HEPA Air Purifier, You Must Have a Try
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By Lauren Quan | 19 November 2020 | 0 Comments

The Benefits and Operation of a HEPA Air Purifier

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Want an ozone free highly efficient air purifier? Ozone generation by different types of air purifiers has become a serious issue over the past few years. Ultraviolet light technology and Ionic air purifiers although tackle the issue of air contamination for a short term but create another issue in the form of ozone generation.

Ozone is an inorganic molecule composed of three oxygen atoms and acts as secondary air pollutant in the lower atmosphere. Fortunately HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) air purifiers are a suitable alternative to these ozone producing air purifiers and has the efficiency of 99.97%.

Importance of an Air Purifier

Increased air pollution associated with industrial emissions and household production of pollutants has led to serious health risks including respiratory issues, skin allergies and death in the worst scenario. This has raised serious concern among the masses and forced the government and industrialists to develop strategies to control emissions at the production site.

Though effective, the strategies are not 100% efficient and require additional measures to be taken in order to create a fresh environment at your home or office. Air purifiers have been specifically designed to capture the polluted air, filtrate the harmful pollutants and other particles and distribute the clean air in the atmosphere.

The appliance involve the use of highly specialized membranes and filtration material to capture the pollutants of varying sizes to purify the contaminated air. Air purifiers also consist of air quality sensors that automatically detect the surrounding air quality and operate accordingly.

 Particle sensing technology in some air purifiers detect particles of variety of sizes and eliminates them from the air. HEPA air purifiers are a class of such air purifiers that utilize HEPA seal and filters to trap harmful pollutants and allergens in it. Therefore providing outstanding air purification without impacting the overall performance of the gadget.

High Efficiency Particulate Absorption Air Purifiers

High Efficiency Particulate Absorption or HEPA Air Purifier are a category of extremely effective air purifiers that incorporate HEPA filters in the filtration system. These air purifiers have an efficiency of 99.97% and are exceptional against different types of allergens.

Brief History of HEPA filters and Efficiency

HEPA filters were first discovered during 1940 while working on the nuclear bomb and were synthesized using synthetic materials or glass. Originally these filters were fibers of these materials bonded with each other in a way that prevents the particles of certain size to pass through them.

  Until European organization ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and United States developed certain standards for the filters to be considered as a true HEPA filter.  According to European standards filter with 99.95% efficiency and based on US standards a filter with 99.97% efficiency is considered a true HEPA filter.

 The filters with efficiency above and below this are not considered as HEPA filters and are classified into other type of particulate filters depending on their pollutant capturing abilities. HEPA filter is not only efficient against pollutant but other microscopic organisms as well. HEPA filter can capture particles ranging up to 0.3 microns in size

Working of HEPA Filters

Three different ways have been identified by researches through which HEPA filters capture particles depending on their size. This means the method use to capture large size particle is not effective against small particles and thus, these particles require other techniques to capture them. Three major techniques of HEPA filter include straining, interception and diffusion

1. Straining

This method is effective against large size molecules i.e. particles larger than 1 microns in size. When contaminated air passes through the HEPA filters large molecules are unable to pass and stick to the filter fibers. The process is similar to straining tea leaves from the green tea and is termed as straining.

2. Interception

After the removal of larger molecules, the second process is interception. This process is effective against pollutants ranging from 0.3 microns to 1 micron in size. Small size particles that do not move with a very fast speed can easily get stuck in the HEPA seal and therefore are separated from the air in this process.

3. Diffusion

This technique is effective against very small particles, which are less than 0.3 microns in size. These particles move in zig-zag pattern and are difficult to remove from ordinary filters. HEPA filters consists of intricate fibers that easily capture these particles and stop them from entering the human body via air.

Easy Maintenance and Replacement

The compartment containing the HEPA filter in a HEPA air purifier can be easily separated from the rest of the apparatus for cleaning and replacement. The filters are also easy to clean and maintain. It is mostly recommended to separate the filter and clean it by washing with cold water.

It is advised to avoid the use of detergent or washing machine to wash the filter to prevent any damage. After washing the filter, it is instructed to dry the filter at normal room temperature for 24 hours before inserting back in the appliance.
Most HEPA filters have a life span of 6 months to 1 year and it is advised to replace filter after every 12 months. Proper maintenance and care can extend the life of the HEPA filter up to 2 years as well and also enhances the performance of gadget.

Noise Reduction

HEPA filters are characterized with low levels of noise production. Most HEPA air purifier have a noise level between 25 db. to 55 db. HEPA air purifiers are suitable to be used around infants especially at night time. The silent operation of these devices do not disturb consumer’s daily routine and prevent noise pollution as well.

Coverage Area

HEPA air purifiers are outstanding for both small rooms and large houses. These appliances have large coverage area and are available in two types. Single room use appliances and whole house use appliances. Former are small in size and are suitable for a small room where they perform exceptionally well in capturing pollutants and viral particles. The latter is suitable for a large house and usually require professional support to be installed.

Benefits of a HEPA Air Purifier

HEPA air purifiers are exceptionally effective appliances against air borne particles. The gadget has the ability to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with great precision. The efficiency of the whole system is 99.97%. If used in combination with activated carbon filters, HEPA air purifiers can possess the ability to remove odor producing compounds along with formaldehyde. Thus, enhancing the efficiency of the system.

Along with this, HEPA air purifiers are also certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of United States as a safe device for asthma patients.  Due to its highly efficient pollutant capturing abilities, the gadget is also able to capture pollens and minute living organisms that are not visible to naked eye. Therefore, providing an extra layer of protection to the consumers.

Large coverage area and low noise level are also prominent attributes of HEPA air purifiers and are appreciated by majority of users. The noise level of the appliance are under 55 decibel and are associated with less noise production.

 Last but not the least, HEPA purifiers are not associated with ozone production. These devices do not use ozone for capturing air contaminants, neither do they produce ozone as a byproduct. Hence, do not contribute to tropospheric ozone pollution like their other industrial rivals.

Proscenic A8 Air Purifier; An Ideal Air Purifying Gadget

Proscenic A8 air purifier is a remarkable air purifying device interms of performance and cost analysis. The appliance is integrated with four stage advance filtration system, which provides unrivaled filtration abilities to the gadget. The prefilter integrated in the system works extremely well in removing large molecules from the polluted air. The Nano filtration membranes are effective for removing ions while HEPA filters embedded in the product have tge ability remove minute airborne particles along with various allergens and microorganisms. The last filter is made up of activated carbon that enhances the performance of the Proscenic air purifier and eliminates unwated odours from the surroundings. Thus, providing fresh and clean air to consumers. Additional features include scheduled purification, app and voice control features, extremely silent working environment. The product is available at the price range of $119.99 and is highly recommended.


HEPA air purifiers are embedded with HEPA filters that possess the efficiency of 99.97% according to United States Standards and have the potential to capture particles ranging up to 0.3 microns in size. Additionally, the appliance is noise efficient and features large coverage area. The HEPA air purifiers unlike their counterparts do not produce ozone and are environmental friendly cost efficient devices.


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