Top 8 Best Ninja Air Fryer to Buy in 2020
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By Joey | 20 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Top 8 Best Ninja Air Fryer to Buy in 2020

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          Top 8 Best Ninja Air Fryer to Buy in 2020
Cooking has always been a time-consuming task but with the advancements in technology, it is no longer that challenging. Gone are those days when people used to devote a huge chunk of their time cooking something delicious. Today, a lot of automated appliances are available on the market to make our tasks easier and hassle-free. An air fryer is one such appliance that is being immensely popular among homeowners.
The air fryer works by circulating super-hot air around foods and only requires no or just a thin coat of oil depending on the recipe. It means your food takes around 70 to 80 percent less fat as compared to traditional deep frying methods. Also, you dont have to worry about those spatters and burns.
But the question is if it is worth spending on an air fryer as it tends to be quite expensive. Well! Keep reading as this buying guide is going to clear all your doubts
Why Should You Consider Ninja Air Fryers?
Fried food feels so good to our tastebuds that we sometimes forget the fact that we may be confusing a lot of fat. Although we can always bake things instead of frying, the taste isnt just the same. Right? So, what should we do? Should we keep eating fried food? No, because theres always an option and an air fryer can be your wonder appliance. Using an air fryer, you can fry anything with less or no oil which means no comprise with your health as well as your tastebuds.
As far as considering Ninja Air Fryers is concerned, there are so many options that you may consider as per your specific needs. Also, these fryers come with many features such as variable temperature control, less fat, different cooking baskets, nonstick crisper plates, and more.
Ninja Air Fryer Comparison Chart 
Here, weve compiled a list of popular air fryers to show you what you will get if you invest in them.
Best Ninja Air Fryers Weight Capacity Waltage Category
Ninja AF Air Fryer 4.9 pounds 4 Quarts 1500 watts Best Overall
Ninja OP301 Foodi compact Air Fryer 23.9 pounds 5 Quarts 1400 watts Best for User-Friendliness
Ninja Foodi OP300 Fryer & Pressure cooker 25.8 pounds 6 Quarts 1400 watts Best for Temperature
Ninja OP101 Foodi Air Fryer 23.9 pounds 5 Quarts 1460 watts Best for Cooker Combo
Food AG301 Air Fryer 14.5 lbs 4 Quarts 1760 watts Best for Compactness
Ninja Foodi SP101 Digital Air Fryer 15.72 pounds XL 1800 watts Best for Ease for Use
Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer 11 pounds 5.5 Quarts 1750 watts Best for Cooking Efficiency
Ninja FD401 Foodi Air Fryer 26 pounds 8 Quarts 1760 watts Best for Size
Ninja Foodi OP302 24.9 pounds 6.5 Quarts 1400 watts Best for Budget
Ninja Auto iQ Cooker 3.15 pounds 6 Quarts 1200 watts Best for Technology
Top 8 Ninja Air Fryer Reviews
Are you planning to invest in a Ninja Air Fryer? This guide of top 8 Ninja air fryers can help you pick the best for your kitchen. Check this out:
Ninja AF 101 Air Fryer:

One of the best overall air fryer that you will find and it also got excellent ratings on almost all fronts. It cooks, fries, and dehydrates with its wide temperature range from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees. It comes with 4 Quarts capacity and the plate fits 2 pounds of French fries. Also, the fryer comes with dishwasher safe parts to make it easy to clean and maintain. Though the appliance is user-friendly, you will have to preheat it before use for at least 3 minutes.             
Ninja Op301 Foodi Air Fryer:
One of the most user-friendly air fryer that offers an impressive temperature range from 105 to 400 Fahrenheit. It is a 9-in-1 fryer that comes with Tender Crisp technology, 4-quart cook & crisp basket, PTFE/PFOA-free basket, and 14 levels of safety. Also, it gives you the push-button control to switch between several functions and come with 7 cooking functions. The fryer is quite sturdy and can handle up to 4 pounds and come fitted with two lids to be used separately to air fry and for pressure cooking.   
Ninja Foodi OP300 Fryer & Pressure Cooker: 

It can be your best choice if youre looking for a combination of air frying and pressure cooking. It comes with TenderCrisp Technology for improving cooking time, a reversible steak rack, and a high gloss finish. Though the appliance is a bit expensive, it is worth investing in as it doubles as a pressure cooker. The 6.5-Quart ceramic-coated pot in PTFE/PFOA-free and offer enough capacity to cook up to 3 lbs of french fries and easy to clean up.                       
Ninja OP101 Foodi Air Fryer: 

