Top 5 Air Fryers of Philips in 2020
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By Lauren Quan | 20 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Air Fryers of Philips in 2020

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You might have come across products of the Philips Company a whole number of times but you do not know what kind of company Philips is and what they do. Are you interested in having more knowledge about the Phillip Company? Are you considering buying an Air Fryer from them but you do not know which Air Fryers are there best? This article is for you! This Article will put you through what the Phillip Company is, what they do, and their top Air Fryers in 2020.

Here is the brief introduction of the Phillips Company

Phillips brand is owned by a company named Royal Philips Electronics NV. The company was founded in Dutch in 1891 and it is owned by managed by Fredrik Philips and two of his sons named Gerard and Anton.  The company is a well renowned company and they specialize in the production of home appliances, electrical gadgets, lightening equipment, amongst others.

One of the popular productions of the Company is Air Fryer. Philips Company have so far produced so many high ranking air fryers that deliver quality results to their users. Let us check through what an Air Fryer is.

What does an Air Fryer do?

An air fryer is a fast becoming popular technological device that uses hot air to fry and cook meals. Air fryers work by using hot air, with a fan which does the work of blowing and distributing the air through the food. When using an air fryer, you are only required to add very little amount of oil to the cooking as it has a way of sapping out oil from the food itself and using it to cook the meal and hence coming up with a very crispy, delicious, and tantalising meal. Air fryers have make it possible for people to eat healthy foods with less fat and yet very delicious taste.

Air fryers are produced in different models, sizes, and colours that make it easy for you to choose the one you like. Air fryers functions as a device that that can be used to fry, steam, grill, and even smoke.

Air fryers uses a process whereby it circulates hot air within the device and uses a designed fan to air fry foods. It uses a method of cooking meals with oils gotten from the meals themselves and thus makes it easy for you to only add very little oil. It also uses a method called the Maillard effect which helps foods that are air fried to appear attractive, finely coloured, and very rich.

Air fryers cook your meals deliciously in a very awesome manner using a fast, safe, and healthy methods.
 Philips Company have produced so many air fryers and the following are five of their best product:

The five (5) best air fryers of Philips in 2020

Philips Twin Turbostar Air Fryer

The air fryer is quite large at, but we found it was nice enough to leave out on the counter if you don’t have room in your cabinets. 
The air fryer which is of the size 17.1 x 12.63 x 12.4 inches (LxWxB) and 19 Pounds is a very awesome one. It uses 1725 Watts, has the capacity of 1.36 Litres and its material is plastic. It also comes with a non-sticky basket which is dish-washing friendly. The device delivers a very standard service and it is well sought after in the market.

Some benefits of the products
  1. It is very fast
Philips Twin Turbostar Air fryer cooks meal very fast as it is designed to use high speed and very hot air to fry them. The air fryer is very good for you if you are looking to a device that would cook you delicious, healthy meals within a short time.
  1. It cooks evenly
Nobody likes to have their meal half cooked with some pat getting cooked without the other. With Philips Twin Turbostar, you enjoy evenly cooked meal in a short duration of time.
  1. It is very easy to use
The device is designed to have a digital screen which makes it very simple and easy to use and operate. Operating the device does not come with complexities.
  1. Non-Stick Basket
The device comes with a non-stick basket that does not allow meals prepared in it to get burnt so easily.
  1. It is easily re-washable
The re-use of the device is very easy as its basket is dishwashing friendly. You do not have to worry about the stress of facing certain difficulties while washing.

Certain Demerits of the product
  1. It might cause the atmospheric condition to be hot
Using the device causes hotness in the house. Due to the high power use of hot air, some hot air are leased to the atmosphere too which can cause hotness in the house.
  1. It is not so cheap
Philips Twin Turbostar are usually costly in the market. They are not as cheap as some other air fryers and so might not be easily afforded by some people.

Philips Airfryer HD9641 / 96

This is also a very good one from the Philips Company. Philips Air fryer HD9641/96 is designed with nice specifications that allow it deliver very great work. It is an advanced model built with plastic, and weighs 15.08 pounds. It has the capacity of 0.82 litres, and uses 1425 watts. It has a length of 14.37, a width of 10.47, and a height of 11.29 inches.

