10 Best Room Air Purifiers (Large & Small Air Filter for Better Sleep
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By Joey | 12 November 2020 | 0 Comments

10 Best Room Air Purifiers (Large & Small Air Filter for Better Sleep

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           10 Best Room Air Purifiers (Large & Small Air Filter for Better Sleep
Sleep is good and nourishes one's body after a tiresome working day. Also, sleeps helps in stress reduction and better growth. But for you to sleep well, you don't require disturbance such as noise at night. Additionally, you require a clean breathing air free from contaminants. Therefore, to attain these sleep requirements, you need to have an air purifier made for bedrooms.
There are many air purifiers in the market, and all retailers are after selling the appliances. But it would be best if you did not fall for that as you need to purchase a worthwhile product. The device should be one that will clean the atmosphere of your bedroom, and that makes less noise that won't disturb you as you sleep.
On that case, we review the ten best room air purifiers.

Do Air Purifiers Work?
We have received many messages from different customers asking us if air purifiers perform as said by manufacturers. What we concluded is that most of them are potential customers and have not used an air purifier before.
Therefore, in this section, we are going to cover this question.
According to our expert, team air purifiers perform their role as told by manufacturers. This is after our appliance expert tested different air purifier models. This appliance has filters (some have up to four filters) and fans. The fans suck in air, and the filters remove contaminants such as pet dander, smoke, viruses, pollen, dust mites, etc., and recirculate the clean air.
However, the filters are not efficient for an extended period. It would be best if you replaced them after some months of use. This will depend on the type of air purifier you purchase.
Here are the air purifiers suitable for your bedroom.
Best Room Air Purifiers Reviewed in This Guide
Honeywell Air Purifier
The tower designed Honeywell air purifier is the first in our list as it is made for your bedroom. The HFD360 air purifier is powerful and cleans the air of your room, leaving it fresh for a nice sleep. The cost of maintaining this purifier is low as it has a washable particle filter.
You can choose to operate this air purifier manually(remote control) or using your smartphone(iOS and Android). Additionally, it is compatible with Bluetooth version 4.0. This Honeywell air purifier has allergen alert settings and auto set. These two features enable the cleaner to work appropriately. Furthermore, it has a volatile organic compound sensor; thus, no VOC will hover around your home as they will be captured.
The HFD360 is Energy Star certified, and AHAM verified. Its CADR rating for dust is 166. This air purifier is best for rooms with a size of 260 Sq. Ft.

Dyson Air Purifier
The next air purifier for bedrooms is the Dyson DP04 air purifier. It has a night-time mode which enables it to monitor and purify the air quality in your room. Additionally, this mode allows for the appliance to run silently with a darkened display.
You can control this air purifier using voice control assistants (Amazon Alexa) or through remote control. Replacing the filters is less costly thus a low maintenance cost. It has sensors which detect air pollutants in real-time therefore clean air quality before it gets out of hand.
This cleaner has a fan mode which cools the air in your room when temperatures are high mostly during summer. Receive purification reports, state of the cleaner, and monitor its operation using the Dyson Link app that you can download on your smartphone.

Molekule Air Purifier
The size of many bedrooms is small, comparing it to a living room. On that note, the Molekule air mini will be the best for your bedroom. It will capture viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens using PECO technology.
It has five fan speeds that give you the autonomy to choose which fan speed purifies the air faster and efficiently. Suppose your room is 250 Sq. Ft or less then this appliance will work correctly and no need to add another to clean your air. It's compatible with Wi-Fi thus controlling it is easy as you will use the Molekule app that you can download on your iOS or Android phone. Apart from the app control, you can also change settings through its touch display.

GermGuardian Air Purifier
Eliminating odors, dust, pollen, and pet dander are what you are after. And using GermGuardian AC4200W is the best and performs excellently. This appliance runs silently assuring you no noise disturbance while sleeping. When you select the sleep mode, the device will operate in ultra-quiet speed, and the display lights will be off. Thus, no distractions while enjoying your sleep.
It has four fan speed settings and a timer. The timer is excellent as it enables you to set the number of hours the air purifier should purify the air in your bedroom. It has a tower design making it suitable for placement in any part of your room. Finally, it’s best for 105 Sq. Ft room.

Holmes Air Purifier
This air purifier has a tower shape and its small in size, making it a great air cleaning companion in your bedroom. The HAP9422-NUA-1 has Aer1 filter, which is made to get rid of air pollutants effectively. Additionally, it has a HEPA filter that traps 99% of airborne particles.
Choose among the three-speed settings to ensure your bedroom is free from air contaminants as your sleep. Don't worry if you aren't aware of when to replace the filter, and this Holmes air purifier has a filter change reminder setting to help you with that.
It has a three-year limited warranty that will cover you if it unexpectedly develops any mechanical issue.

