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By Lauren Quan | 02 November 2020 | 0 Comments


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Many people have been known to be interested in knowing who founded Ninja, how it came to be, and what exactly it specializes in. The answer is very simple. If you are also stuck in between choosing what particular model of the Ninja air fryer to use or you would like to know the various features embed in the models and also their pros and cons, this article is for you.

This article shall put you through a brief history of Ninja, models of their Air Fryers, their features, the Pros and Cons of using it, and the differences between them.

About Ninja
It is noteworthy to mention that the name Ninja is only a brand name and not the Company’s name.
Ninja, and some other household brands were founded by SharkNinja Operating LLC. The SharkNinja is a company that basically deals in household appliances and many other cleaning solutions that suits the taste of people, especially the ones with tight schedules, around the globe. The company, which has now become very popular amongst people, is based in Needham, Massachusetts, immediately after Boston. It was founded by Mark Rosenzweig, and the company mainly deals with the production and the sales of high quality products like tea makers, air fryers, and pressure pots, amongst others.

One of the very awesome products of SharkNinja Company is the Ninja foodi air fryer. The Air fryer does everything an oven does with in fact, much better results. The air-fryer uses heating constituent that is usually located at the top of the fryer, together with a fan, in baking and roasting and it mostly comes out with a nice result.

Ninja Foodi FD401 and FD402 are both different models of the Ninja foodi air fryers. This article shall be looking at the features of the models, the pros and cons associated with them, and the differences between these two models.

If you are looking to cook a whole lots of diverse, delicious, crispy, and tantalising meals, within a very short period of time, the Ninja Food Air Fryer is a great plug for you. It comes with many fascinating features that enhances its’ superb performances.

The features of the Ninja foodi Air Fryer includes:
It has up to nine functions and they include: Air Fry, Slow Cook, Broil, Dehydrate, Pressure cook, Sear, Bake, Yoghurt, and Steam.
XL 8-qt. pot, XL 5-qt. Cook & Crisp basket and reversible rack let you cook for a small group.
The pot is coated with ceramics and it is very simple to wash.
Its Cook and Crisp basket is coated with ceramics and its safe to wash. It also takes in large amount of meal at a time.
Its deluxe rack makes it easy for you to cook many things at a time.

Very Easy To Use:
The Ninja Air Fryers are very easy to use and do not involve any technicality, training or stress.
Automatic Timer
The timer is automatic and so it safes you the stress of waiting behind to turn off or turn on the air-fryer. Once you set the time, it automatically turns on and off itself.
Strong Body Built
The Air Fryers are strongly built and not easy to spoil or break. It affords them the chance of lasting for a very long time without any damage.
Free Cook Book
The Air fryers come with free Cookbook that contains varieties of food you can make with the air fryer. You do not have to worry or bother about what to cook, and how to cook it, It is all included in the cookbook.
Beautiful Appearance
The Air fryers are beautifully designed and they are in various captivating colours. If you are looking to add some flavours to the cuteness of your kitchen, then you should go for it.
Cooks Fast
Another very good part of the Air Fryer is that it cooks within a short period of time. You only have to put whatever needs to be cooked, close the lid, put on the air fryer, and come back for your cooked meal in just 30 minutes, maximum.

Big and Heavy
The Ninja Air Fryers are reasonably big and heavy and so apart from the fact that you have to make enough space for it, you might also face some difficulties lifting and carrying it.
Irremovable Lid
One other commonly talked about disadvantage of the Ninja Air Fryer is that the lid is stuck above the machine. This makes it more difficult to carry and also a bit more stressful to clean.
Short Electric Cord
The electric cord is not so long and so you have always move it close to an outlet before you can use it. It does not allow using extensions with it.
Generates Heat
While air frying, it releases hot air from the back which can cause some levels of discomfort and can cause a bit of allergy in some people.
Not Really Loud Beep
The Beep that signals the end of the cooking process is not very loud and so even though you do not necessarily need to stay till it is done cooking, you have to be at alert and listen well for you to be able to hear the beep when the cooking is done.


As earlier stated NINJA FOODI FD401 and FD402 are different models of the Ninja Air fryer. Though they both have mostly the same functions, it has been noticed that there are certain differences in the both of them. Some people wrongly think that they differ in the aspect of what they can cook as some people believe one of them can cook rice while the other cannot. It has been noticed that this claim, amongst some other ones are not established.

However, there are some differences that are proven between both models and here are some of them:

Difference in the Number of Pages of the Accompanied Cook Book
 Many observant people would notice that both models of air fryers come with cook books. However, few people would notice that there is an obvious change in the number of pages as FD402 Cookbook comes with 50 pages while FD401 comes with 45 pages. It is certainly obvious that some new, interesting things would have been added to the FD402,

Difference in their Places of Availability to Buyers
Another major different is the difference in the place where you can buy each air fryers. It is said that the FD402 is recently noticed to be only available at Bestbuy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and so on while the FD401 can be bought at Macy’s, JCPenney, HSN, and so on. This makes it restricted to get a particular type of air fryer at a particular place that is not known to be a seller of the brand.
Inclusion of Silicone Mitts
Another Difference is that Ninja Foodi 402 comes with Silicone mitts while the 401 does not have any Silicone mitts.
Variance in Colour
It has been noticed that the FD402 appears in different types of colours while the FD401 only appears in a single colour.

It can however be seen that the differences between these two are not much and some of them are not even formally indicated. Both Models of the Ninja are very good to use and are of good qualities.

Ninja Products are generally known to be great and frequently deliver maximum satisfaction to their consumers.


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