Best Air Purifier for Allergies (Reviews & Buying Guide)
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By Joey | 02 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Best Air Purifier for Allergies (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Best Air Purifiers for Allergies (Reviews & Buying Guide)
Are you struggling with allergies? Well, youre not alone as a lot of people these days have allergies either triggered due to seasons or other pollutants. Some are allergic to pets, dust, mold, pollen, etc while others have year-round allergies.
Though breathing is a natural phenomenon, we often take it for granted and not aware that the quality of air can have a massive impact on our health. We are exposed to many pollutants and the impact depends on factors like age, immunity, health condition, etc.
If youre looking for the best air purifiers for allergies, check this guide…  

Do Air Purifiers Work for Allergies?
If you or your loved ones are prone to allergies, an air purifier can be a smart investment. It can help you inhale air that is free from dangerous contaminants, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Air purifiers work by trapping small particles in filters and thereby removing them from the air.  
The high-quality air purifiers can help with indoor environmental allergies caused by things like dust mites, dust, molds, pet allergens, etc. The right unit can also help eliminate irritants like odors, smoke, and volatile organic compounds as such components float on the air.
While there are lots of ways to get rid of allergens and pollutants, air purifiers are an easy yet powerful solution. These units do work to clear the air by decreasing the number of airborne allergens that can trigger allergy symptoms.
If you decide to purchase an air purifier for allergy symptoms, there are many models available on the market. However, keep in mind that the capabilities of units may vary depending on their type and features as well as the size of the room you will be using it in.  

Allergy Air Purifiers Reviewed in this Guide
Many air purifiers on the market may make it hard for you to pick the best. Weve curated the following list of allergy-specific air purifiers to help you out in the process. The products are tested and reviewed by consumers for their features and performance.
Before we continue to duchess the models in detail, take a look at a quick comparison chart for the best air purifiers for allergies

Product Image Features/Specifications
               Honeywell HPA250 Air Purifier 
  • Powerful Air Purifier
  • 310 Sq. Ft. Coverage
  • Filters: True HEPA, Activated Carbon
                 Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier
- Best Overall Air Purifier
  • 700-815 Sq. ft. Coverage
  • Filters: Activated Carbon, Pre-Filter, BioGS, Customized
            Honeywell HPA100 Air Purifier 
  • Value for Money and Good Performance
  • 155 Sq. Ft. Coverage
  • Filters: True HEPA, Activated Carbon
IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier 
  • Highest-Grade Air Purifier
  • 1,125 Sq. ft. Coverage
  • Filters: Hyper HEPA, Pre-Filter, V5-Cell Gas and Odor
                        Alen BreatheSmart True HEPA Air Purifier
  • Customizable HEPA Filter
  • 1,100 Sq. Ft. Coverage
  • Filters: 4 Types of True HEPA
                            AeraMax 100 True HEPA Air Purifier 
  • Compact Yet Powerful
  • 200 Sq. Ft. Coverage
  • Filters: True HEPA, PlasmaTrue, Antimicrobial
        Molekule Allergy Air Purifier
-Advanced Particle-Destroying technology
  • 600 Sq. Ft. Coverage
  • Filters: Pre-Filter, PECO
                Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier 
  • Compact but Powerful Air Purifier
  • 3-in-1 Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter
      Germ Guardian AC4300BPTCA Air Purifier 
  • Powerful for Allergens Removal
  • 153 Sq. Ft. Coverage
  • HEPA Filter, UV-C Light Filter
                 Airmega 400 Air Purifier
  • Quiet & Powerful
  • 1560 Sq. Ft. Coverage
  • True HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Honeywell HPA250 Air Purifier 
One of the best air purifiers for allergies, the Honeywell HPA250 can be a great pick as it comes packed with impressive features. The unit is designed to meet strict guidelines set by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).
It features True HEPA to trap all types of allergens and also has an Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) rating of 5X. As far as the coverage is concerned, the unit covers a room up to 310 Sq. Ft.. The device also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to give your wireless control.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier 
An air purifier that comes with the most advanced air cleaning technology to fight allergens and other pollutants such as smoke, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, etc. Also, the unit is certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.
Coming to the filters, the air purifier comes with Pre-Filter, Medium Filter, and BioGS HEPA Filter, customized filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and Ionizer. You can choose from two colors and multiple designs along with a Wi-Fi enables version.   

