Honeywell Humidifier Vs. Levoit Humidifiers, which should you buy?
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By Lauren Quan | 03 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Honeywell Humidifier Vs. Levoit Humidifiers, which should you buy?

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Do you experience dry skin and throat, eye irritation, cracked lips, a bloody nose, recurrent cough, and allergic reactions? Then that might be due to dry air in your home. Dry air is not suitable for your house as it will lead to irritations for you and your family members. That's why today we are going to give you the best solution to this problem. A humidifier is what you need to think of buying. This is one whole house appliance that you should be possessing.

However, humidifiers come in different designs, models, and are manufactured by other companies. To help you reduce research time today, we are going to compare Honeywell and Levoit humidifiers. They are currently the best you can buy.

By the end of this guide, you will have learned which among the two is the best.

Honeywell Humidifiers
There are various Honeywell humidifiers in the market for your information. Still, to help you know the best, our team of home care experts analyzed and tested three humidifiers by Honeywell.

Honeywell UV Cool Moisture Germ-Free Humidifier, HCM-350

Make sure that the air you breathe in your home is clean with the Honeywell HCM-350. This appliance kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold, spore, and germs found in water. Don't worry about the noise. Unlike other home devices, the HCM-350 works silently, thanks to the QuietCare technology. Its ergonomic design makes it fit well in your home as it is portable.

When it comes to performance, it has a three-speed setting to allow you slowly or fast to change the humidity of air in your house. The outer case of this Honeywell humidifier is resistant to break, making it durable.

From our analysis and test, the HCM-350 is best for use in a medium-sized home as it can work for twenty-four hours non-stop on low setting per filling. Additionally, it reduces flu viruses' survival on your home's surface and air by 40 to 60 percent.

Honeywell Mist Mate Cool Mist Humidifier White, HUL520W

The next Honeywell humidifier that you can consider buying is the HUL520W. This appliance uses ultrasonic humidification technology, making it one of the best for every home. On one fill, the HUL520W can run approximately twenty hours non-stop. That's when in a low setting.

This round-shaped humidifier is best for small rooms such as a bedroom or office. In case you need to use it in a large space, you may need to buy more than one for it to provide the right performance. This device's tank capacity is 0.5 gallons and has a large opening for easy cleaning and filling. Similar to the HCM-350, it works so quietly; thus, you can use it at night. You can control its moisture output through its various controls. This feature makes this humidifier easy to use.

It comes with a two-year limited warranty, which assures you of outstanding performance. Lastly, this appliance is white, but you can also purchase a black, red, or blue HUL520W.

Honeywell Easy to Care Warm Mist Humidifier – Black, HWM-340B

Apart from Honeywell's cool mist humidifier, we found the best warm mist humidifier for your home. The HWM-340B is among the warm mist humidifiers you need to buy. It's so easy to use, and maintaining it is so simple too.

First, filling it is the same as watering a plant due to its top fill design. When in operation, it soothes your home's moisture in a minute. When the tank is empty, it won't continue running as it will automatically shut down. Furthermore, this warm mist humidifier has dishwasher safe parts making it easy to clean.

For maximum comfort and clean breathing air free of germs, it has adjustable humidity controls. Therefore, we discovered that this gadget is best for large rooms (approximate measurement 20' x 20').

What we Noticed with Honeywell Humidifiers
After our analysis, testing, and comparison of the three Honeywell humidifiers, we discovered the following aspects.
  • They don't have filters. – This factor makes it easy to maintain and reduce the expense of purchasing new filters after some months of use.
  • Prevent Flu Viruses Survival. According to the manufacturer, their products reduce the chance of flu virus survival by a rate of between 40-60%. Thus, protecting you from frequent coughs.
  • Operate silently. – Honeywell humidifiers don't produce disgusting noise while running, thus makes it perfect for day and night use.
  • Ergonomic design and Portable. – Honeywell has invested in well-designed humidifiers. Out of all their humidifiers, they have a versatile design, which makes them easy to carry.

