Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool Air Purifier
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By Lauren Quan | 02 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool Air Purifier

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The Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier falls under the category of Dyson's air purification products. This air purifier is a unique product made of three products. These include a space heater, air purifier, and a cooling fan.

For the space heater, it is the perfect option for room and individual-level heating. The effectiveness and top-notch quality of these three products make Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier the ideal choice for anyone.
With the Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier, you can purify a room space of up 275 sq ft. You can use the air purifier's space heating feature to heat areas of up to 150 sq ft.

The focused heating mode featured by this purifier allows heat to move out in a concentrated stream. This feature works well when warming up one individual and not the entire room.

Another crucial feature of the Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier is an activated carbon filter and HEPA filter. These purification filters clear your room from gaseous and particulate pollutants.

During summer, you can use the Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier as the cooling fan. In this case, you need to switch off the heating option.

With this cooling fan, you can produce up to 200 liters of air for every one second. Besides this, the cooling fan can also move over 70 degrees, making it easy to circulate air in the entire room.

About Dyson

Dyson falls under that category of the top-rated manufacturers in the world that produce small appliances. This company has many scientists and engineers who keep manufacturing several domestic devices.

Sir James Dyson is the founder of this company, and he positioned its central offices in Malmesbury, United Kingdom. The company focuses on solving the day-to-day problems that most individuals ignore. Therefore, this explains why the company deals with four primary product categories that include Professional, Personal Care, Cord-Free, and Environmental Control.

While focusing on the Hot and Cool products, Dyson manufactured HP01 as the first model. The newer models in these series have improved features such as WiFi support, enhanced air purification filter, and higher air-flow. The Dyson Hot and Cool HP04 is the latest model by Dyson in these series.

Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool Air Purifier - Our Review


Besides featuring a powerful fan, Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier is also a fantastic air purifier with two top-notch air filters.

It has a HEPA filter that removes around 99.9% of airborne particles such as dust, pet danders, pollen, and allergens. This filter can capture airborne particles of up to 0.3 microns.

This air purifier also features an active carbon filter that captures fumes, Volatile Organic compounds, toxins, foul odors, and gases.

The HP01' air filtration system explains why this air purifier is the perfect option for individuals with health issues like hay fever and asthma.

This model is the perfect option for individuals prone to various allergies since it boosts air quality. As a result, this explains why Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier is a certified allergy-friendly and asthma friendly air purifier.


Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier is a unique air purifier featuring a clean and minimalistic appearance.
It is an incredible air purifier with a tower fan that features an oblong-shaped amplifier. This design and the Air Multiplier technology explain why the HP01 air purifier can cool air across large-sized spaces.

The Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier also works excellently for long-range room heating. With this air purifier, you'll get 77 liters of air for every one second.

This Dyson air purifier can oscillate up to 350 degrees, and it allows you to choose from 10 airspeed settings.

Key Features

Air Multiplier Technology
Besides cooling, purifying, and heating, the Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier also features an air multiplier technology.

The air multiplier technology is why this air purifier amplifies the surrounding air and then circulates it effectively across the room.

This technology is why the HP01 air purifier doesn't feature heating elements or fast-spinning blades that cause unnecessary injuries.

Also, the air multiplier technology uses a brushless electric motor. This motor works by rotating the blades featured at the pedestal, hence giving efficient control of airspeed.

No Heating Elements Or Exposed Blades
The Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier doesn't feature heating elements or exposed blades. As a result, cleaning this air purifier is not a challenge.

Other than this, the absence of heating elements or exposed blades makes the Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier safe to use since you cannot expect unwanted injuries.

Also, the absence of heating elements or exposed blades explains this air purifier's innovative and sleek design.

Mode Options

The mode options are other excellent features associated with the HP01 air purifier. These mode options include night mode, focused mode, and diffused mode.

When you switch into the Focus Control mode, you'll enjoy a more direct and concentrated air stream. For the diffused option, you'll enjoy a broader air stream.

Finally, with the night mode, you'll enjoy a dim display and quiet operation.

Remote Control
Using a remote control is the only way you can control your HP01 air purifier since it doesn't support WiFi connectivity.

The remote control has a button on the pedestal's front side that switches the air purifier on and off.
Nevertheless, this remote control controls the oscillations and changes the cold function, purifier function, and hot function. Also, it adjusts the airspeed and sets the air purifier's mode options.

Furthermore, this remote control features commands similar to those on the Dyson HP01 air purifier's lower side.

However, this magnetic and curved remote control is the perfect option as it allows you to control and change the settings from your comfort area.

Moreover, this remote is a magnetized device that you can place and keep safe on the HP01 air purifier's upper side.

There are various buttons on this remote control. These include diffuse mode, cooling mode, power button, sleep timer, oscillation on/off, air-flow speed control, thermostat control, and focused mode.

Sleep Timer
You can easily set up the Sleep Timer using the HP01's remote control. You can increase the time by pressing the up toggle.

After pressing the up toggle, the timer gets activated and then starts counting down. You can stop the sleep timer by pressing the down button up to where the timer gets deactivated. The HP01 will go into standby mode once the timer gets deactivated.

Sound Output and Fan Speeds
The Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier features ten different fan speeds. With these fan speeds, it becomes easy to control air-flow.

For the air purifier's total sound output, it falls anywhere between 40 and 60 decibels. In the lowest fan speed, the HP01 air purifier produces a background noise of 40 decibels. You're likely to find it hard to sleep when the total sound output reads 60 decibels.

Technical Specifications

length                                            6 inches
Height                                             24.9 inches
Width                                               8.7 inches
Air treatment                                    Cooling fan, air purifier, and heater
Air-flow at maximum setting       53 gallon
Format                                              Desk


  Easy to clean
  Presence of a child-safe feature
  Allergy and asthma friendly
  Sleek design
  Uses air multiplier technology
  Operates quietly


  It's expensive
  Has only a two-year warranty

Final Thoughts

The Dyson HP01 Hot and Cool air purifier should be your top priority if you're after an air purifier that works as a heater and fan. It's the most preferred air purifier that has all the features associated with a reliable air purifier.

The presence of the air multiplier technology explains why it is easy to clean this Dyson air purifier. Also, the Dyson HP01 air purifier features an Active Carbon filter and HEPA filter, making it the perfect option for pet owners, light smokers, and individuals with allergies and asthma.


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