What is an air fryer and the Benefits and More
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By Lauren Quan | 02 November 2020 | 0 Comments

What is an air fryer and the Benefits and More

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Do you really know what an air fryer is? Are considering buying one for use? Do you want to know the benefits and risks involved in using an air fryer? This article will put you through every essential detail you need to know about Air Fryers.

Here is what an Air Fryer is:

An Air fryer is a recent innovated device and home appliance that makes use of hot air in frying. Air Fryers do not use large amount of oil in frying but only use the hot air, with a fan that also blows and distribute the hot air. When using an air fryer, you do not need to bother about having plenty oil handy. You only require very small amount of oil and you will get the same result with deep frying, and in most cases, you get a more crispy result. With this new innovation in technology, people are fast switching from consumption of excess oil and fat involved in deep frying.

Air fryers comes in difference models and sizes, so you can easily choose the one that suits your taste. It can be used to fry, steam, grill, and even smoke.

Here is how it cooks:

The mechanism used by Air Fryers in cooking meals is not something complicated or hard to understand. Air Fryers use hot air circulated in the device with the help of a fan that comes with it, to air fry meals. When using an air fryer, you only need to add very little amount of oil to it as the heated air has a way of sucking out oil from the food item itself and adding it up to the little oil you added, to cook meals.

The result gotten after air frying and deep frying is very similar and even at times, the result of air frying comes out crispier. Talking about the scientific method the device makes use of, it makes use of a process called the Maillard effect. The process makes it possible for air fried foods to look nicely coloured and richly flavoured.

Once you plug your Air fryer, and then you put in your food, you close the lid and set the timer, you only have to wait for just a little amount of time to get the beep indicating that your deliciously cooked meal is ready.

What do you get to benefit from using Air fryers?

Using air fryers brings you a whole lot of advantages. Considering the benefits that come with it, you would definitely want to consider buying air fryers and opting for air frying instead of deep frying. The following are some of the advantages of using air fryers:

Very Healthy to Use
If you looking for something that best supports sound health and body fitnesss, then you should go for air fryers. Medically, too much fat and oil in the human body is very detrimental to the health as it can lead to a whole lots of diseases ranging from hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. It is then medically suggested that the amount of fat intake per day in every person should be reduced. In order to optimise and achieve this while also getting the same satisfaction, or even more, from the taste of your meal, go for Air fryers.
They offer you the chance of cooking your meal with very little oil and yet a very excellent result.

Very easy to use

Air fryers are very easy to operate and do not require any high level of technicality or training. It is just some few simple steps indicated in the manual. Using air fryers gives you the chance of coming out with a reasonably healthy, deliciously cooked, and stress free cooked meal

Helps in Speeding up weight loss
If you are looking to cut down on your weight and not necessarily go on a journey of eating only tasteless and less rich meals, you should consider buying air fryers. Because air fryers do not use much oil and fat, they afford you the chance of reducing your daily calorie intake without having to switch to non-rich foods. That means that you can still be eating your chicken and other foods, while at the same time, you are losing weight.

It is less harmful and less hazardous to use
Air fryers are reasonable safe to use. You do not have to worry about oil splashing while using Air fryers. It also helps reduce the possible chances of fire outbreaks due to oil spillage. Once the manual that comes with it is understood and the guidelines state are efficiently followed, there is a really low chance of hazard or harm emanating from its use. This is unlike deep frying, where there is frequent amount of oil splashing and oil spillage.

It comes with a free cook book
Ever air fryer presents with a free cook book which contains varieties of meals you can make with the device and you can make them. You really do not have to bother about what options of foods you can make and the recipes to make them. Air Fryers already have the solution to that for you.

It cooks fast
Air Fryers finish cooking your meals within very few minutes. It is a fast meal maker and it affords you the opportunity to cook large scale meals within little period of time. It is very fast to use.

It is good for large scale cooking
Air fryers are well designed to take in many quantity of food at a time. This makes large scale cooking very easy to accomplish in no time.

It is Multi-Functional
This is one of the very awesome benefits you derive from using Air Fryers. Its function is not only restricted to frying but it also performs many other functions like steaming, boiling, smoking, dehydrating, baking, and it can also be used to make yoghurts. Air fryers are designed to perform so many option that at the end of the day, you might see yourself using only the device in making you daily meals.

It Beautifies your home
The eye catching designs used in making air fryers help with adding glamour to your homes. Air fryers come in different eye catching colours and designs and it can help box up the cuteness of your home by adding more flavour.

Strongly Built
Air fryers tend to last much longer than other cooking devices because there are designed with strong materials and have sturdy body build-up. It is not likely to easily spoil.

 Few odds involved in the use of Air fryers

It is said that there is nothing in this world that has benefits and does not have few disadvantage. There are certain disadvantages that air fryers have and here is s few of them:

Might not be too easy to clean up
Due to the way Air fryers are built, it is usually not so easy to effectively clean every part of its body. Certain parts like the lid are not freely accessible so you might have to go through extra stress to be able to have an efficient clean up after its use.

It is Big and Heavy to move
Air fryers are also big in body and so they are usually not easy to move freely. Apart from this, you would have to create a little large space for it I n your house so it could fit in comfortably.
It is a great source of heat and hotness in the house.

The main method air fryers adopt in cooking is hot air. Due to this, it releases certain amount of heat just at its back and this heat can make you have a hot atmosphere in your home. The heat can also be a bit not healthy as it might lead to certain allergic reactions in some people. Using air fryers during the summer might pose a little bit of discomfort in the house.

It has an irremovable lid

One other major disadvantage of Air fryers is that as of today, the lids that come with them are not irremovable so they do not usually afford you the chance to easily manoeuvre while using them.
It comes with short electric cord.

The electric cords that come with air fryers are usually not long and so you have to always move it close to an electric outlet before you can use it. This is because air fryers come with the instruction that they should not be used with extensions.
Considering that the pros outweighs the cons, Air fryers are very good options to opt for if you are looking to buy a unique, safe, and fast device that cooks healthy meals.


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