Is Philips Air Fryer XXL a good air fryer?
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By Lauren Quan | 20 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Philips Air Fryer XXL a good air fryer?

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The use of air fryers in homes is fast becoming universal as many people now understand how healthy it is to use and how awesome meals cooked with it are. You might have already decided to opt for air fryers but you do not know the exact brand to go for. Are you stuck in between choosing a good brand of an air fryer? Have you heard of the brand “Philips air fryer XXL” before? Are you wondering if going for Philips air fryer XXL is a good decision? Then hang in there! This article will take you through all you need to know about Phillips air fryer XXL and would help you in easily deciding on whether to go for or not to go for it.

What you need to know about Phillips

Let us start by looking into the Company that produces the brand. The brand is owned by the company: Royal Philips Electronics NV. This company is popularly known to be a manufacturer of various house appliances, electronic components, lightening equipment, amongst others. They are very known for producing quality products.

The Company was established in Dutch by Fredrik Philips and one of his sons named Gerard in 1891, Fredrik’s son Gerard was an engineer who had a great experience in technology. Both father and son were later joined by Anton who was Gerard’s younger brother, and ever since then, the Company have produced lots of technological appliances and it is well popular amongst people.

One recent innovation of the Philips Company is Philips air fryer XXL. It is a well sought after air fryer with very quality deliverables. Let’s take a look at everything about it to know if it is a very good one that worth trying or not.

All you need to know about Philips Air Fryer XXL

The Philip Air Fryer XXL is a great plug for you if you are looking to a type of air fryer that has the capacity cook large scale meals in a short period with the very good and crispy result.

The device has so many features that help it produce healthy foods for you. It uses hot air to remove oil from food products and that cooks the food with that oil removed, making it easy for to add only very little quantity of oil, and coming out with a very crispy and delicious result.

Its Features

  • It is Automatic
The device comes with automatic off and on features that make it easy for you to go do other things while your meal cooks up. Once you have set the timer, the device turns up on its own at the specific time and turns off once the food is ready.
  • It comes with Temperature control
The device is also designed to help regulate temperature. This makes it very difficult for meals to come out of the device burnt.
  • It has cord storage
The device has a part of it designed for cord storage and so you do not have to bother yourself about lingering cords.
  • It comes with a cleanable Basket
You do not have to stress yourself with maintaining the basket as it is designed to be very easy and fast to clean.
  • It uses premium fast heat
It is built with high technological accessories that produce very fast heat making it easy to cook meals quickly.
  • It comes with Recipe Book
This is also an amazing feature of the product, it comes with guides and recipes to cooking variety of meals with the device and so it makes it easy for you to overcome the difficulty that comes with cooking different awesome meals.

Philips Air fryer XXL comes with all of these amazing feature and even some more. To make easy your decision to opt for it or not, we will now compare the product with another brand of air fryer called “Proscenic t21 air fryer”

Proscenic t21 Air Fryer

This is also an excitingly amazing air fryer. The brand Proscenic t21 Air Fryer is manufactured by a Company named Proscenic. The Company got the name “Proscenic” from the merging together of the two words: Prosperous and scenic.  The name is said to mean: “The future of the intelligent life”. The Company was established in Japan by a Taiwan group in 1993 and has since then produced numerous home appliances that merge correctly with the digital age.
Proscenic t21 air fryer, just like many other air fryers, uses healthy methods in cooking your meals to create delicious, crispy results. The air fryer is designed with a lot of superb features to make it work cool. Let us briefly take a look at some of its features.
  • It can cook in bulk
Its basket is sized enough to contain bulk cooking at a time. Proscenic Air fryer makes it easy for you to cook for many people within a short time.
  • Its Basket is non-stick
This is another awesome feature. The basket that comes with it is non-stick and so it is not easy for your meals to get burnt.
  • It is easy to wash
Cleaning the device is a very easy thing as it is designed to be dishwasher safe which makes it easy for you to reuse.
  • Its led is one-touch
The led panel that comes with the device is one-touch so it makes it very easy to control. All you need to do is press it once, and it starts working.
  • It is very fast
The device looks fast as it uses high rapid heat in making your meals. The heat evenly penetrates the food making it fast and well cooked.
Haven looked through the features of Proscenic t21 Air Fryer too, let us compare it with the Philips Air Fryer XXL.

Comparing Philips Air Fryer XXL with Proscenic t21 Air Fryer

  • In the aspect of the capacity of each product, Philips Air Fryer XXL has the capacity of 1.26 litres while the capacity of Proscenic t21 Air fryer is 5.8 Quarts.
  • Comparing them in terms of Watts, Philips Air Fryer XXL uses 2225 watts while Proscenic t21 uses 1700 watts.
  • Looking at their dimensions, Philips Air Fryer XXL has a length of 17.04, the width of 12.6, and the height of 12.44 inches. While Proscenic t21 Air fryer has the length of 12, the width of 12, and the height of 12.7 inches.
  • The material used in building Philips Air Fryer XXL is plastic while that of Proscenic t21 Air fryer is food-grade material.
There are however lots of other very interesting difference in their functions and some of these differences are discussed below.
  • Proscenic t21 air fryer comes with an App remote control which makes it very easy for you to control the device from anywhere in your space without having to touch the device. Philips Air Fryer XXL does not have this feature.
  • Proscenic t21 Air Fryer also comes with a feature that makes it easy for you to pre-schedule the time you want your meal cooked. All you need to do is set up the specific time you want it to start and end, and the device automatically starts working when the scheduled times reach. This feature is not present in Philips Air Fryer XXL.
  • Another difference in the features of both Air fryers is that Proscenic Air Fryer has a pre-heating ability. The device is designed to pre-heat foods for a few minutes before it cooks them. This allows more freshness and crispiness of the meal.
  • Proscenic t21 also has a wifi feature which gives room for your phone to be connected with the device. This is the most exceptional and unique feature of Proscenic t21 Air fryer. It allows you to control the device from the application on your phone. The Proscenic Company has blown the minds of so users with this feature as it is an innovation that other air fryers producing companies have no to seem to imbibe. Philip Air Fryer XXL does not come with a Wifi feature.


Looking at the features of each device and comparing each of them, it can be seen that both of them are certainly unique and of great quality on their own. They are both good air fryers and the only uniqueness in one is that if you are looking for a more sophisticated and highly digital air fryer, the Proscenic T21 air fryer is the plug for you!


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