Merits that come with using the product
  1. Easy to clean
The product is dish-washing friendly and very easy to clean. Maintaining the basket that comes with the product is not an issue.
  1. Non-sticky basket
The basket that comes with the product is non-sticky and so it makes it really difficult for foods to always get burnt.
  1. It has a large Capacity
The product has the capacity to cook meals that is enough for a large number of people at once, its capacity is large.
  1. It is Automatic
The product has automatic features that gives it the ability to come on and shut off on its own once it has been pre=scheduled.

Certain Demerits of the product
  1. It is big
If you do not have enough spare space or you do not fancy big home applinaces, then you might have some issues with the product. It has a relatively big size and so you might have to make space for it.
  1. It is expensive
Philips Airfryer HD9641 / 96 is not so cheap in the market compared to some other air fryer and so it might not be easily afforded.

Philips HD9220

This very attractive model of Philips also does a really great job. Released in 2010, the product weighs 15 pounds and has a dimension of 11.3 x 12.4 x 15.12 inches (LxWxB).
The product has been top rated over the years and it is still highly demanded for in the market.

Merits of the Product
  1. It comes with a temperature Control
The device makes it possible for you to set the temperature you desire at various points in your cooking.
  1. It is Dish-Washing friendly
The device is very easy to clean and maintain and hence makes it last longer and much re-usable.
  1. It comes with a recipe book
The device comes with a recipe book that contains variety of meals and to cook them. You get to enjoy diversified meals while using the product.
  1. It is Automatic
The device automatically shuts down by itself after use.
Certain Demerits of the product
  1. It does not have certain functions compared to others
The product does an excellent job but you might face certain difficulty when you are trying to grill or bake with the product.

Philips air fryer XXL

This is a great product for making very crispy and delicious meals. It is an advanced model that is made of plastic and has the capacity of 1.36 Litres. It weighs 18.74 pounds and uses a 2225 watts. It has the dimensions of 17.04 Length, 12.6 Width, and 12.44 Height.
Merits of the product
  1. It is uses very fast heat
The product is technologically designed to use premium fast heat which makes it cook meals really quick.
  1. It has cord storage
There is a space where you can keep its cords without having to deal with cords lingering around your space.
  1. It is Automatic
The product automatically switches on and off on its own once pre-set.
  1. It comes with Recipe book
There is a recipe book available with the product. It contains different types of meals that can be made with the product and how they can be made.

Certain Demerits of the product
  1. It is Expensive
Like some other Philips product, this brand is expensive in the market.
  1. It releases smoke at times
One thing you might have to deal with while using the product is the release of smoke. You might find yourself using the product outside the house to avoid a bit of air pollution inside.

Philips air fryer XL

This is also an advanced model that is built using plastic. It weighs 18.98 Pounds and uses 2100 watts. It has a Length of 16.65, a Width of 12.4, and a Height of 11.89. It does a very amazing job and it is rated high.

Merits of the product
  1. It has a digital touchscreen interface
This superb innovation makes it possible for you to easily customize the device to cook meals in the exact way you like.
  1. It has a large cooking capacity
This allows it to cook large scale meals at a time.
  1. Non-sticky basket and dish-washing friendly
The basket that comes with the device is non-sticky and very easy to clean.
Demerits of the product
  1. Its long-lasting quality is not 100% guaranteed
There has been plenty reports of its suddenly breaking down after some period of time.

Proscenic  T21 Air Fryer

Proscenic t21 air fryer is a brand of the proscenic company and comes with a whole lot os nice and very unique features. The Air Fryer weighs 15 pounds and has a capacity of 5.8 Quarts. Its material is food grade materisl and it is of 12 x 12 x 12.7 inches in dimension. It uses 1700watts.
Benefits of the product
  1. It has a one-led touch
The device comes with a one-led touch, making its control easy. To control it, you only have to press it once.
  1. It comes with a wifi feature
This is very unique. The device is designed to use wifi which makes it very possible to connect your phone with the device. You can easily control the device from your phone.
  1. It is dish-washing friendly
The product is very easy to wash and can be re-used over and over.
  1. It comes with a non-stick Basket.
The non-stick basket makes it easy for foods to be evenly cooked without getting burnt.
Demerit of the product
  1. It does not have an easily accessible customer care service
One common problem people face is contacting the customer care service providers of the product. They are not easily accessible.


The above discussed are the top five air fryers of Philips, therefore, the next time you consider buying a Philips air fryer, you can choose any of them. If would however like to try other companies, the Proscenic Company is worth given a trial. Their Proscenic t21 air fryer is a high digital air fryer with superb and unique features that makes it just the right air fryer for you!


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