Levoit Humidifiers
Levoit is a home appliance manufacturer that thinks about making homes conducive for living. Their humidifiers are produced to revitalize your home's air. They create and maintain a healthy moisture level for comfortable living.

Like Honeywell humidifiers, our home appliance expert team tested and analyzed several humidifiers by Levoit. But to make your choice simple, we will review the top three Levoit humidifiers.

Levoit Classic 150 Mini Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If you are on a budget and looking for a cool-mist humidifier, I advise you to buy the traditional 150 mini ultrasonic cool mist humidifier by Levoit. This appliance uses ultrasonic technology, which enables it to produce mist for up to six hours continuously. Not to forget, this technology ensures that your floor or furniture is not wet as it turns water into a fine mist. This is due to the powerful atomizer in the humidifier.

You can move around with this humidifier, whether you are going to the office or traveling. The reason I say so is that it's portable due to its small size and lightweight. Powering it is quick and straightforward as it uses a universal serial bus cord.

The Classic 150 Mini produces different lights, and according to our experts, you can use it as a nightlight. When using it in your bedroom, it reduces coughing, dry skin, and congestion as it soothes the air around you. Furthermore, your office will maintain the right ambiance for high productivity. Lastly, you can use it in your car as you drive.

Levoit LV600hh Ultrasonic Humidifier

Be able to own a humidifier that has both warm and cold mist capability. And the only Levoit humidifier with such ability is the LV600hh. This is a versatile home appliance that you should think of buying for a comfortable home.

This humidifier has a display panel that you can see your home's humidity level as it's working. When it comes to setting different modes, you can use a remote control or touch control. For your information, the touch control is so sensitive.

Additionally, the LV600hh has a large tank capacity which can hold 6 liters of water. Thus, it can work for between 20 to 36 hours continuously. The water tank is made using ABS plastic, a highly durable material that cannot break, causing a leak. As per our experts, you can use it in your living room, office, or bedroom as it's super quiet when in operation.

Finally, please purchase this product without any doubts as its CE and ETL certified.

Levoit Dual 100 Ultrasonic Top Fill Cool Mist 2-in-1 Humidifier and Diffuser

This Levoit humidifier was ranked the third by our experts because you can also use it as a diffuser. Yeah, it will be saving on the cost of buying two separate home appliances (humidifier and diffuser). Compared to other 2-in-1 humidifiers, it is cost-effective.

You can use it while asleep because it has the intelligent sleep mode, which ensures that all display lights are off but using the in-built humidity sensor will continue providing a conducive sleeping environment.

Additionally, this device is whisper quiet when running as it produces noise levels of less than twenty-eight decibels. Such a noise level is also best for offices, which means you can also use this humidifier. Other rooms you can use the Levoit Dual 100 ultrasonic top fill is in the bedroom kids' rooms, and any medium-sized room.

It has three mist speed settings for easy adjusting for a comfortable home. This humidifier is BPA free and ETL listed.

Which Between Honeywell and Levoit Humidifiers is the Best?
Many factors determine which humidifier (Honeywell or Levoit) is the best.

When it comes to Design, Levoit carries the day. This is simply because out of the three reviewed humidifiers by Levoit, they have a beautiful design and are small. Unlike Honeywell humidifiers, they have an extensive system making them bulky.

Maintenance cost. Honeywell humidifiers are cheap to maintain as they don't use filters. Contrasting Levoit humidifiers, you will be required to purchase filters after some months of use. Therefore, when it comes to this aspect, Honeywell wins.

Price. The cheapest Honeywell humidifier is about $31, while Levoit's affordable humidifier is $19. The most expensive Levoit humidifier costs $89, while Honeywell's costs $120. So, when you factor in price, Levoit sells their humidifiers at a considerable amount.

Honeywell vs. Levoit humidifiers is what many customers are debating about. But after reading this guide, you will finally make a decision. They are both perfect home appliances, but you can choose the best out of the two depending on your choice. Even though they have differences, but they are best for ensuring your home's humidity is perfect.


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