson’s V Series of cordless stick vac. In this review, we look at the V11 model.

Dyson Stick Vacuum Review
An upgrade from the previous Dyson V10 Cyclon vacuum features improved suction power, smart energy-saving features, and better battery performance. Here’s a detailed overview:

Its design is pretty similar to the V10 as it still features an in-line configuration with the bin, motor, and cyclone aligned together to increase suction power. However, there’s a slight difference in its construction.

The Dyson V11 Animal allows you to clip accessories on the head: a pretty handy feature for users who need a different head when vacuuming the other side of the house. What’s more, the V11 is equipped with a new pump-action sliding mechanism that slides the bin out from the cylinder disposing the contents off easily and quickly.

Just as the rest of Dyson’s V-series, the V11 Animal has an LCD that shows the vacuum's current mode, the remaining battery life, and other relevant alerts. A few design highlights of the V11 Animal include:
  • The trigger control: Just as the other four models the V11 Animal has a trigger button for switching the vacuum on and off. Hold the button down as you clean and let it go to turn it off. This mechanism saves on battery life as you only turn the vacuum on when cleaning
  • Cyclonic power: While all the models use cyclonic technology, the latter models (Outsize and Outsize Origin) are equipped with an updated design that uses 18 cyclones. By comparison, Dyson Animal and Torque Drive use 14 cyclones
  • Size and Dimensions: The latest Dyson models, the Outsize and Outsize Origin, are the largest of the V11 family with a capacity of up to 0.5 gallons. Also, they have dustbins 150% larger than those on the V11 Animal and V11 Torque Drive
Battery Life
While suction is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a vacuum, battery life plays a more significant role for a cordless vacuum. Dyson addresses this factor by integrating three battery modes on the V11 Animal: the auto mode, eco, and boost mode.

Eco mode is suitable for long vacuum sessions providing up to an hour of cleaning time. The suction on this model is, however, less powerful. On the other hand, Boost mode equips the device with more suction power (five times the auto mode), allowing you to remove stuck debris fast. However, this mode drains the battery within 12 minutes.

Auto mode is the most friendly as it doesn't drain the battery quickly and adjusts the device based on the floor requirements. This is because Dyson integrates the device with a set of built-in sensors that detect brush resistance and adjust the suction power accordingly. As such, you don't need to change the brush heads for different floor types.

What’s more, the technology enables the cleaner to detect brush resistance 360 times a second, which is communicated to the battery and motor microprocessors to make accurate readings of your floor.

While the filter needs cleaning frequently it’s relatively easy to access. Also, the indicator lights alert you when the filter needs to get cleaned and when there’s a clog.

Performance on Pet Hairs
When it comes to pet hair removal, Dyson’s V11 Animal performance is pretty impressive. This is because Dyson uses a re-engineered set of airflow impeller blades and diffusers that work together to boost suction, minimize turbulence, and enhance airflow efficiency.

The increased efficiency improves suction power by 20%, and when combined with the 80W High Torque cleaning head, it dislodges sticky pet hair from surfaces pretty well. What’s more, the V11 features a redesigned air filtration system that prevents pet hair, dirt, and debris from sliding out when cleaning. This is a pretty handy feature for homeowners with allergies.
What is the Difference Between Dyson V11 Torque and V11 Animal
The Dyson V11 was released in 2019 in a range of models: Absolute, Animal, Outsize, and the Torque Drive. The Torque Drive and Animal models are pretty similar in many features: run time, dust bin capacity, suction power but differ in these two areas:
Screen Display
Dyson’s Torque Drive model uses an LCD while the Animal model has an LED display. The LCD is more dynamic as it allows the user to:
  • Change cleaning modes (Eco, Boost, Auto modes)
  • Get maintenance alerts
  • View the remaining battery level
On the other hand, LED screen is pretty basic as it only shows the vacuum’s current cleaning mode and the remaining battery level. Note it isn’t a real-time countdown as the LCD screen display used on other models.

Another difference between the two models is in their attachments. The V11 Torque Drive has seven attachments:
  • Crevice tool: It is the long narrow tool used to clean tight spaces between furniture, cushions, and automobile interiors
  • Mini motorized tool: The accessory comes in handy if using the V11 as a handheld vacuum. It also gives the device a power boost when cleaning pet hair, fabrics, and upholstery
  • A wall dock and charger: It allows you to charge the device and mount it on the wall when not in use. The device can also hold two accessories for easy access
  • Soft dust brush: The attachment has soft bristles knit together, providing a handy dusting tool for cleaning furniture and sensitive surfaces like automobile interiors
  • Dirt brush: Its bristles are slightly apart and firmer than those of a soft dust brush. As such, it’s suitable for removing dirt from hard surfaces like heavy-duty abrasive textiles or floor tile
  • Combination tool: It doubles up as a soft brushing brush and a crevice tool. Models with both tools can switch between the two modes
  • Extension wand: It allows you to convert the handheld vacuum to a handy stick vacuum or extend the user’s reach when in handheld mode. It also has a red button at the end for connecting to the cleaning head
The V11 Animal model has all the attachments highlighted apart from the soft dust brush
Wrap Up
The Dyson V11 Animal is a good buy for homeowners looking for a handy upright vacuum with excellent run time. Its lightweight construction and a vast range of accessories should help you clean more spaces within a pretty short time. What’s more, with the new set of built-in sensors, you don't need to tailor the cleaning heads to the floor type. This feature enhances this model’s versatility all the more.


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