What are the Benefits of a Humidifier?
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By Lauren Quan | 26 October 2020 | 0 Comments

What are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

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Are you tired of the dryness in the winters? Plenty of problems but one solution. A humidifier!  Winter season is accompanied with dry and cold atmosphere. This atmosphere is perfect for the growth of certain viral particles and may lead to a few common viral outbreaks like influenza virus.

In addition to this, cough, irritation in throat, skin allergies and other respiratory issues are inevitable. Humidifiers are the utmost need of some people in this regard and might serve as an ultimate solution to most of their problems.

What is a Humidifier?

Humidifiers are the appliances developed to increase the moisture content in the surroundings. This is achieved when humidifying technologies emit mist or water vapors in the atmosphere. Modern humidifiers are available in variety of types.

Most common types of humidifiers include central humidifiers, Impeller humidifiers, Ultrasonic humidifiers, Steam vaporizers and evaporators. Each of these humidifiers use different types of technologies to add moisture to the air and hence, have different properties.

Central Humidifiers

These humidifiers offer a large coverage area and therefore, are mostly used for whole house. These humidifiers are mostly built into house air conditioning system and offer thorough humidification therapy.

Impeller Humidifiers

Impeller humidifier require a rotating disk to perform the task. The rotating disk moves water towards a diffuser where it is converted into fine mist and released in the atmosphere.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic Humidifiers are another category of modern humidifiers. These humidifier employ ultrasonic technology that converts water to fine mist by atomizing the water droplets. The cool mist is then circulated inside the room. These humidifiers also do not utilize any filters.

Steam Vaporizers

This type of humidifier converts hot water into steam which is then used for humidification purposes. The steam is cooled before circulation so that room does not get very hot. The water is converted to steam with the help of electric power. It is mostly recommended to avoid using this humidifier near children as hot water might cause scaling in case of any accident.


These types of humidifiers use evaporation technology. Evaporative fans are integrated into the system alongside wicking filters to convert water into steam. Which is later on circulated in the atmosphere to increase the moisture content.

Why Do We Need a Humidifier?

Humidifiers are the gadgets specifically designed to get rid of the dryness in the atmosphere. These appliances are particularly required in the winter season when the environment becomes dry and cold due to lack of moisture in the atmosphere. Humidifiers are also required to ease the symptoms of skin allergies and coughing.

 Unregulated use of humidifiers is known to worsen the already existing respiratory issues because of increase moisture content in the surrounding environment. Modern humidifiers are equipped with automatic operational functionality which allows them to automatically shut down depending on the relative humidity in the surroundings or the water content in the water tank.

Benefits of Humidifiers

Humidifiers offer a wide variety of environmental and health benefits. Long term use of humidifier is not recommended in most cases due to some technical reasons. But on a whole humidifiers are extremely useful devices and can be the solution to may common issues in winter season.

Health Related Benefits of Humidifiers

Health related benefits of humidifying products include protection against viral out breaks, and various kinds of allergies. Some of the common benefits associated with improved health conditions with the use of a humidifier are as follows.

1.Protection against Viral Out breaks
Humidifiers as discussed earlier introduce moisture into the environment. Moisture content between 40% to 60% is known to prevent the growth of influenza virus, a virus known to cause common flu. Thus, increased humidity in the environment provides protection against many airborne viral infections
2. Relieve Symptoms of Allergy and Asthma
Modern humidifiers are perfect products to relieve the allergy symptoms among consumers. These humidifier work depending on the relative humidity level in the atmosphere and thus, do not lead to over humidification.
Which was the common issue with traditional humidifiers. Therefore, normal humidification does not supports the growth of molds and other organism that might cause allergies or worsen the conditions of asthma patients.

3.Solution to Throat Irritation and Dry Skin
Humidifier are also a solution to skin dryness and throat irritation. Lack of the moisture may lead to dryness of skin or throat and eye irritation. By increasing the humidity level of the atmosphere problems such as skin dryness and irritation in different bodily parts can be easily addressed.
4.Solution to Snoring
Snoring is a common issue among some people especially those who breathe through mouth. Increase humidification not only keeps the throat moist but also relives snoring problems that might be caused by dry throat. Thus, humidifiers are highly recommended for those with snoring issues.

Environmental Benefits of Humidifiers

Environmental benefits of humidifiers include protection to wood against loss of moisture and prevention of static electricity. Some of the common environmental benefits are mentioned below.
1.Protection to Wood
Continuous dryness in the surroundings often damages the wood based furniture. This is often associated with cracking of the material or dryness of the wood leading it to lose its shine. It may also lead to changing in the size of wood based doors making it difficult to use them. By providing the required humidity in the surroundings problems associated with the dryness of wood can be easily resolved.
2.Prevent Static Electricity
Dry winters are often characterized with static electricity especially when dealing with electrically charged materials. This often leads to disruption in daily activities and may lead to concerns among people. Use of humidifiers prevents the built up of static electricity in the surroundings preventing electric sparks and other related issues.
3.Keep Warm Atmospheric Conditions
Increase moisture content in the atmosphere can hold warm air in the surrounding providing a cozy feeling especially during winter season. Thus keeps the house warm and eliminates the need of heating technology inside the house.

Proscenic 808C Humidifier; an Ultimate Recommendation

Proscenic 808C humidifier is one of the performance as well as cost efficient humidifier available in the market. Mounted with an LCD screen and supporting app control feature, Proscenic humidifier is second to none when it comes to humidification properties. Possessing 5.3 liters of water carrying capacity that can provide uninterrupted humidification of up to 30 hours. 360 degree flexible nozzle distributes mist evenly among the room.

Along with this HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) filter integrated in the system provides 99.97% efficiency and is capable of capturing particles ranging up to 0.3 microns in size. Scheduled humidification is another plus point of Proscenic humidifier, it enables the user to set the time for humidification therapy beforehand.

Therefore, relieving the trouble of manually operating the appliance. Additionally, aromatic humidification therapy can also be achieved by adding essential oils in a separate compartment built in the system. The Proscenic 808C humidifier also features baby mode that is characterized with quiet operation. Thus, making the appliance suitable to be used around infants especially during the night time.
The only issues associated with Proscenic 808C humidifier is the regular maintenance. As filter might get clogged due to pollutants and pollens after regular use and might need to be cleaned. Negligence in this regard might affect the product performance and might also lead to the damage to filters. Moreover, it is recommended to use distilled water in the humidifier to enhance its life and performance.

Last but not the least the product costs only $ 99 and therefore falls in the category of inexpensive products available in the market. Therefore, if you are someone looking for a cost efficient humidifier with exceptional performance abilities Proscenic 808C is my ultimate recommendation.


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