Gourmia Air Fryer——Multi Function Digital Oven
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By pppggg | 11 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Gourmia Air Fryer——Multi Function Digital Oven

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You've decided that you want to up your cooking game to the next level. Well, you've come to the right place. Here at Costco, the gourmia air fryer is a top of the line cooking device designed to maximize your overall cooking experience. The gourmia air fryer has received an overwhelming amount of positive customer views, and for a good reason. So without further ado, let's dive into the features of specifications of this beautiful, stainless steel, 6qt air fryer.

What is a Gourmia Air Fryer?

The gourmia air fryer is the perfect kitchen tool. The gourmia air fryer is designed to cook nearly all kinds of foods using convection heating via air. This unique way of cooking ensures that foods are evenly cooked, thoroughly heated, and defrosted. In addition to standard culinary practices, the gourmia air fryer can also make delicious desserts such as pies, cakes, and even brownies.  

Gourmia Air Fryer Pros

Now that you know what the gourmia air fryer is let's talk about some of its incredible features.

A Digital Experience. For starters, the gourmia air fryer is a digital model, displaying cooking times and temperatures in an easy to read fashion. 
Easy Cooking Presets: The gourmia air fryer features 12 cooking presets. Are you not sure what temperature or time to set your meal on? Simply read the gourmia air fryer cooking manual and match the food with one of the presets. The presets are all one touch-activated, no hassle and no fuss needed.
Wide Range Of Temperatures: Don't be fooled by an air fryer's appearance, especially not this mini beast of an air fryer. The gourmia air fryer can safely and quickly reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, with the lowest temperature being 90 degrees. This variation of cooking temperatures will allow you to cook just about any dish you desire.
Set It And Forget It: The gourmia 6-qt. stainless steel digital air fryer comes equipped with a 24-hour timer. Now you can just put your food in the gourmia air fryer and tell it exactly when to start cooking your meal. This feature is ideal for those who may not have time to drum up a meal after a long day.
A Helping Hand: We've all burnt one side of our food at least once due to not knowing when to flip it over, turn it, or shake it up. This problem no longer exists due to the gourmia air fryer's incredibly convenient guidance system. This air fryer features an on-screen digital led promptly that tells you exactly when to flip your food over. This feature of the air fryer goes hand in hand with the 12 preset cooking modes. 
Oil Be Gone: Let's talk about one of the biggest pros of the gourmia air fryer, oil reduction. Typically when people hear the word "fry," there is usually some oil involved in the cooking process. However, the gourmia air fryer flips the scenario entirely by cutting users' oil usage and consumption by as much as 80 percent. Not only does the air fryer reduce oil consumption, but it simultaneously improves the quality of food. The 360 degrees Fry Force technology is designed to remain crispy on the outside while moist on the inside.
Racks on Racks: If you thought the racks on your basic oven were gorgeous, you haven't seen anything yet. The gourmia air fryer is multifunctional in both capacity and cooking abilities. The 6qt air fryer contains a rack divided into two parts, making it suitable for all shapes and food sizes. Additionally, these racks are extremely easy to wash as they are non-stick, along with the air fryer's main basket.

Gourmia Air Fryer Cons

Not all air fryers are perfect, the same way, not all stoves, ovens, and microwaves aren't perfect. In this section, we'll be discussing some of these cons and disadvantages of the gourmia air fryer.
Presets Are Good But Not Magic: Yes, the gourmia air fryer comes with 12 presets, but this doesn't mean that you can throw anything in the basket, push a button, and walk away. The presets were meant to give you an idea of how long and the average temperature you should cook your food on, rather than a fixed guide. It is best to use these presets with discretion regarding how much food you are cooking, whether or not that food has been coated with additional toppings, and other factors.
Caution Is Key: Having an air fryer is great and all, but you have to remember that it is still a cooking device capable of reaching up to 400 degrees. The gourmia air fryer doesn't have any cooking guards to stop you from being burnt if you touch the basket itself. When checking on food, always use the handle to open the basket door instead of prying it open with force to avoid excessive injury. 
Tick, Tock, Tick Tock: The gourmia air fryer is akin to a slow cooker. This comparison is because it uses conventional heat to cook the food. This means that it will take considerably longer for some foods to be cooked to completion. However, once these foods are cooked, you can expect an evenly cooked delicious meal.
Digital Manual: The gourmia air fryer comes with a digital manual. Most people prefer having something to read while preparing their meals, so this may come as a shocking con to some. However, the digital manual is comprehensive and contains a complete guide on usage, cleaning, and additional tips. You can find the guide by clicking here.
Source Reference: https://www.costco.com/gourmia-6-quart-digital-air-fryer.product.100671799.html

How Do You Use The Gourmia Air Fryer?

The gourmia air fryer is as easy as 1,2,3 to use. And I'm not just saying that because it's a catchy metaphor. The steps required to use the gourmia air fryer can literally be done in 3 steps or more, depending on how you use the device. 
Step 1: Preheat the air fryer to the desired temperature for a headstart on your cooking. This first step also dramatically lowers the total cooking time.
Step 2: Evenly distribute your food on the air fryer's basket. This step is crucial if you want evenly cooked food. The air fryer uses air force technology, so if the air cannot reach the food, it will not be cooked thoroughly.
Step 3: Flip or shake your food halfway through the cooking process. This step ensures that both sides of the food are well heated and cooked to perfection.
Step 4: Using the air fryer basket handle, open the air fryer, and remove your food using a safe tool to prevent burns. The food will be hot, so please remove it with caution.
Additional tips for using the gourmia air fryer:
Steaming Food: The air fryer can also steam food provided you add a tiny bit of water to the bottom of the basket.  Do not add more than a tablespoon of water, as adding too much water might cause the fan to push water into the convection unit.
Using pots and pans: As mentioned earlier, the gourmia air fryer is perfectly capable of making cakes, brownies, muffins, and other pastries. If you find yourself wanting to bake in the air fryer, take a metal pot or pan and insert it into the air fryer. This neat trick will allow you to pour in batters, sauces, and other cookable/bakeable porridges and soups.

Using Oil: Yes, while air fryers were meant to cook food without oil, it doesn't mean you can't use oil at all. If you do decide to use oil, however, less is more. Oil or fat in an air fryer should be used to add flavor, rather than frying purposes.
What Are The Specs Of The Best Gourmia Air Fryer?

To better understand the specifications of the gourmia air fryer, please read the details below.
The Gourmia Air Fryer Specifications
  • Capacity – 6 Quarts
  • Color – Black
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Removable Frying Baskets
  • Min Temperature 90F – Maximum Temperature of 400F.
  • Model GAF698

In Conclusion

The gourmia air fryer is an all in one powerhouse of a kitchen device. Not only can it make foods such as chicken, steak, shrimp, and vegetables, but it can also prepare sweet pastries such as cakes, brownies, and bread. The multifunctional features of this air fryer make it an S- tier cooking device. Every aspiring chef and cooking lover should have in their kitchens. What are you waiting for? The gourmia air fryer is calling your name. Can you hear the sweet whispers, "Gourmia, gourmia, gourmia…?" Be sure to read the reviews for a comprehensive understanding of why the gourmia air fryer is one of the best air fryers you can ever hope to own.



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