Air Purifier, Air Cleaner, Air Filter: Which is the Best?
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By Lauren Quan | 19 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Air Purifier, Air Cleaner, Air Filter: Which is the Best?

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According to statistics, air pollution kills approximately Seven million people per annum. The World Health Organization (WHO) provides that 9 out of 10 people breathe-in air below the limits recommended by WHO on polluted air. The low- and middle income struggle mostly with heavily polluted air. However, in most urban centers across the globe, air pollution has become an incurable disease that continues to cause havoc to people. Air pollution adds to the disease’s burden globally. Effect of air pollution are: stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, severe respiratory infections, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  The combination of both the indoor pollutants and outdoor pollutants, cause millions of premature deaths every year.

The outdoor air pollution contributes to approximately 3.4 million deaths every year. Outdoor air pollution is the largest contributor of deaths. Indoor pollution causes major health issues such as respiratory issues, especially on poorer households. While you do not have much control over the air pollution on the outside, you can prevent or control air pollution inside your house. There are various methods you can use to combat pollution in your house. Among them is the use of appliances such as the Air purifier, air cleaner, and air filter. What are they:

1. Air Filter
As the name suggests, an air filter is an equipment that filters the air and prevents harmful compounds and pollutants from getting into the lungs. The air filter traps compounds such as pollen, dust, bacteria, fibers, pet hairs among others.
Air filters come in different forms, it can be either physical filter or a chemical filter. Both come with either a fibrous pleated paper, absorbents, cotton, ionizers, catalysts, chemicals, activated charcoal, or foam. The filters ensure the air is clean and it is free from unpleasant odors and has attained the level of high-quality breathable air. The filters are commonly used in industrial settings, transport, public areas or other places where emissions of pollutants are high.
There are different types of filters. They include:

The High-efficiency particulate absorption commonly known as HEPA air filters are widely recognized by health organizations across different countries. HEPA filters absorbs and cleans up to 99.98% of pollutants and particles up to 0.3 microns in size.  These type of filters are essential especially to people with asthmatic condition.
Activated charcoal air filter –These are used to filter fumes, smoke, unpleasant smells, and other gaseous compounds from the air.
Ionizer air filter- These types of filters have ions that attract particles, dust and other pollutants through magnetizing and neutralizing them. However, if you are asthmatic, you should use HEPA as these ones are not super-effective.
Ozone generator air filter-These types of filters produce ozone gases that kill bacteria and germs lurking in the air. Ozone generator filters are not recommended for home use, but rather where there is air conditioner or a heating system.
Germicidal ultra violet (UV) air filter use a special UV lamp that to kill germs, bacteria, and other disease causing pollutants.
2.Air Cleaners
The air cleaners come in different types and shapes. There are tabletop sized air cleaners and sophisticated larger models. Generally, the air cleaner are used to remove particles such as dust, pollen, and other larger particles from the air. However, the air cleaners are not meant for neutralizing gaseous pollutants.

To know the effectiveness of the air cleaner, you have to establish how efficiently it traps indoor pollutants as well as the amount of air it draws and filters using the cleaning element.

Another factor that will guide you in establishing the effectiveness of an air cleaner is the level and the strength of the source of pollutant. If you are using a table-top sized air cleaner, it will not effectively clean the air incoming from a heavy source of pollutant.

To maximize on the effectiveness of an air cleaner, you should work to eliminate or reduce the source of pollutants. Additionally, you should well maintain the air cleaner as per the manufacturer’s directions to ensure it is working optimally.
3.Air Purifiers
The purifiers are the best air cleaners for indoors. Usually, air cleaners are portable and are capable or removing all types of pollutants in the air within your house. Air purifiers have a filters and fan to suck in the circulating air.

As the air moves into the purifier, the particles and other pollutants are trapped by the filter as the purified air is released back into the space. The air purifiers are portable and are specially designed for residential environments.
Compared to the air cleaners and air filters, the air purifiers are much more efficient in cleaning up the air indoors. Generally, an air purifier cleans up the stale air and reduces the instances of indoor pollutants.

To ensure you are getting a high-performance air purifier, you should consider factors such as the type of filters: Ensure it is high-quality HEPA filters, the CADR (clean-air delivery rate), and the size guidelines.

If you are looking for a highly effective and smart air purifier to keep the air in your house, the Proscenic A8 Purifier performs excellently.

Proscenic A8 Air Purifier
The Proscenic A8 is one of the most effective air purifier for cleaning indoors air. It is a highly effective purifier capable of purifying a 430 ft² sized room. In addition, it can circulate the air in the rooms at least 3 times in an hour.

The Proscenic A8 Air Purifier has a 4-stage filtration system which are the pre-filter, Nano filter, Activated charcoal filters, and the H13 True HEPA filter. The filters are trap up to 99.97% of pollutants, dust, pollen, smoke, dander, and odors with sizes of up to 0.3 microns.

Controlling the Proscenic A8 Air Purifiers is easy, thanks to the smart controls. You can monitor and control this air purifier from anywhere using the mobile application, the ProscenicHome App. In addition, the proscenic A8 supports voice commands controls with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Using the skill name Proscenichome, you can turn it on or off over the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

Additionally, the proscenic A8 air purifier comes with an inbuilt sensor design that enables it to detect the quality of air. It displays different colors based on the quality of the air. The green light display indicates that the air is clean and safe. The yellow lights indicate that the quality of air isn’t too good but within the safe limits. The red lights indicate that the quality of air is bad and heavily polluted.

The proscenic A8 purifier comes with a real time automatic mode for monitoring and adjusting the wind speed based on the quality of air. If the quality of air is good, the purifier runs quietly. However, when the quality of air is bad, the purifier operates using its second gear which has stronger air purification capabilities.

The proscenic A8 Purifier is 100% free ozone product. It means, compared to other air cleaners that produce the ozone, this purifier produces none. It is therefore, safe to use around children and people who suffer asthma.
Specs of Proscenic A8 Air Purifier
  • Filter type: 4-stage pre-filter system
  • Product Dimensions: 9.45 x 16.54 x 16.45 inches
  • Noise Level: 24db-55db
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Controls: Touchscreen display, App control, and voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Apps: ProscenicHome
  • Skill name: Proscenichome
The truth is that the air we breathe is heavily polluted, especially if you live within urban centers. While you might think the air on the inside is any safer, you need to think again. There are both indoor and outdoor pollutants which have adverse effects to your health. Therefore, to stay healthy, you need to take measures that help to minimize pollution. For instance, natural remedies for cleaning up the air include keeping indoor plants, using activated charcoal, using chemical-free detergents, and so on. However, to clean up the air in your house quickly and effectively you should have air purifier.


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