The 10 Best Honeywell Air Purifier
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By Joey | 23 October 2020 | 0 Comments

The 10 Best Honeywell Air Purifier

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                  The 10 Best Honeywell Air Purifier
You will need to get rid of a hard time you will face if you are an asthmatic or an allergic victim or facing any other respiratory illness and enjoy the freshness and tranquility that is brought to you by the modern air purifiers from the Honeywell Company. This is a highly reputable company renown for its excellent products, where the air purifiers are among them.

What does an air purifier do?
Air purifiers play a major role in filtering away dust, dander, mold, tobacco smoke, and other numberless impurities suspended in the air. You will live enjoying the freshness, cleanness, and tranquility of the atmosphere created by an air purifier in your house. No irritating feeling in your respiratory system nor any uncomfortable odor or scent maybe let to linger in the room whatsoever.

Are Honeywell air purifiers good?
Honeywell air purifiers are the best choice when it comes to choosing the devices that can fully meet your specified needs. The Honeywell air purifier models come in a wide variety of designs that are able to make you a proud air purifier user. They perfectly eliminate any odor and other foreign and harmful particles in a marvelous way. In this article, you will be in a better position to know which Honeywell model will best suit your wants and wishes.

Honeywell 1700-S QuietCare Air Purifier
Serene dust-free and clean atmosphere are simply achieved by the help of the Honeywell 1700-S QuietCare at an average coverage area of168 square feet around your house. For every hour, the device is able to purify the six times.
The Honeywell 1700-S QuietCare comes with a three-speed fan that allows you to select the desired purification rate. If the air quality is quite bad, you will need to use the high fan speed. The low fan speed is needed when you want silence and when there are fewer impurities in the atmosphere.
Unlike the Honeywell True HEPA, which has a three filtration system, this Honeywell 1700-S QuietCare has got two filters that will efficiently cleanse the air around you. Get one purifier that will bring the freshness you deserve to your home.

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier
This device has got a two-stage process filtration that is composed of the true HEPA filter and the pre-carbon filter. The two do a great job at scrubbing any large or tiny and harmful particle that may be suspended in the atmosphere.
If you take a closer look at the pre-carbon filter, you will come to notice the enormous pores. These pores are meant to trap larger particles like those from dust and pet hair. Through the trapping of the larger particles, the HEPA filter is spared and can last longer. The HEPA filter is able to instantly eliminate particles as small as 0.3 microns and thus achieve a 99.97% cleansing of the air in your room. You will marvel at how this device is able to cleanse an area of 80 square feet at 23 times for every hour, depending on the room size.
The Honeywell 50250-S True HEPAweighs 21 pounds, which is lighter than the Honeywell HPA300, which weighs 24 pounds. Make sure you enjoy the impressive performance of the Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA gets into the house.

Honeywell HPA 160 Air Purifier
The Honeywell HPA 160 Air Purifier proves to be a decent model that can be ideally used to purify the air in large rooms. You will love its smooth texture with its compact design, as it measures 11 inches deep and 26 inches as its stature. The device offers you an auto dimmer whenever there are not many impurities detected in the atmosphere.
This appliance employs two filters; a pre-filter that is combined with an activated carbon filter that plays a significant role in adsorbing gases, VOCs, trapping larger particles, and reducing odors from the atmosphere. The Honeywell HPA 160 device weighs 10 pounds, which comes out as being lighter than the Honeywell HPA200 by two pounds.
You will be proud of your Honeywell HPA 160 air purifier as it will always alert you through an LED indicator; at the right time, replace your filters. With many more exciting features, find a way to own a Honeywell HPA 160 air purifier.

Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier
Rooms as large as 465 square feet can be perfectly sorted out, and they can, in no time, gain the air freshness that comes as a result of the effect of the Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier at your home. This model utilizes three air cleaning levels that you can adjust so that you can be able to trap all dander, dust germs, pollen, and any odor is done away with.
The Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier is designed in such a way it has a round shape giving you the advantage to place it in all positions in the house. In order to purify air perfectly, this model is able to enhance the air quality in circulation up to 5 times per hour, which is a different case for the Honeywell 1700-S QuietCare, which cleans the air six times per hour.
Acquire a powerful air purifier that requires fewer maintenance efforts since the filter needs to be changed annually. It is high time you should be in a position to enjoy the perfect freshness and serenity your house deserves.

Honeywell HFD Quietclean air Purifier
The Honeywell HDF Quietclean Air Purifier is an effective model that excellently protects persons with allergic and asthmatic from getting to encounter with smoke, dust, pollen mold, or pet dander that may bring discomfort and a hard time.
The model features the front and back air grills where air enters with all the impurities and is expelled to the atmosphere in its pure form. Unlike other many models, the Honeywell HDF Quietclean air Purifier has got one on/off control together with an oscillation control.
The device also offers you three LED indicator lights that help you know which of the three fan speeds you have selected. Amazingly, this appliance uses the pre-filter and the IFD filter only to execute its air purification functions. The pre-filter is washable, meaning; your maintenance cost is reduced. Try it at your home today.

Honeywell professional Series Air Purifier
If you need an air purifier that can clean your large room, the choice is the Honeywell professional Series, which can be as large as 325 square feet. The device has got a true HEPA filter that captures up to 99.975 of harmful particles in the air like dust, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, viruses, and pet dander.
Whenever you switch the sleep mode provided by this device, it will make some significant changes that can induce you to sleep deeply. First, the LED lights become dim, and the machine shifts to the quietest operation mode. Unlike other air purifier models that have filters that last for a few months, the Honeywell professional Series requires you to change the filters annually.
Bring the air freshness that you and your family deserve by making the Honeywell professional Series your home guardian against the pollutant particles that may be hidden or unhidden in the invisible air. Buy one today!

