A comparison between Coway ap-1512hh and Proscenic A8 air purifier
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By Lauren Quan | 19 November 2020 | 0 Comments

A comparison between Coway ap-1512hh and Proscenic A8 air purifier

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Brief Introduction to Coway and Proscenic Air Purifier
Hunting for the best air purifier for your house? Want to know whether Coway air purifier takes the crown of best air purifier or Proscenic A8? Coway AP 1512HH mighty air purifier is manufactured under the supervision of Coway corporation and is highly efficient appliance with four stage advance filtration mechanism. The appliance also features particle sensing technology that detects particles of varying sizes and filter them.

 On the other side, Proscenic A8 air purifier is manufactured by Proscenic enterprise is not only performance but also cost efficient. The appliance displays a four stage advance filtration system with large coverage area. Comparison among both gadgets with respect to their Design, Performance, coverage area and filtration system is discussed below.

Comparison between Coway and Proscenic Air Purifier

Coway AP 1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

1. Design and Appearance

Coway AP 1512HH mighty air purifier displays a modern style and is assembled with high quality durable material. The device possesses weight of 12.34 pounds and is portable in nature. Slim design and sturdy construction allow it be placed in a small place without much difficulty.

 In addition to this, the Coway air purifier consists of multiple operational modes including environmental friendly mode alongside various air quality sensors and indicators. Available in both shades of black and white the appliance also integrates scheduled cleaning and ultra-silent operation.

2. Coverage Area

Coverage area of Coway AP1512HH mighty air purifier is around 361 square feet which is an average area of a medium sized room. The product is suitable for medium and large sized rooms and can be placed inside a drawing rooms, bedrooms, halls and living areas.

3. Filtration Mechanism

The advance filtration system of Coway AP1512HH mighty air purifier is extremely effective in capturing air pollutants and microorganisms from the contaminated air. The product is incorporated with four different types of filters that collectively amplify its performance. The filters embedded in the system include a pre filter, an odor filter, and a HEPA filter followed by a vital ionizer.
        3.1 Pre Filter
Pre filter inside a Coway air purifier is constructed using fine mesh wires. These filters have the ability to capture large strands of animal fur, large microorganisms and large debris pieces. The air after passing through pre filter is moved towards odor filter.

3.2. Odor Filter

Odor filter is specifically designed to capture odors released from various sources. Apart from odors the filter is also good at capturing formaldehyde and contaminant gases that are not captured by pre filter. Odor filter is embedded with activated carbon which is an extremely good adsorbent and can easily capture impurities and wide variety of odor causing substances.

3.3. HEPA Filter

High Efficiency Particulate Absorption Filter also known as HEPA filter is the highly efficient filtration material in the whole system. The HEPA filter has the efficiency of 99.97% regarding particles ranging approximately 0.3 microns in size. HEPA filter is effective in capturing allergens and other minute particles that might not be visible to the naked eye.

3.4. Vital Ionizer

Vital Ionizer is the last layer of filtration material and is used to eliminate electrically charged particles from the surrounding air. The last filtration layer enhances the purification of the device leading to outstanding performance.

4. Performance

Coway AP 1512HH mighty air purifier is performance oriented device that has scheduled cleaning operation as well.  The timer can be adjusted depending on the consumer’s preferences and the rest can be completed by the appliance. The air purifier is also integrated with an air quality indicator that detects pollutants in the air and adjusts the functioning of gadget accordingly.

 The particle sensing technology senses particles of diverse sizes and filtrates them. Filter replacement indicator is also a prominent attribute of the Coway AP1512HH mighty air purifier and notifies the consumers when filter needs to be replaced.

5. Price

Coway AP 1512HH mighty air purifier is available with the price tag ranging from $170 to $190.

Proscenic A8 Air Purifier

1. Design and Size

Proscenic A8 air purifier is a remarkable air purifying gadget that not only possesses lightweight but is also durable and compact in nature. Weighing only 9.63 pounds the product has dimensions as followed; 9.45 * 16.54 * 16.45. Mounted with LED screen and three different operational modes, the appliance is exceptional when it comes to filtration abilities.
Automatic detection of relative air quality and app control features are additional advantages of the air purifier. The functioning of the device can be easily adjusted by clicking on the LCD screen via Proscenic Home App.

2. Coverage Area

The average coverage area of A8 purifier manufactured by Proscenic enterprise is up to 430 square feet. The product also has the ability to purify and circulate the air after every twenty minutes. Therefore, cleaning the whole room thrice an hour. Proscenic air purifier is an outstanding tool for large and medium size rooms.

3. Filtration Mechanism

Filtration mechanism of Proscenic A8 air purifier is based on four different steps. Each step is encompassing highly efficient filter layer that captures pollutants of varying sizes and distribute clean air in the atmosphere. The filters integrated in the product include a pre filter followed by a Nano filter, HEPA filter and Activated carbon filter. The combined effect of these filters enhance the performance of the air purifier along with its abilities.

3.1. Pre Filter

The Pre filter is the first and foremost layer incorporated in the product. Pre filter is specially designed to capture large pollutant particles, larger strands of animal hair and large size microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

3.2. Nano Filter

Nano filter is the second layer of filtration and consists of a membrane filter made up of specialized material to enhance the pollutant capturing abilities of appliance. Nano filters are effective against ions of different molecules along with small size pollutants.

3.3. H 13 True HEPA filter

Air leaving the Nano filter then passes through the HEPA filter that has the efficiency of 99.97%. HEPA filters are also capable of capturing pollutants ranging about 0.3 microns in size. HEPA filter is highly efficient against pollens, bacteria, viruses and other micro pollutants.

3.4. Activated Carbon Filter

Last but not the Least, activated carbon filter is made up of activated charcoal, which is a highly porous material. Activated charcoal is a great adsorbent and is used in many purification applications. Activated carbon placed inside the product is effective in removing formaldehyde and various other odors released from different sources.

4. Performance

Proscenic A8 purifier does not only have advance filtration system but also other unrivaled attributes as well. The appliance also consist of air quality detectors that automatically detect the surrounding air quality and notify the consumers through indicator lights.

Automatic mode of operation is also a prominent feature of the appliance and does not require any external force to operate the system. Proscenic air purifier does not integrate ion technology or ultraviolet technology in the system to purify the polluted air.

As a result, consumers do not have to bother over the ozone production as the appliance is ozone free and completely safe to use. Noise level of the gadget also range from 24 decibel to 55 decibel. The device is suitable to be used around infants especially during the night time.

5. Price

Proscenic A8 air purifier is sold at the price of $129 across the market and can be bought using discounts at the original retail stores of Proscenic.  The product falls in the category of medium price range air purifiers.
Features Coway AP 1512HH Proscenic A8
Weight 12.35 pounds 9.63 pounds
Noise Level 24.4 db. To 53.8 db. 24 db. To 55 db.
Coverage Area 361 sq. ft. 430 sq. ft.
Filtration System 4 stage filtration
Pre filter
Odor filter
HEPA filter
Vital Ionizer
4 stage filtration
Pre filter
Nano filter
HEPA filter
Activated Carbon Filter
Price $170 to $190 $129

Both Coway AP 1512 HH air purifier and Proscenic A8 air purifier are tough competitors and rival each other in every aspect. Noise level, Performance efficiency and advance filtration system of both air purifiers are exceptional and above consumers exceptions. The only difference is the large coverage area of Proscenic air purifier along with its cost effective nature. Therefore, if you are looking for a performance and cost effective gadget Proscenic A8 purifier is my ultimate recommendation.


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