5 Types of Humidifiers, how to choose a suitable one?
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By Lauren Quan | 16 November 2020 | 0 Comments

 5 Types of Humidifiers, how to choose a suitable one?

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A humidifier adds humidity in the air around your house to mitigate the effects of dry air. During winter or hot summers, the air has low humidity which causes your body to struggle. As a result of dry air, you may start experiencing, common colds, irritated and congested sinuses, dry throat, dry chapped lips, excessively dry and tight skin, and irritated vocal chords.
If you live in climates where the humidity is low, a humidifier is a must have appliance to help you stay healthy and comfortable indoors. The following are the reasons why a humidifier is an important appliance for your home.
Reasons Why You Should Have a Humidifier
1.It Prevents Dry Skin and Dry Chapped Lips
If you struggle with dry irritated skin or dry chapped lips during winter or hot summers, it due to lack of humid in the air. Dry air causes your skin to itch, get tight, and flaky. A humidifier supplies moisture to the otherwise dry air thus preventing dry skin and lips. If you leave the dry air situation unattended, you skin and lips will dry up more causing crack which are painful and uncomfortable.
2.It Prevents and Relieves Symptoms of Common Colds and Flu
Cold air is one of the reason a wide majority of people suffer flu and common colds. A humidifier can help to add moisture in the air which helps in preventing and relieving the symptoms of flu and colds. A well humidified air can help in preventing you from falling sick and speed up the recovery time when you fall sick.
3. It Soothes Throat
Another effect of cold dry air, especially during the winter is an irritated throat. Your throat and vocal cords become dry and scratchy which makes you feel uncomfortable. If the condition continues for a longer time, your throat will get irritated, you might lose your voice, or it might become hoarse. A humidifier adds required amount of humid in the air to keep you healthy.
4.  It Helps to Soothe the Sinuses
Dry air cause your sinuses passage to dry out thus the uncomfortable feeling. If the dry sinuses get severe, it can lead to nose bleeding, sinuses pressure, and headaches. Most people tend to think that stuffy nose and irritated sinuses is as a result of too muc humidity in the air. However, the truth is that dry hair is the cause. If you want to prevent sinuses, get a high-quality humidifier.
5. Your Indoor Plants Will Be Happy
When you have a humidifier in your house, you are not the only one benefiting from it. Your house plants will also thank you. A lot of indoor plants thrive well in humid environments. Lack of enough moisture causes the plants to shed off the leaves prematurely or drying of the tips of the leaves. Having a humidifier will keep your indoor plants thriving, thus giving you are beautiful view.
6. It Helps to Warm or Cool Your Home
The warm and the cool mist humidifiers can help in keeping your house either warm or cool. When it is cold, you can use the warm mist humidifier to generate warm mist that will keep your home warm. similarly, when it is hot, you can use the cool mist humidifier to bring the temperatures down. As you keep warm, you will also enjoy breathing in well humidified air.

7. It Helps Reduce Snoring
Dry air contributes to snoring. When the air is dry, it causes the throat to swell up and nose congestion which results into severe snoring symptoms. When this happens, you develop difficulties breathing through the nose, which causes you to start breathing through the mouth. Breathing through the mouth results into snoring. Breathing well humidified air can help to keep your nose free from congestion thus reducing snoring.
8. It Helps Protect Your Furniture and Floors
Dry air causes your furniture and wooden floors to dry up which causes them to crack. Enough humidity in the air keeps the wooden elements of your house well humidified thus preventing damage.
9.It Keeps Your Hair Moisturized and Healthy
Dry hair is unhealthy and prone to breakage. In addition, it keeps your scalp itchy and prone to dandruffs.  If you are exposed to dry air for too long, your hair gets brittle and breaks easily. A humidifier will keep your hair well moisturized and your hair healthy.
Different Types of Humidifiers
1.Central Humidifiers
The central humidifiers are considered the best due to their ability to distribute mist all over the house. Unlike the portable humidifiers that supply mist one room at a time. Central humidifiers are the most expensive of all humidifiers due to their ability to distribute the mist effectively throughout the house. These humidifiers are built directly into your homes air conditioning or heating system.
Central humidifier is highly effective and conservative permanent installation; therefore, the one-time installation will save you finances.
  • Adds humidity to the whole house
  • Fixed installation
  • Do not have a water reservoir which minimizes the instances of mold buildup
  • Low maintenance cost in the long run
  • Safe for children and pets
  • No refilling of the tank
  • Installation is expensive

The evaporative humidifiers blow the mist through the wet wick of the humidifier. The unit is powered by the fans which release the mist into the air through the single-unit system.
Compared to other humidifiers, the evaporators are quite affordable. Although effective at releasing mist, it is not recommended for people with allergy and asthma medical issues.
  • It is cost effective
  • It is low maintenance
  • Not suitable for people with health issues such as asthma and allergies
  • It is noisy
3.Impeller Humidifiers
The impeller humidifiers are also referred to as cool mist humidifiers and are among the popular in the market. These type of humidifiers work through rotating disks that move at a high speed. They are among the least expensive humidifiers. They produce cool mist, thus no risk of burn accidents, which is why it is friendly to children and pets. You should be careful not to use the impeller excessively as it may not be friendly to people who suffer allergies and asthma.
  • Compared to other humidifiers, impellers let out the cleanest mist
  • It lets out mineral free mist
  • Capable of humidifying larger rooms
  • Low power consumption
  • Surfaces does not heat, thus no risk for burning
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Easy and fast to clean
  • You can add inhalants and essential oil
  • A bit noisy
  • Replaceable filters which adds to long term costs
  • Prone to growing mold

4.Steam Vaporizers
Steam humidifiers are also known as vaporizers as they boil water to produce mist. They are powered by electricity to boil water and cool it before letting the vapor into the air.
  • Affordable
  • Efficient are relieving colds, cough, and flu
  • Not energy efficient
  • Not safe for use around children and pets
  • They overheat
5.Ultrasonic Humidifiers
The ultrasonic humidifiers are among the markets best. They utilize a diaphragm which vibrates at a high frequency to produce ultrasonic vibrations which form water droplets which are added into the air. The ultrasonic humidifiers come in both warm and cool models.
  • It is highly energy efficient
  • Low operating noise
  • Does not heat up surfaces thus eliminating the risks for burn accidents
  • Easy to clean
  • They are low maintenance
  • It is friendly for people who struggle with asthma and allergy
  • Prone to bacterial contamination
  • It accumulates mineral dust
  • A bit expensive
A humidifier is an essential home appliance if you want to beat the effects of dry air. During winter and hot weathers, the air gets dry which keeps you feeling uncomfortable. When choosing a humidifier, you need to consider factors such as your budget, the size of your room, maintenance cost, the level of mist output, the size if the humidifier, and color.


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