A combo of fryer and pressure cooker that can be used for baking, roasting, pressure cooking, and steaming. It comes with a dishwasher safe crisp basket, 7 cooking functions, and 5 Quarts cooking capacity. This 7-in-1 air fryer pressure cooks up to 70 percent faster as compared to traditional cooking methods and air fry with up to 75 percent less fat. Also, it has passed rigorous testing for safety certifications and comes with 14 safety features.
Ninja Foodi AG301 Air Fryer: 

A compact solution for your air frying needs that comes with four temperature settings including low, medium, high, and max. It operates on Cyclonic Grilling technology that circulates 500 degrees heat around the food for better frying or grilling. Also, it comes fitted with a cool-air zone, splatter shield, and temperature-controlled grill grate to make sure theres no smoke. Though the device offers the push-button operation, it has an open lid which means you have to make sure there is space above.
Ninja Foodi SP101 Digital Air Fryer:

 This digital air fryer can be your perfect choice for all your frying and baking needs. The best part, it comes with a timer that tells you when the food is done which means you dont have to worry about setting the timer. Also, the temperature is independently controlled and you can easily remove the crumb tray. The machine has 8-in-1 functionality and it is compact enough to be used even in a small space. The XL capacity gives you a 45% larger usable cooking area.                    
Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer: 

One of the best air fryers for large families as it comes with XL capacity to hold large amounts of foods. The fryer comes with Max Crisp technology that delivers 450 degrees of superheated air to cook foods faster and that too with little to no oil. The broil rack gives a crisply and bubbly finish while the main functions include max crisp, air fry, bake, air broil, air roast, reheat, and dehydrate. It comes fitted with a broil rack and an enhanced control panel to set the desired temperature, time, and food type.      
Ninja Auto-iQ Air Fryer & Cooker:

A tech-friendly solution for those who are looking for an air fryer and pressure cooker combo. This machine comes with several programmable cooking functions and the Auto-Stay warm helps keep the food warm. Also, it comes with more than 80 recipes programmed into it and all you have to do is select your favorite recipe and let the fryer do it. As the fryer combines several functions into one pot, it may be difficult for less tech-savvy people to operate it effectively.   
There are so many Ninja models that you may consider apart from the above-discussed ones. All it takes is some research to pick out one that best suits your specific needs.
Ninja Air Fryer Buying Guide
So you have decided to buy a Ninja air fryer but before you make the final decision, check out the following points that may help you get the best value for your money
Frequency of Use
Know your cooking needs before selecting a model as theres no sense putting a lot of money into something that you wont use properly. Get a product based on the frequency of use as this way you will be able to get the best value for your money.
Air fryers are quite expensive and, therefore, you must check out the features before you buy. Determine your specific needs and look for the appliance that has that feature to satisfy your need.

Hydration Needs
Although the Ninja air fryers come with many features and options as compared to the average air fryers, if you still have some specific hydration needs, do check before buying. Know your needs and compare them to the selected model.
The size of the air fryer should be an important consideration because every model has a different capacity. The size of the air fryer should satisfy the size of the meals you intend to be cooking and the bigger a family, the bigger size you will need.
Storage Space
Know how much storage space you have in your kitchen to store the air fryer and there are many compact models available out there for small spaces. However, it is important to leave a little gap between the appliance and the wall so that the exhaust fan can work effectively.
Ease of Use
Air fryers come with many features such as controls and timers to make it easier for you to cook or fry food. Choose a model that is user-friendly and has all the features you are looking to make your cooking easier.
Another important consideration before buying an air fryer or any electronic appliance is the warranty. It would be great if you purchase a product that comes with at least one year warranty and all Ninja products offer a one-year limited warranty.
Q. Is the Ninja Air Fryer any good?
A. Ninja air fryers are extremely popular among homeowners as they come with many features and cooking options.
Q. What does the Ninja Air Fryer do?
A. There are tons of foods you could cook using the Ninja fryer and do frying, baking, roasting, steaming, pressure cooking, etc.
Q. What is the best air fryer on the market?
A. Though many brands are offering different air purifier models on the market, Ninja Auto iQ can be a good option as it comes with many options.
Q. Which Ninja Air Fryer is the best?
A. If you are looking for a space-saving solution, you can go for Ninja Foodi AG301 while Ninja AF 101 is the best overall air fryer.
My Top Pick
Though different air fryer models come with different features, the Ninja 1550-watt machine would be an excellent choice. Apart from offering a premium cooking experience, it gives you the user-friendliness and efficiency that you may be looking for long.
However, it is best to go with an option that best satisfies your specific needs and budget.


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