Coway AP-1512HH vs. Proscenic A8 Air Purifier, Which Should You Buy?
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By Lauren Quan | 02 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Coway AP-1512HH vs. Proscenic A8 Air Purifier, Which Should You Buy?

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Are you finding it challenging to decide between Coway AP-1512HH and Proscenic A8 air purifiers? If yes, then keep reading this guide to get the right answer on the air purifier to buy.

Should you go for the Coway AP-1512HH air purifier, a four-stage filtration that features an ionizer? Or go for the Proscenic A8 air purifier that features an air quality sensor?

We all need air to stay alive. Therefore, the air quality in our homes matters a lot.
Every time you keep your window opened, you let in a significant percentage of airborne particles. These airborne particles feature several contaminants that are dangerous to inhale.

If you keep pets at your house and they sneeze, the germs will occupy all parts of your home, or you even end up breathing them in.

Several other things can make your air unpurified, something that's not good for your health. In this case, you need a high-quality air purifier that will ensure you breathe in clean air at all times.

Besides encouraging clean air, a high-quality air purifier also improves indoor air quality.
So, which air purifier should you buy between Proscenic A8 and Coway AP-1512HH?
Let's see!

About The Brands

Proscenic is a home appliance manufacturing company with its branches in France, Japan, and Germany. Besides this, the company also provides smart home products to over sixty countries and districts from various parts of the world. It has developed over 20 products such as an air fryer, a water flosser, a robot vacuum cleaner, a humidifier, a cordless vacuum cleaner, and much more.

On the other hand, Coway is a home wellness appliance company specializing in air purity and water. This company has received an excellent reputation in brand awareness, market share, and customer satisfaction. It is a sustainable company that focuses on green management. This company's products include mattresses, water softeners, bidets, water purifiers, and air purifiers.

Coway AP-1512HH vs. Proscenic A8 Air Purifier

Coverage Area

Remember, residential air purifiers are not the perfect option for removing odors and airborne particles from your entire room. Instead, residential air purifiers work by eliminating odors and airborne particles from a specific area. Most of these air purifiers work well when used for a single room.

The Coway AP-1512HH can remove odors and airborne particles from a house space of up 360 sq ft. Therefore, with this air purifier, you can eliminate odors and airborne particles from a standard attic, apartment, crawl space, bedroom, or kitchen.

In the case of the Proscenic A8 air purifier, it features a CADR rating of 135CFM, meaning it can remove odors and airborne particles from a space of up to 430 sq ft. It can circulate your room air more than three times for every one hour.

Therefore, Proscenic A8 should be your top priority if you're after a high-efficiency air purifier.

HEPA Filters

The HEPA filter is another crucial element to consider whenever purchasing an air purifier. With HEPA filters, you can eliminate up to 99.97 percent of odors and airborne particles. These filters can trap odors and airborne particles, measuring up to 0.3 microns.

Therefore, HEPA filters should be your top priority if you live with pets, always get exposed to smoke, or keep your windows open every day.

Luckily, the Proscenic A8 air purifier and Coway AP-1512HH air purifier features HEPA-grade filters.
Proscenic A8 air purifier features an H13 filter that filters mold, viruses, lead dust, pollen, cooking smells, lint, pet dander, and dust mites. However, note that the Proscenic A8 air purifier and all other HEPA-related air purifiers cannot filter coronaviruses.

However, the HEPA filters need replacement once in a while. It's impossible to reach and reuse the filters if they become clogged with particles.

App Control

You can control the Coway AP-1512HH's features using the IoCare app. However, you can do this after connecting this air purifier to WiFi.

With the IoCare app, you can turn the Coway AP-1512HH on and off, switch the air quality indicator on or inactive, adjust to eco fan mode or power-saving mode, and adjust the fan speed.

The 'IoCare' app allows you to set one or several schedules for switching Coway AP-1512HH on/off at specific times. You can also edit or delete the plans using this app. However, note that this app works with only a 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Also, you can control your Coway AP-1512HH with your voice using Google Assistant or Alexa.
For the Proscenic A8 air purifier, you can also control it remotely from your smartphone. First, sign up for the Proscenic account using your phone number or email and then download the ProscenicHome mobile app from App Store or Google Play. 

At the ProscenicHome mobile app, you'll find the menu buttons you can use to control your air purifier.
This mobile app's control functions include light off, sleep mode, fan speed, child lock, power on and off, and timer.

Furthermore, you can control the Proscenic A8 air purifier using a voice control assistant like Google Home or Alexa.

Filtration Stages

The Coway AP-1512HH features a four-stage filtration system. There is a pre-filter that traps large-sized air particles, an odor-related filter to eliminate odor-causing particles, a HEPA filter that removes 99.97 percent of airborne particles, and then the bipolar ionizer for breaking down air pollutants.

For the Proscenic A8 air purifier, it has an advanced four-stage filtration system. This filtration system features a Pre-filter, a nano-filter, an activated carbon filter, and H13 HEPA-filter. This advanced four-stage filtration explains why the Proscenic A8 air purifier manages to eliminate 99.97 percent of airborne particles like smoke, odors, pet dander, dust, pollen, and more.


The Coway AP-1512HH features a timer that can run up to eight hours. This timer works well if you want to keep the air purifier running all night while sleeping. It ensures your bedroom's air quality is at tolerable levels when you wake up.

For the Proscenic A8 air purifier, you can set the timer anywhere from one to ten hours. Therefore, your Proscenic air purifier can run for up to ten hours before it shuts off. You can schedule when the time needs to start and stop and customize different fan speeds for various periods.


Weight should not be the only factor to consider when determining the portability of an air purifier. Height and footprint are other factors you need to consider.

For weight, both Proscenic A8 and Coway AP-1512HH air purifiers weigh below 20 pounds. Proscenic A8 air purifier weighs 9.63 pounds as Coway AP-1512HH air purifier weighs 12.76 pounds. Therefore, carrying any of these air purifiers is not a challenge.

Coway AP-1512HH takes up floor space of 9.6 inches by 16.8 inches and height of 18.3 inches. For the Proscenic A8 air purifier, it takes floor space of 16.54 inches by 9.45 inches and a height of 16.45 inches.

Air Quality Sensor

Proscenic A8 air purifier features a sensor design that detects air quality and displays different colors depending on the real-time air quality.

The green color indicates good air quality; the red color suggests horrible real-time air quality, and the yellow color indicates bad real-time air quality. With these lights, it becomes easy to change the real-time air quality.

For Coway AP-1512HH air purifier, it features a color-coded air quality indicator to ensure you continue breathing fresh air. The blue color-coded indicator means clean air, and the red color-coded indicator means highly polluted air.

The color-coded indicator senses real-time air quality conditions. It sends a notification to the air purifier when the air is highly polluted to change the fan speed and keep your indoor air contaminants-free.

Which Air Purifier Should You Buy?

From the above-detailed comparison, we recommend the Proscenic A8 air purifier.

The Proscenic A8 air purifier is the perfect air purifier to buy because it purifies air in a larger area (430 sq ft.).
Besides this feature, the Proscenic A8 is the perfect option compared to Coway AP-1512HH because it is more portable. It weighs 9.63 pounds as Coway AP-1512HH air purifier weighs 12.76 pounds.


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