Do Air Purifiers Work?
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By Joey | 23 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Do Air Purifiers Work?

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                             Do air purifiers really work?
This is one of the first questions that come to mind whenever you need to purchase an air purifier. The airs we breathe in our homes are prone to many air contaminants that have adverse effects on our health. Some people may opt to have the air in homes cleansed naturally by ventilating the rooms and opening doors and windows, but this may not be efficient as to when you could have mechanized it.
The air purifiers are special machines that are designed to sanitize the air in your room, home, or office. An air purifier's effectiveness is determined by its ability to do away with different forms of air pollutants like smoke, odors, dust, pet hair, pet dander, viruses, and many more air pollutants in our living environment. Research indicates that we spend more time in our homes than we do outside; thus, the air in our home must be as pure as possible.

Do Air Purifiers Work?
You can tell the workability of an air purifier by its efficiency to sanitize the air in your room. A good air purifier should come with a high-efficiency filtration system that is able to eliminate all kinds of air contaminants. The air purifiers should be able to filter out air contaminants like dust, smoke, pollen, and many more contaminants. They further should be able to deal with gaseous air pollutants that may be from adhesives and paints in your room.
Here are air pollutants that an effective air purifier should filter;
Allergens- allergens are one of the common air contaminants in our homes. They are the main cause of allergies and asthma, and they may accelerate these reactions in case you are already allergic or asthmatic. An air purifier works using the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter that has high filtration efficiency and eliminates allergens.
Smoke- smoke is also common in our homes. You may experience smoke from our kitchen, cigarette smoking, exhaust fumes, and many more. The smoke may be so disturbing, and eliminating it may allow you to breathe easy. The air purifiers use activated carbon filters to do away with smoke and any other gaseous air contaminants.
Besides, due to the rising global warming issues, you need to use our air purifier alongside other smart home appliances like humidifiers and dehumidifiers for effective air purification.

How do Air Purifiers Work?
The main function of an air purifier is to sanitize the air in your room by getting rid of any air contaminants. Before getting to understand how air purifiers work, here are the reasons why you need an air purifier;
  1. The air purifiers help combat the stinking smoke. Smoke stinks and may create an unpleasant atmosphere in your home. The air purifiers help clear off such smoky situations.
  2. They help trap allergens. The allergens are mostly produced by the pets we live with. The air purifier helps trap such allergens before they settle in our house.
  3. The air purifiers serve to eliminate dust. Dust is one of the main air contaminants in our homes. Air purifiers trap the dust before it settles down for accumulation, which ensures that the quality of the air you breathe is good.
  4. They help trap airborne bacteria. Your home may contain small air impurities like mold spores, pollen, and many other bacteria that may have adverse effects on your health. The air purifiers come with 99% filtration efficiency that passes the air through a system of internal filters to trap the said airborne bacteria.
  5. They serve to do away with odors. Your home may sometimes develop unpleasant odors realized from what you always cook in your kitchen, the smoke odors, and other sources of odors. The air purifiers are equipped with a special carbon filter that serves to do away with odors of any kind, leaving the air in your room as odorless as possible.
  6. The air purifiers maintain the good health of your lungs. If you are consistently exposed to pollen, dust, dander, and many more air impurities, our lungs may be adversely affected, causing breathing disorders and other negative health issues. But the air purifiers help solve this.