Winix Air Purifier
If you love pets, then they are chances of you sleeping with it in your bedroom. Even though pets are the best friends to human beings, they will contaminate the air you breathe and might cause a respiratory illness. The Winix HR900 is an air purifier meant for pet dander in your bedroom.
For it, to efficient, it uses plasma wave technology that captures and gets rid of odors and other air pollutants fast. AHAM has verified this air purifier and found its suitable for a 300 Sq. Ft bedroom.
During operation, it is quiet and is energy-efficient. Additionally, it has triple smart sensors and auto mode functionality that detect air quality instantaneously. This Winix air purifier has an air quality indicator.

Coway Air Purifier
Your bedroom requires to have clean, breathable air and other air purifier you can use is the Coway AP-1018F. The design is slim and has a powerful filtration system. The AP-1018F uses Green HEPA technology which captures 99.99% of air particles even the smallest dirt particle(0.02 nanometers). Additionally, this cleaner gets rid of unpleasant odor and dangerous gases in your room.
Korea Institute of Machinery and Material tested the filtration system of this cleaner. It has a smart mode which automatically adjusts the fan speed as per your bedrooms air quality. You can see the air quality status through the air quality indicator. The control panel gives you autonomy to quickly turn on or off and change settings.

Levoit Air Purifier
When looking for a Levoit air purifier for the bedroom then the best is the Vista 200. This home appliance is tried and tested for your bedroom. It has a quiet operation and has a small size, thus less weight making it portable. Vista 200 has a round design making it great and attractive for your bedroom.
It has a nightlight function, so it won't cause any light disturbances as you enjoy your sleep. The brushless motor makes it an excellent energy-saving home appliance as its power consumption is as low as 0.9W. Set the sleep mode at night and let it clean your air without any interference. Therefore, this air cleaner is the best companion when it comes to air purification in your bedroom.

Costco Air Purifier 
HoMedics is among the different air purifier models that you can buy from Costco. This air cleaner has a tower design, and it has a 360 degrees True HEPA filtration. HoMedics air purifier has a five-stage filtration system which cleans 99.97% of airborne allergens.
This air purifier has an Energy Star rating thus energy efficient. It has two operating modes (auto and manual) for effective air purification. You can also set the number of hours it should run. The maximum hours you can set its timer is twelve hours.
HoMedics TotalClean Deluxe 5-in-1 air purifier has a three-year limited warranty. Therefore, if it develops any issues within the stipulated time, you will receive free maintenance or replacement.

Oreck Air Purifier
Get the versatile Oreck 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier. This appliance is the final in our today's list. It has a two-stage filtration system with HEPA filter that removes 99% of particles from the air of your bedroom. This air purifier is made with silence technology, thus assures you of quiet operation whether you are using it during the day or at night.
The tower designed air purifier has a filter indicator that will inform you when its time to replace the WK15500B filters. Additionally, it has a sleep mode for comfortable use at night. When you select sleep mode, the lights will adjust and become dim, and it will run at low speed, thus producing less noise.

Comparison Table for 10 Best Air Purifier for Bedroom
  Honeywell HFD360 Bluetooth Smart AirGenius 6 Air Purifier Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Air Purifier Molekule Air Mini Small Room Air Purifier
GermGuardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier, AC4200W
Holmes HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier, HAP9422-NUA-1 Winix HR900 Air Purifier Coway AP-1018F Air Purifier Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier Costco Air Purifier (HoMedics TotalClean Deluxe 5-in-1 Tower Air Purifier with UV-C Technology) Oreck 2-in-1 Air Purifier, WK15500B
Filtration System 2 2 2 4 3 5 4 3 5 2
Dimension 9.97” x 9.92” x 26.81” 8.77” x 13.85” x 27.2 8.26” x 12” 9.17” x 9.17” x 13.5” 6.8” x 8.2” x 26” 16.3” x 9.6” x 23.6” 14.8” x 25.2” x 7.2” 7.9” x 7.9” x 12.91” 27.1” x 11.9” x 11.8” 10” x 10.5” x 29”
Room Space 260 Sq. Ft 290 Sq. Ft 250 Sq. Ft 105 Sq. Ft 165 Sq. Ft 300 Sq. Ft 364 Sq. Ft 161 Sq. Ft 246 Sq. Ft 115 Sq. Ft
Fan Speed 2 2 2 4 3 5 4 3 3 4
Noise Level   42.3-62.5 dB 39-62 dB 35 dB 55 dB 27 dB 47.4 dB 26 dB 58.2 dB 55 dB
Weight 13.05 lbs. 10.18 lbs. 7.3 lbs. 6.55 lbs. 10.5 lbs. 18.7 lbs. 15.9 lbs. 6.78 lbs. 13.32 lbs. 15 lbs.
These are the ten best air purifiers that you should purchase for use in your bedroom. Make sure you read this guide well and finally get to choose the perfect appliance according to your preferences and budget.


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