An in-depth Review of Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier
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By Lauren Quan | 02 November 2020 | 0 Comments

An in-depth Review of Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier

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Do you always get unwell with upper respiratory diseases? Are you finding it hard to control your allergies, especially those you experience in your home or office? Do you always feel something like heaviness on your chest whenever you breathe?

If your answer is 'yes,' then the air you breathe is the problem. It's high time to start getting concerned about the air quality you inhale because of the high percentage of outdoor pollutants.

Yes, outdoor air is highly polluted, but indoor air quality is likely to be far worse. For the outdoor air, wind and plants play a vital role in purifying it. However, for the indoor air, there's nothing to filter it. As a result, indoor air can stagnate and get loaded with pollutants such as dust mites, pet dander, fumes from your products, and allergens.

Fortunately, the current market offers several air purifiers that clean your indoor air quality, allowing you to breathe more freely. With an air purifier, especially the one featuring a HEPA filter, you'll get the solution you need.

But the problem is choosing the best air purifier that performs its functions. Worry no more!

In this review, we'll look at the Levoit LV PUR131 - a top-rated air purifier featuring True Filter. With this air purifier, you'll get the fantastic results you need.
Let's get started!


LEVOIT is a US air purifier brand, mostly known for its quick introduction and fast innovation of models, liked by its esteemed customers. This company started producing air purifiers in 2017.

LEVOIT has its headquarters in Southern California, but you can still access its services in Japan, Germany, and China.  LV-PUR131 is amongst the first models that LEVOIT innovated and introduced into the market. This air purifier falls under the category of Amazon's Best Seller in 2020.

LV-PUR131 - Our Review


LEVOIT designed the LV-PUR131 to capture over 99% of airborne particles. It can capture airborne particles measuring even 0.3 microns, meaning it is the perfect option for improving indoor air quality. The True HEPA Filter is what makes it easy for this air purifier to work excellently.

With this air purifier, you'll get an effective way of leaving your indoor air cleaner. It can withdraw pet dander, dust mites, and all contaminants from your air, making it easy to breathe.

Besides filtering out toxins, this air purifier also works excellently by cleaning larger spaces than several other air purifiers. Its clean air delivery rate reads 135, and it's capable of purifying an indoor area of up to 322 sq ft. As a result, this model can clean a small office, small house room, or standard-sized bedroom.

LV-PUR131 can remove 85% of airborne particles within 30 minutes. For one hour, it can remove around 99% of airborne particles.

Most people prefer this air purifier because of its quiet operation. It is the most preferred because it runs much more silent than air purifiers under the same category. When running high, this air purifier will create a virtually unnoticeable sound. Besides this, it is also not a challenge to use this air purifier.


The sleek design of this air purifier explains why everyone can operate it. It features white housing, meaning it can work excellently with all decors. Besides this, this air purifier by LEVOIT is not super cumbersome because it is medium in size.

On the upper side, this air purifier features a touch button interface that any individual can use. You can change the fan speeds without any hassle from low to high so that it can work as per your filtration needs.

After turning the air purifier on, it starts to operate on a medium level – the model's default setting. However, you can still change it to suit your needs.

It features a smart auto mode that reads your indoor air quality and instantly updates you about the right fan speed to set for clear air. This feature contributes a lot to making the operation easier. The sleep mode featured by this air purifier sets it to the lowest setting, ensuring you enjoy clear air with zero noise disturbance.

The air purifier also features a timer. You can set it to allow the model to work between one and twelve hours. After the designated period, the timer and air purifier will go off, ensuring you get the peace of mind you deserve.

Also, the upper side of the air purifier features a built-in handle so that you can transport the model without any issue. This handle and lighter weight of the air purifier ensures that you move it from one place to another without any problems.

As per LEVOIT, you need to replace this air purifier after every six months. It is not a challenge to change this air purifier since you can do it within minutes. For the other filters, you can purchase them from various retailers.


Air Quality Indicator
With this feature, it becomes easy to note the air quality of your space. The LEAD lighting makes it easy to read the indicator.

After reading the indicator, the Levoit air purifier will update you about the right setting for excellent results. Now, you can adjust the fan setting from low to high.

Three Filtration Stages

The three filtration stages include the activated carbon filter, the True HEPA filter, and the pre-filter.
With these three filtration stages, it becomes easy for the air purifier to clear up to around 99% of airborne particles such as pollen, pet dander, odors, dust, mold spores, and smoke. The air purifier can remove even those airborne particles measuring 0.3 microns.

Sleep Mode Setting
With this air purifier, you can keep purifying your indoor air while sleeping. When adjusted to sleep mode, this air purifier works excellently without producing any audible sound.

A Timer
With the timer, you can set this air purifier to work between one and twelve hours. After the designated period, the timer and air purifier will go off, hence saving your electricity money.

Ozone Free Operation
LV-PUR131 assures you of 100% Ozone free operation. This air purifier doesn't use ultraviolet or Ions to clean your indoor. These two elements are highly known for putting harmful Ozone traces into the air.

After purchasing LV-PUR131, you'll enjoy lifetime support and a 2-year warranty. Within these years, LEVOIT will repair or replace your air purifier in case of any issues. The lifetime support gives you the peace of mind you deserve because it ensures your air purifier works excellently at all times.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer             Levoit
Model                        LV-PPUR131
WiFi Compatible        No
Width                         14.5 inches
Height                        18.5 inches
Room Coverage         322 sq ft
Returns                      Vary depending on the retailer
Filters                         Three
Warranty                    Two years
Price                           $189.99


  Lifetime support and a two-year warranty from LIVOIT
  High energy efficient
  Presence of LED lighting that makes it easy to read
  Several fan speed setting and filtering systems
  Flexible auto-off feature
  No disturbing noise
  Carbon filter and HEPA filter for filtering pet odors and pet dander


  No remote control
  A bit expensive filter cost when compared to that of competitors
  Need for filter replacement after every six months


In 2020, LV-PUR131 remains the perfect air purifier to go for if you're after a medium-sized model. It features a sleek design, looks excellent, and it's the product of a manufacturer with top-notch customer support.  Besides this, the price, $189.99, is worth it for this air purifier.

The above review shows that LV-PUR131 is a perfect medium-sized air purifier for all households and will suit several rooms. It has a two-year warranty, removes several air particles and odors, and comes at a reasonable price.

LV-PUR131 should be your top priority if you need an excellent air purifier that goes below $200 and features a carbon filter and True HEPA filter. With reliable air purification, super quiet, and low-energy operation, the Levoit LV-PUR131 is an air purifier worth considering. It is a Levoit air purifier to pay for peace of mind and clean air. 


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