This one aside, now we need to understand the working mechanism of an air purifier. Primarily, irregardless of the air purifier technology, you will notice that every air purifier makes use of two main parts to perform the purification process; the fans and the filtration system. In this section, we shall learn how the individual air purifier works to sanitize the air in your room.
The air purifier fan is a basic component that serves to suck the air from your environment into the air purifier. The fan is located next to the inlet, where it pulls the air into the purifier and forces it through a set of filters for purification.
Most air purifiers in the market use mechanical filters that come in different sets working in different mechanisms. They make use of the following filters;
Pre-Filter- a pre-filter is the first set of filters placed before the main filters and close to the air inlet. They serve to eliminate large air contaminants like pet hair, human hair and leaves the finer air contaminants to pass through. Most pre-filters are disposable, while others are washable. Make sure you pay attention to replacing them regularly as recommended for perfect air quality.
True HEPA Filter- after the pre-filters, is a HEPA filter. The HEPA filters are constructed using a number of fiberglass threads that traps particles as small as 0.3 microns. Several users marked the HEPA filters as the best with over 99.97% filtration efficiency giving you the best home air quality.
Carbon Filters- both the pre-filter and HEPA filters may trap air contaminants particles buy may not be able to capture odors. For this reason, the air purifiers make use of activated carbon filters that serve to trap gaseous air contaminants and odors. The air from the HEPA filters is passed through the carbon filters that does away with odors.
There are some other air purifiers that do not make use of filters. They include;
Ozone Generators
These types of air purifiers clean the air in your room by generating ozone that reacts air contaminants like chemicals, mildew, and bad odors. The ozone produced works by reacting and breaking down the air contaminants making the unharmful.
These air purifiers use electrostatic precipitation to deal with air contaminants rather than the use of mechanical filters. The air that passes through the ionizers is charged and attracted to the oppositely charged ions or onto the collection surface. The ion pairs that combine settle down on our floor that you can clear off once you vacuum.
UV Light
These air purifiers make use of UV lamps to kill air contaminants like bacteria, mold, and even gaseous pollutants. 

What Should I Look For in An Air Purifier?
There are certain basic requirements that you need to have in mind before getting an air purifier. They include;
Type of Filter-
Different air purifiers make use of different air purification techniques. A good air purifier that you need to consider should have at least two filtration stages. The commonly recommended filters that you can go for include HEPA filters, Activated carbon filters, and even Pre-filters that work hand in hand to deliver the best.
On the side of Pre-filters, you need to opt for washable pre-filters to cut on the replacement costs. However, the washable pre-filters have a lifespan, after which you need to replace them with new ones.
The main filter in every air purifier is the HEPA filters. Always make sure you check the HEPA filter rating of over 99.97% filtration efficiency with the ability to trap air contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.
You should avoid air purifiers that emit ozone as a means of air purification as they may pose a risk of ou being affected by the ozone.
Noise Level
You need to run an air purifier all day and night long. You need to consider going for an air purifier with low noise levels to avoid disturbance while in operation. Because of different fan speed settings, standard air purifiers come with a noise range of 20dB and 50dB.
If you like relaxing and operating in silence, then you need to consider the noise rating of less than 50dB, which is more like a normal conversation. This noise level will allow you to make use of the particular air purifier while you or your kids are asleep.
Power Consumption Rating
I am pretty sure that you don't need to receive surprising power bills at the end of the month. For you to realize the best air quality ever in your room, you need to leave the air purifier running all the time; thus, you need to have an air purifier that consumes less power. 
This factor will depend on how you want to make use of your air purifier. If you want to make use of your air purifier for different rooms at a time, then consider purchasing a lighter air purifier, but if you want to make it stationary, then you are free to have heavier air purifiers.
Additional Features
There are additional features like the programmable timer, remote control ability, smart functions, and filter replacement indicator that ensure the smooth operation of your air purifier.

What Are Other Ways I Can Improve the Air Quality in my Home?
Apart from the use of an air purifier, there are some other ways that you can employ to improve the air quality in your home. They include;
Maintain the General Home Cleanliness- high indoor hygiene can cut the accumulation of dust, dander, pet hair, mold, and man more air contaminants. Make sure you vacuum your home regularly.
Plant the Outdoor Greenerlies- the outdoor greenery helps in the exchange of fresh air around your living environment.
Have your Room Ventilated- from time to time, open the doors and windows of your room to allow circulation of air in your room. This will serve to have the air in your room exchanged with fresher ones.

Although there may be natural ways to have the air in your home sanitized, they ma not equal to that of an air purifier. An air purifier is made in a unique way that allows you to get the best air quality ever. You can't afford to miss the services of an air purifier.


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