The Benefits of a Humidifier?
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By Lauren Quan | 23 October 2020 | 0 Comments

The Benefits of a Humidifier?

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A humidifier is an electric home appliance that aids in improving the level of humidity in a room. The home therapy adds mist to the dry air around your home to keep you healthy. With a humidifier you can prevent and alleviate illnesses such as dry skin, dry lips, common colds, bloody nose, flu, dry cough, and throats. 

Types of Humidifier
There are different types of humidifiers. The type of humidifier you choose depends on functionality, the size, and budget.
They are:
  • Evaporative humidifiers-The evaporative humidifiers add moisture to your room through a single unit system. These types of humidifiers blow the mist using a moistened filter.
  • Central Humidifiers-They are constructed directly on your air conditioning or heating system. Although expensive, they are highly effective in adding moisture in your entire house.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers-These humidifiers produce cool mist using the ultrasonic vibrations. They have different models such as cool mist, warm mist, or a combination of cool-warm mist.
  • Steam humidifiers-The steam humidifiers are powered by electricity to heat water and cool it before expelling it out. They are quite inexpensive.
  • Impeller humidifiers-The impeller humidifiers have disks that rotate at a high speed. Although inexpensive compared to other humidifiers, the impellers are children friendly but there is no risk of burning.

What are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

1.It keeps Your Skin and Lips Moisturized
Dry air, especially during the winter and hot summers can cause you skin to get dehydrated. As a result of dehydration, your skin and lips starts getting chapped and irritated. You skin will become tight, flaky, or itchy due to dry air. Although you can use lotions and lip gloss to moisten your skin and lips, the best remedy is having a humidifier to help you moisturize the whole body naturally.

2.It Soothes the Sinuses
Dry air irritates the sinus passages. When the sinus dries out, it becomes uncomfortable. In serious cases, you may have headaches, sinus pressure, or bloody nose. Breathing air with the right amount of humidity helps to soothe the sinus and prevent nose bleeding.

Additionally, when there is low humidity, you suffer from stuffy nose. Contrary to a popular belief that you high humidity can cause stuffy or runny nose. Dry air is the reason you have a stuffy nose. If you constantly suffer with irritated sinus, you should get a humidifier to help in alleviate the problem.

3. It Can Help Reduce Snoring
One of the factors that hugely contribute to snoring is dry air. If your snoring is getting severe by day, it could be because you are breathing dry air. Low humidity in the air cause the nose congestion and your threat to swell thus increasing the snoring. If your snoring is getting worse, you should consider getting a humidity to add moisture to the air while you sleep.

4.It Helps Keep Flu and Common Colds Away
Dry cold air is one of the major cause of viral flu and common colds, which causes discomfort and difficulties sleeping. You can prevent falling ill during winter by having a humidifier in your house or office. To get prepared for the winter, always ensure you have a functional humidifier. It is best to get the cool mist and warm mist humidifier as it will help in keeping the room warm in cold days thus keeping the flu and common colds away.

5.Keeps the Home Warm
A warm mist humidifier such as the Proscenic 808c helps to keep the home warm, especially during winter. The warm mist in the air keeps the temperature level at the optimum thus reducing the cold. You not only benefit from breathing moisturized air, but also keeping your home warm.

6.It Keeps the Home Plants Moisturized
You are not the only one who benefits from moist air. If you have house plants, they also benefit from the moist air. Dry air does not only affect the health of humans but also plants.

7.It Reduces Static Electricity
Dry air causes can cause a little electric shock when you touch fabrics, pets, or another person around the house. Humid air helps in reducing the static electricity, which is sometimes uncomfortable.
Are There Negative Effects of Using a Humidifier?
Burn accidents are common when using humidifiers. Avoid touching it when it’s on. Also, keep the children away from the humidifier to avoid injuring themselves.

Prolonged use of the humidifier can cause condensation on the walls which cause the growth and spread of mold.

Lack of proper maintenance and cleaning the humidifier can cause bacteria and germs getting released into the air. Ensure to keep your humidifier clean always and add clean distilled water.

The Proscenic 808c Humidifier Review
The proscenic 808c is among the best types of humidifiers because it emits cool and warm mist. The Proscenic 808c humidifier generates the mist using vibration frequencies that evaporates water into mist.

The proscenic 808c has three main parts which are the top lid, the water tank, and the body which has the piezoelectric transducer that evaporates the water into fine mist.

The top lid of the Proscenic 808c is made with plastic and sits directly on top of the water tank. On the top of the lid, there is a rotating nozzle, that ensures that mist is evenly distributed all around the room. The water tank is made from plastic with a translucent smoke finish. When empty, it weighs 117 grams with a water storage capacity of 5.3 liters. The base of the water tank has a diameter of 80mm.

The Proscenic 808c comes with a ceramic water filter that is attached on the water inlet lid, which is designed to remove the impurities from the water. The filters can serve you for six months or 500 hours before replacing.

On the heater electrode and the transducer, the humidifier has a blue led bulb to indicate the when it is powered. Additionally, you can use the blue LED light as night lights.

The 808c humidifier has a large water capacity, that keeps it running for 30 hours before the next refill. However, the proscenic 808c does not require a full water tank to run. Depending with the type of water you use, either distilled or tap water, the mist is visible in case you are using the hard tap water. However, if you use distilled water, the mist is almost invisible.

Remember to always empty the water tank before adding fresh water. It prevents the buildup of bacteria and mold, and keeps it from spreading in the air.

You should note that, bacteria and germs are can only be spread in the air when on cool mist mode. However, when on warm mist, the humidifier heats the water to a boiling point, thus killing the germs.

Both the warm and cool mist mode are quiet and only produce whisper sound. The noise levels are less than 38 decibels, there is no disturbance when sleeping or studying. The Proscenic 808c humidifier has an evaporation rate of 350 milliliters per hour which is roughly one and half cups.

The Proscenic 808c humidifier has aromatherapy feature which allows you to keep your room smelling great. Add your preferred essential oil to the aroma container and using the misting function, you can have your home smelling great. However, please note that you should not add essential oil inside the water tank. It keeps the humidifier from functioning well and causes leakage.

Another excellent feature in Proscenic 808c humidifier is that you can schedule the humidification mode and time using a remote control, voice commands with Amazon Alexa, or using a mobile application. Additionally, this humidifier will automatically switch off when the level of the water becomes too low.

There you have the reasons and the benefits of a humidifier. The benefits are vast, especially during winter or extremely dry summers that are characterized with dry air. One of the best humidifier you can get, is the Proscenic 808c humidifier. It is a warm and cool mist humidifier. Which means, you can switch to warm mist when it is cold or cool mist during hot days.


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