Honeywell Genius Air Purifier
The Honeywell Genius Air purifier comes with a 2 to 12-hour timer that automatically switches off once the preset time is reached. The device is able to clean quite perfectly at an average area of 250 square feet around your room.
The device employs two filter options: the washable foam pre-filter and an odor reducing pre-filter that will do away with any unwanted particle in the atmosphere. What is intriguing about this device is that it employs the IFD air filter instead of a True HEPA filter. This ifD filter is loved due to its silent operation through the use of ionic technology.
With six fan speeds, the Honeywell Genius Air Purifier gives you an excellent performance that you will marvel at, along with other exceptional features like the low power rating of 42 watts. All the air freshness you need is best served by the Honeywell Genius Air Purifier.

Honeywell DH-HPA060 True HEPA Air Purifier
Using an air purifier like this one will get almost all your problems solved, since any allergen present in the air is perfectly done away with and breathe easily. This is only achieved by the presence of the True HEPA filters that capture up to 99.97% of the air pollutants, which can be as small as 0.3 microns.
You will also meet the activated carbon pre-filter that is able to absorb any odour, VOCs, gases along with any other larger particle that may be suspended in the atmosphere. The only thing you should remember is that if you optimally use the filters, you will be required to replace the pre-filter for every three months that pass.
Unlike the Honeywell genius air purifier which provides a 250 square feet air purification coverage area, the Honeywell DH-HPA060 True HEPA is meant for smaller rooms that measure up to 75 square feet. It is wiser to choose the amazing Honeywell DH-HPA060 True HEPA Air Purifier for your small rooms.

Honeywell HPA030 Tower Air Purifier
For every hour, the Honeywell HPA030 Tower is able to circulate the air in the room five times as it accurately filters away dust, pet hair, dander, pollen, mold spores, and even viruses. This trapping of the air pollutants is successfully initiated and run by the true HEPA filter that does not leave even a 0.3-micron particle to be moving around in the air.
This model is ideal for medium to large room sizes since its effects can be felt up to 150 square feet. Surprisingly, unlike many other Honeywell purifiers, this Honeywell HPA030 Tower is able to feature four cleaning levels that are executed through a one-touch LED control provided by this device.
Whenever it is time for the filter to be replaced, the automatic filter replacement indicator alerts you, so that you should receive the best results from this device. Find the best way to get the Honeywell HPA030 Tower into making a difference in your home.

Honeywell HHT270W Table Top Air Purifier
If you have small rooms, then the Honeywell HHT270W Table Top is the right model for you since it can purify the air up to a coverage area of 85 square feet. It is able to employ the dual-action filter that combines the pre-filter with the activated carbon filter, where any household odours are instantly reduced, rendering you a fresh atmosphere.
This device can circulate air in your room five times every hour, and thus remove the stale air that may accumulate in the air. The Honeywell HHT270W Table Top device offers you the three cleaning levels that will help you achieve the required results. With 4.81 pounds, the device can be easily carried or moved to a different place with fewer efforts compared to the heavier the Honeywell HPA 160 air purifier that weighs 10 pounds.
Enjoy the low power consumption of 24 watts only, by the Honeywell HHT270W Table Top air purifier, which can save you on the running cost of your device. Acquire this excellent performance air purifier and get to breathe comfortably.

The 10 best Honeywell air purifier comparison table
Model Weight
( pounds)
Coverage area
( square feet)
CADR rating
Power rating
Honeywell 1700-S QuietCare Air Purifier 14 168 130 123
Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier 21 180 138 52
  Honeywell HPA 160 Air Purifier                                                                    10 170 120/110/130 54
Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier 21 465 300 40
Honeywell HFD Quietclean air Purifier 9 170 100/110/132 43
Honeywell professional Series Air Purifier 11 325 167 43
Honeywell Genius Air Purifier 13 250 166/169/149 42
Honeywell DH-HPA060 True HEPA Air Purifier 6.39 75 62/48/75 30
Honeywell HPA030 Tower Air Purifier 10 150 110/170 54
Honeywell HHt270W Table Top Air Purifier 4.81 85 55/68/65 27

Frequently Asked Questions
Should you leave air purifier all day? 
In order for you to save on power, it is advisable to set your timer time since the device should not be running even when the air is already clean.
How long do Honeywell air filters last?
The filter life depends on the Honeywell model you have purchased, some have a life of three months, and others have a year filter life.
Can I wash my Honeywell HEPA filter?
Most Honeywell models will require you to replace them after a given period of time. Only a few have the capability to be washed for a continuous lifetime.
How do I know if my HEPA filter is dirty?
This can be easily detected by the automatic filter replacement LED lights indicators, or you will notice a decrease in acceleration power, and you can also be able to smell fuel.
How to Clean Honeywell air purifier
Find a smooth cloth and wet it with clean water and then gently wipe the outer part of the device, until you are quite satisfied with how clean it is.
How to Clean Honeywell air purifier filter
First, remove the filter by unplugging it from the device and dump a sponge in clean water and gently clean the filter by use of the soft-bristled brush.

Up this point, you will now be able to know which Honeywell model that will serve you best as everyone would have varying features considerations. Breathe quality air and live luxuriously with an allergy and asthmatic trigger free environment in your house.  


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