Honeywell Humidifier hcm-350, is it a good choice?
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By Lauren Quan | 26 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Honeywell Humidifier hcm-350, is it a good choice?

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Searching for the right humidifier for updating your lifestyle? Humidifiers are the utmost need for most of the people during winters. With increasing cold and loss of moisture in the environment, winters are often dry and unbearable. As we are welcoming the coldest season of the year, there is also a need to know more about survival in the harsh conditions.

Humidifiers are designed specifically to get rid of dryness in the surroundings by introducing ample amount of water molecules in the air. This can be achieved by evenly distributing the steam inside a specified area. Modern humidifiers are also capable of infusing essential oils in the steam mixture to provide aromatic therapy to the consumers.

Humidifiers are mostly associated with the ability to get rid of cough and skin related issues that might arise due to lack of moisture in the air. Unfortunately, traditional humidifier also have some of their drawbacks. Unregulated use of humidifiers may aggravate the health conditions instead of curing them and might lead to greater problems.

Therefore, many technological household product manufacturing enterprises have developed humidifying appliances that possess the potential to operate automatically depending on the environmental conditions. This attribute relives the burden of manually operating the appliance for majority of consumers.

About Honeywell
Honeywell is a US based enterprise with its headquarters located in North Carolina.  The corporation is famous for innovating technological equipment in multiple disciplines. With their diverse services and consumer supply chain, the enterprise has a history spanning many decades. Honeywell services range from household appliances to industrial equipment. Their range of expertise include; air solutions, energy and security solutions etc.

Honeywell HCM 350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell Humidifier HCM 350 with germ free and cool mist properties is a perfect example of modern day efficient humidifying gadget that has the ability to introduce moisture in the environment alongside providing protection against harmful germs. Some of the unrivaled attributes of Honeywell HCM 350 humidifier are mentioned below

Design and Appearance

Equipped with latest technological apparatus and multiple purifying filters, Honeywell HCM 350 humidifier is a lightweight and portable device. Weighing only 9.4 pounds the appliance can be moved from one place to another with ease. In addition to this, the small size of the humidifier enables it be placed in a confined place. Therefore, saving a lot of place for other household use appliances.

Available in black and white appearance, the appliance features a sophisticated built with slim body from top which becomes wide towards the end. The dimensions of the apparatus are 17.9 x 9.37 x 11.4 inches. Apart from that, it consists of a large water tank having the capacity of 1 gallon. The water tank can run up to 2 hours that is equivalent to 1 day. This makes the appliance suitable for medium sized houses and large bedrooms.

Protec Cleaning Ball

Besides these features, Honeywell HCM cool mist humidifier also consists of a monitor embedded in the device that is capable of displaying relative humidity and temperature in the atmosphere. Furthermore, Protec cleaning ball is available with the main apparatus and is capable of cleaning the whole humidifier and protecting it from harmful bacteria. Another prominent characteristics of Protec cleaning ball is its ability to clean all types of humidifying devices. Therefore, providing a diverse range of benefits


Ultra Violet Light Technology

Honeywell HCM Germ free humidifier is embedded with highly efficient ultra violet light technology that is capable of elimination up to 99% of harmful germs including bacteria and fungi. This is achieved by passing the tank water through UV light, where harmful microorganism are killed inside the water.
The water is then absorbed by the wicking filter where it is combined with the filtered air and converted to steam. Steam is later on released in the environment to increase the humidity level and improve environmental conditions. As a results consumers get to breath a germ free, healthy air.

Evaporation Technology

 The evaporation technology is integrated in the Honeywell humidifier to avoid unregulated humidification in the surroundings. This technology works in combination with wicking filters, which have the ability to blow off the humidity in the air. This leads to the rapid evaporation of the moisture content in the air avoiding over humidity in the long term.

Quite Care Technology

Honeywell HCM 350 Germ free humidifier is incorporated with quiet care technology that is associated with ultra-quiet operation. This also indicates that Honeywell HCM humidifier is 25% quitter than its other market counterparts. Therefore, the product is suitable for use at night time especially around young children and adults.

Honeywell Replacement Filters

Honeywell replacement filters are recommended by Honeywell for optimal performance of the products. These filters possess anti-microbial properties as they are treated with Protec anti-microbial. This product has the ability to prohibit round about 99% of molds and bacterial growth on the filter surface. Therefore, protecting the filters and consumers against harmful germs that might lead to bacterial or fungal infections.

Wicking Filter

Wicking filter present alongside the evaporation technology is responsible for removing or separating minerals from the water that has been purified by the ultra violet light technology. Later on, wicking filter while working in coordination with evaporation technology blows off the water in the air where moisture content is rebalanced depending on the requirement and rest of the moisture is evaporated in the process.


Honeywell HCM 350 cool mist humidifier performs extremely well and is associated with ultra-quiet operation. This attribute is praised by most of the consumers. In addition to this, the product is famous for maintaining humidity level between 40% to 60%. Such moisture content level does not supports the growth of influenza virus.

Moreover, use of humidifier also prevents dryness and shrinking of wood based furniture that might lose its moisture content in the winter season. Honeywell is a perfect humidifier for babies as well and provides comfortable warm, allergen free environment for infants to sleep in. Cool mist HCM 350 humidifier also prevents static electricity damage by introducing required moisture content in the environment.

Ultra violet light technology integrated into the product is associated with removal of harmful microbes from the water present in the tank. The efficiency of ultra violet light technology is 99.97% and this feature enhances the performance of the whole product. Bacteria and fungi are most common microbes killed under the ultra violet light. Thus, the final steam output is free of these harmful microorganisms.


Honeywell HCM 350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier is available with the price tag of $ 69.95 at the original store and is available at the price of $ 61.99 on amazon. Due to the low price of the product, it is affordable for majority of the consumers.
  • 99.97% germ free humidification
  • Cost effective appliance
  • Adds 40% to 60% moisture content in the air
  • Evaporation technology regulates moisture content
  • Protec Cleaning ball makes the device easy to clean
  • Protection against bacteria and Fungi
  • Prevents static electricity damage
  • Smell from filters
  • Difficult to clean the fan due to plastic covering and product design
  • Maintenance issues


Honeywell HCM 350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier is a well-known humidifying device available in the market at a reasonable price range of $60 to $70.  Embedded with up to date technological apparatus and highly efficient evaporation technology the product is known to provide moisture content ranging up to 40% to 60%.

 Ultra Violet technology especially integrated in the system to kill harmful microbes provides 99.97% protection against harmful bacteria and fungi. Therefore, providing clean fresh humidification to consumers. So, if you are looking for a cost and performance efficient humidifier Honeywell HCM 350 Cool Mist Germ Free Humidifier is an ultimate recommendation.


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