A depth review of Honeywell HPA300 air purifier
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By Lauren Quan | 19 November 2020 | 0 Comments

A depth review of Honeywell HPA300 air purifier

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If you are asthmatic, or you react easily to toxins in the air, then you should try getting an Air Purifier.An Air purifier is a device that helps sieve and traps toxins and dirt in the Atmosphere. It helps filter the air in our environment and makes it easy for us to always breathe in the clean, and fresh air.There are so many Air Purifiers in the market today. A lot of companies now produce air purifiers and a very good and trusted brand of Air purifier is the Honeywell HPA300.

Honeywell HPA300

This brand is owned by the Honeywell Company and out of all their brands, this is the highest-rated and most sought after air purifier made by the company.

Do you want to know why the Honeywell HPA300 is the one you should go for when buying an air purifier? Here is its Review:

It General Performance

The General Performance of the product is very good as it rates more than 99%. It is very efficient for clearing off toxins in the hair and it clears of allergens from pets and is also very good for trapping smokes from cigars, tobaccos, and even kitchen smokes.

Its Designs

Talking about the colours it comes in, the product is available in just two colours: The white and Black.
The design is just like that of other Air Purifiers and its body built is very strong that it is not likely to break or crack soon- It is very durable. It can let out strong purifying air at short intervals and so it is great in air purification.

Like some other Air purifiers, its buttons are on the top of it and it has two separate LED indicators which signal for the Pre-filtering phase and the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering phase.
It additionally has an outlet grill for air and this makes it a quality air purifier.

The product has a height of 22 inches, has a width of 21 inches, a weight of 24 lbs, and has a handle at each side. The product is not of small size and so this makes it easy for it to work excellently in large spaces.

Its Filters

Looking at the phases of air filtration that the product has, it has two phases of filtering. That is the pre-filter phase and the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering phase. In the pre-filter phase, the device works excellently by trapping out physical toxins and pollutants in the air. In this phase, it absorbs macro constituents in the air like wool, cotton, and so on. It also helps remove very toxic odours to a large extent before the second phase. The pre-filtering component of the product however needs to be replaced every three months.
The second phase it uses in filtering is the True High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering phase, and here, the device filters the air by trapping micro and very small particles in the air. It clears up particles like pollens, smokes, and even some micro-organisms like certain bacteria, viruses, and others. This component of the device usually lasts up to a year and so you do not have to be bothered about replacing the HEPA filter early.

The product also has three modes of its fan, there is the Allergen mode, the General clean mode, and the Germs mode. The Allergen mode is for clearing off allergens in the air, the General clean mode is the basic settings for all-day use, and the Germs mode is for clearing off germs in the air.
Benefits of the product
Honeywell HP300 is a very good product and it has a lot of advantages that would make people want to buy them in the market. Here are a few benefits that come with the product:
  1. It is very easy to operate
The device does not need any technicality as it is really easy to access and operate. Its touch controls are not complex to use at all.
  1. It does not make noise
Another very nice advantage of the product is that it is quiet to use. You do not have to bother yourself about dealing with noise pollution while using the product.
  1. It traps more than 99% of toxins from the atmosphere
It does an almost perfect job in trapping allergens and toxins in the atmosphere so you can be certain of enjoying a very cool and serene atmospheric condition while using the product.
  1. It promotes sound health
If you are someone that gets allergies easily or you are asthmatic or have someone asthmatic around you, this device is for you. It clears of toxins and allergies in the air such that you get to easily breathe in the air around you without having to bother about being affected medically.
  1. It works with two filtering phases
The two filtering phases that it adopts, which are the pre-filter phase and the true HEPA filter phase, makes it efficient in clearing dirt and polluted components in the air. It makes it do a cool job.
  1. Five (5)  years Warranty
The product is covered in a warranty for five years so you can be very sure of its good quality. It is a trusted brand and you get the chance to enjoy a five-year warranty over it.
  1. It can cover large spaces efficiently
Another good advantage of the product is that it is not small spaced restricted. It covers the spaces around you efficiently no matter how large it is. If you have a huge space and you are on the lookout for an air purifier that will do a very encompassing job, then this product is for you!
  1. It is of good quality
The Honeywell Company is a producer of lots of Air Purifiers and their particular brand is their best so far. When using the product, you get to the chance to very good quality and standard operation.
Few downsides of the product
  1. It does not have certain features present in some other air purifiers
One of the few disadvantages of the product is that even though it appears big and sophisticated, there are certain components that other brands have and it does not.
  1. It is not very portable
If you are looking for a very tiny air purifier for a room that is small, then this product might not be for you. The product is not that small and so it takes some spaces in your space.
  1. It is a relatively power consuming product
Honeywell HP300 uses a power rate of 40-130 watts and so it uses relatively high power energy. You might not like the product if you do not have a good capacity for taking care of high power bills.
  1. It comes with a high price
Another thing about the product is that the prices are not that cheap and so it might be easily afforded by some people.
  1. It is not easily moveable
Because the product is big and heavy, Honeywell HP300 is not so easy to move from one place to the other and so you might face a bit of difficulty changing its positions within your space.
  1. Replaceable Filters
The filters that come with the product need replacements at some point in time so this might be some bit of financial burden and difficulty on you.

Looking through the features of Honeywell HP300, it would be seen that the product is a very nice one, produced by the Honeywell Company and that it has so many sophisticated and quality features that allow it deliver an efficient service to its users. The product has gotten so many positive reviews from different people and it is one of the best-selling Air Purifiers out there.

Checking through its Pros and Cons, it can be seen that its Pros outweighs its cons with so many advantageous features that leave its users with really cool experience and enjoyment. Its Cons are relative and even though some people might find it difficult to afford its price and cope with its size, these are the exact features some other people are on the lookout for.

If you are therefore someone that gives good precedence to good health and values being ina cool and clean atmosphere, then the product is for you!


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