Honeywell HPA100 Air Purifier 
Ideal for small spaces, this air purifier features a True HEPA filter and boasts a 100 CADR rating. It is designed to cover a room size up to 155 square feet but it lacks Bluetooth smart controls which means you cannot control it via your mobile phone.
Though it doesnt have smart connectivity, it can be an ideal air purifier for those who are looking for something compact and affordable. Also, the True HEPA filter helps eliminate the different type of pollutants and allergens.

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier 
An elegant and powerful air purifier that comes with a Medical-Grade HyperHEPA filter to capture particles that are 100X smaller than a standard True HEPA filter. The unit has a special V5-Cell Odor and Gas filter to extract harmful chemicals and gases.
It covers around 1,125 square feet for the area which makes it an ideal choice for even the largest areas of your home. Also, it comes with a lot of power that allows it to work for a long and provide much relief to those suffering from allergies.  

Alen BreatheSmart True HEPA Air Purifier
This is an air purifier that is designed to work well in large spaces such as a full basement or open area upstairs with an area up to 1,100 square feet. It comes with a True HEPA filter for trapping the finest particles along with a pre-filter for capturing the largest allergens.
With this air purifier you can choose between HEPA-Pure for allergies, HEPA-Silver for protection for asthma, HEPA-FreshPlus for smoke & airborne particles, and HEPA-OdorCell for reducing pet and baby odors. Also, you can customize the front panel as per your taste and style.

AeraMax 100 True HEPA Air Purifier 
Certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, this air purifier is an affordable choice for those who are looking for the best air purifiers for allergies. It provides coverage of around 100 to 200 square feet which makes it ideal for studio apartments, small rooms, etc.

Molekule Allergy Air Purifier
This molekule air purifier uses a proprietary air filtration technology to destroy airborne pollutants at a molecular level instead of just trapping them. If you are looking for an effective solution for getting rid of allergies, this unit can be a great pick.
It comes with an advanced PECO filtration technology to Destroy allergens and eliminate pollutants. Furthermore, It covers up to 600 square feet and you can control the unit using the touch screen display and Wi-Fi control.

Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier 
The levoit  air purifier is known for dealing well with allergies and an ideal option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly solution. It comes with customized air filters that include a pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and Activated Carbon filter.
It comes with a powerful air filtration process and offers quiet operation so that it can be used throughout the day. Also, the device can run with a high CADR rating of 135 cfm in general and, therefore, one of the best purifiers for allergies.

Germ Guardian AC4300BPTCA Air Purifier 
Tested and certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the air purifier is one of the best for allergies. It provides an extra UV-C light filter and can be upgraded with a True HEPA filter with filtration levels.
Though the price is a bit higher as compared to other air purifiers, it can tackle even the tiniest contaminants in the air. Also, the unit works with Titanium Dioxide to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Airmega 400 Air Purifier
This air purifier is considered the best at entry-level of high-range for allergies and comes with many impressive features. It comes with an improved True HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter for providing the cleanest of air.
The air purifier comes with a powerful washable pre-filter and a combination of filters for capturing up to 99.7% of airborne particles 0.3 microns. It can cover an area of up to 1560 square feet and comes with a CADR rating of 340 dust/350 smoke/400 pollen (cfm).

The Final Verdict
The air purifiers help with allergies as they trap allergen particles but no unit can work weak with your allergies if installed in the wrong room. It can help with allergies if it is in the right room especially where you spend most of your time. These devices effectively filter the air in a very confined space inside the home and thats why its imperative to place them right.
If youre looking for an air purifier to tackle allergies, the following checklist might help:

  • A purifier must have a True HEPA filter as it helps remove even the smallest of the virus, bacteria, and other pollutant particles.
  • The unit should work quietly as many asthma-related problems may get triggered due to sound.
  • Check the fan power via their ratings as the higher fan power the faster cleaning it will provide.
  • Look for an air purifier with a Blue Energy Star sticker if you want something energy-efficient.
Wondering should you buy an air purifier? Investing a few hundred dollars for clean air can save ample amounts of medical costs related to allergies and breathing problems. Also, it helps minimize the risk of serious respiratory problems that may arise due to pollutants floating in the air.
However, when investing in an air purifier make sure you make an informed decision. A buying guide that compares different models available on the market can be a great point to start. Check all possible options and pick the one that best suits your needs.
Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you can choose the best air purifiers for allergies. And, all we wish is a healthy life for you and your loved ones



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