Is Nuwave a Good Air Fryer? 
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By Lauren Quan | 28 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Nuwave a Good Air Fryer? 

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Fried food is addictive, crispy, and tasty, probably the reason why we cannot get enough of it. However, fried food has been criticized to be unhealthy, especially if eaten too often. But, there is a way you can still fry your food and still eat the healthy way. The air fryers give us the opportunity to fry, bake, or grill our favorite foods without worrying if you are healthy. In addition, the air fryer makes meal preparation quick and stress-free. One of the best brand of air fryer is the NuWave. The Nuwave Air Fryers are high-quality kitchen appliances that make cooking super easy and fun. With a Nuwave Air Fryer, you are almost guaranteed of tasty, healthy, and great food experience right in your house.

1. NuWave Brio 14-Quart Air Fryer

The NuWave 14 Quart Air Fryer is one of the giant fryers with a huge cooking capacity. The air fryer supports up to 100 recipe settings in addition to an integrated probe setting that ensures your food is well cooked. The fryer enables you to cook three different types of meals simultaneously using the wire racks. Also, you can roast a whole chicken by adding the rotisserie kit. It can handle all your food preparation needs such as grilling, frying, and baking.
  • Performance
The NuWave Brio 14-Quart Air Fryer makes different types of meals with no fuss at all. It can help you make different types of food, as it supports up to 100 recipes of healthy and tasty food.
The components of the fryer, such as the rotisserie kit, racks, and the basket are made with stainless steel. Therefore, your food will not stick on these components.

  • Cleaning
All the components of this fryer are dish washer safe. However, you will realize that the diamond structure of racks traps grease and food particles. You have to clean it using a sponge to ensure it is completely clean.
  • Capacity
The 14-Quart Air Fryer can comfortably make meals for a family of four. The three rack layout enables you to prepare multiple types of foods simultaneously.
  • Design
The design of this air fryer resembles that of a traditional oven. The handle is placed on the fryer widow. However, it has a modern display panel that is clear and intuitive. Generally, the NuWave Brio 14-Quart Air Fryer is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Features
    • Presets-The fryer has 100 pre-programmed recipe settings and it allows you to add a 100 more customs settings of your own recipe. The settings allow you to heat, re-heat, warm, delay, stage, and sear settings to allow you prepare tasty meals.
    • Rotisserie Kit-The kit allows you to cook and roast a whole chicken: soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.
    • Integrated Food Probe- The air fryer ensures that the food is well cooked before you serve it. You no longer have to worry if it is ready to be served or not.
  • It has a large cooking capacity
  • Comes with a Rotisserie Kit
  • Offers custom recipe settings
  • It offers you a 100 recipe settings
  • Comes with an integrated food probe
  • Wire racks are difficult to clean
  • It is heavy
  • Takes a lot of space

Specifications of NuWave Brio 14-Quart Air Fryer
  • Dimensions-H17.75 x W14.5 x D16.65 inches
  • Weight-22lbs
  • Capacity-14 Quarts
  • Colors-Black
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Wattage-900W / 1500W / 1800W
  • Temperature- 60°F min /400°F Max
2. NuWave Brio 6-Quart Air Fryer
Compared to Nuwave 3 Quart, the 6-quart air fryer has a shinier body and sleeker design. It has a large cooking capacity for a healthy and tasty food. Let’s take a look at what this beautiful air fryer entails:
  • Performance
The NuWave 6 quart is a high-performance air fryer with powerful wattage control that can rise from 800 watts up to 1800 watts by just touching the button. Also, the fryer allows you to bake and cook your meals under 100 to 400 Fahrenheit that is adjustable in five-degree increment.

The NuWave Brio 6-Quart Air Fryer is a large capacity fryer that allows you to cook more than one meal at a go. It has six pre-set settings. Using the display and touchscreen, you can quickly and easily choose the favorable cooking mode, including the heating and preheating mode.

The fryer comes with several accessories such as: the basket divider, pans, multiple racks, to allow you cook multiple meals simultaneously.

It has safety inbuilt safety measures that allows the fryer to switch itself off automatically when the basket is removed. In addition, the coating of the basket is made with aa PFOA-free non-stick to ensure optimum food safety.
  • Features
  • Digital timer- It enable you to schedule your cooking for up to 100 hours to ensure your food cooks well.
  • Auto Preheat-This feature allows you to pre-warm the fryer until its ready for whatever meal you are preparing.
  • Presets-It has six preset settings that automatically prepares the fryer to cook certain foods. Therefore, you do not need to prepare the food manually. You can use the presets for meals such as chicken, frozen fries, fries, fish, nuggets, or steak.
  • Basket Safety Feature-the fryer comes with a basket de-mounting button which ensures the basket comes out only when you need it.
  • Design
Compared to the previous models, the NuWave 6 Quart is such a beauty. It has a sleek modern design that is alluringly shiny. It has a LED glass display that makes operation easy and quick. It is light-weight and compact sized which makes storage easy and convenient.
  • Capacity
The NuWave 6 Quartz has a large capacity to make meals for approximately five family members. You can cook two meals at once, thanks to the basket divider.
  • It has a large frying capacity
  • It has safety button for the removal of the basket
  • Easier to clean
  • Its components are dishwasher safe
  • Digital Timer
  • Basket divider to allow you cook two meals separately
  • Basket Coating peels off
  • Dimensions-H12.25 x W11 x D11 inches
  • Weight 15lbs   
  • Capacity 6 Quarts
  • Color-Black
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Wattage- 900W / 1500W / 1800W
  • Temperature: 100°F min/400°F max which is adjustable in 5°F Increment
3. NuWave Brio 3-Quart Air Fryer
Compared to its brothers discussed above, the NuWave Quart 3 has a smaller cooking capacity for two or a maximum of three people. Also, it has simple design and it is one of the cheapest fryer in the market. Let’s take a look at what it offers:
  • Performance
With its fair cost, the NuWave air fryer performs quite well. It is reliable and it will make you healthy and tasty meals within a short time.
However, the non-stick coating on the basket comes off after sometime.

  • Presets- the fryer has six presets that automatically sets itself when cooking certain meals. It saves the effort of setting the fryer manually.
  • Reheat Default Setting-This setting allows you to quickly pre-heat your leftovers. In just four minutes, your food is warm enough for eating.
  • Auto preheat- this feature automatically warms up your fryer up to the right temperature to ensure its ready for use.
  • Auto shut off-the feature is a safety measure that keeps the fryer from operating if the basket or pan is not well secured in the fryer.
The NuWave 3 Quart does not have a large capacity. It is ideal for a lone diner or two with less significant appetite.  If you are living alone, it is ideal for a one-person meal.
The fryer has a pretty simple design, which is maybe one of the reason it is inexpensive. If you pay attention to the aesthetics of your home appliances, this one is uninspiring. However, the digital display is not only intuitive but attractive thanks to the simple colors.
  • Affordable
  • Small footprint
  • 30% faster compared to traditional oven
  • The basket is dishwasher safe
  • LCD display
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • A little heavy
  • Instructions are not quite clear
  • The writings on the buttons rubs off a couple of uses
  • Basket coating peels away after sometime

The NuWave Air fryer are among the best things you can have in your kitchen. You get to enjoy tasty, healthy, less oil meals. In addition, these fryers are aesthetically pleasing and it’s something you will be proud to have in your home. You can make a wide range of meals and try different recipes. Depending with the model you choose, your whole family will enjoy tasty meals from the NuWave fryer.


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