Dyson vs Eureka: How Do They Compare?
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By Joey | 19 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson vs Eureka: How Do They Compare?

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             Dyson vs Eureka: How Do They Compare?
A Vacuum Buying Guide to Help You Choose the Best!
Vacuum cleaners are a part of almost every place you can think of, be it a home, a retail store, a school, a hospital, a restaurant, or any other facility. Nearly every place has some type of floor that needs vacuuming regularly. The vacuums available today have many innovative features to deal with today’s deep cleaning needs.
However, the type of vacuum one facility needs may differ from the type of vac that other places call for. Therefore, the vacuum companies offer different types of vacuum cleaners such as canister vacuum, stick vacuum, upholstery vacuum, upright vacuum, handheld vacuum, pet vacuum, and robotic vacuum.
One type of vacuum could give users certain advantages over another but there are some common benefits each of them will offer such as…
  • More effective and deep cleaning
  • Saves time and effort by reducing cleaning time
  • Saves money by properly maintaining carpets and rugs
  • Protects health by improving indoor air quality
  • Provide easy usability via and intuitive design
As we know that vacuum cleaners offer many advantages and there are many reasons why you need to invest in this appliance, we will compare two popular brands to make choosing the best easier for you.

Let's dive straight into the comparison between Dyson and Eureka…

Dyson vs Eureka: What are the Main Differences
The vacuum cleaner has become an appreciated tool for cleaning dust and debris being one of the convenient domestic tools ever made. Aside from cleaning dirt, they also improve air quality and help lessen the possibility of allergy breakouts.
When we talk about vacuum cleaners, there are so many brands offering a wide range of products in the market. Though there are many, we will compare to popular brands for their features and cleaning capabilities. So, here we go with Dyson vs Eureka…
As we can’t discuss every single model, we will take one popular model from each brand and check out the main differences. Let’s take NEC122A from Eureka and V7 from Dyson, a stick vacuum comparison…


Overview of the models
Eureka NEC122A: A lightweight yet powerful stick vacuum cleaner that works well for hard floors, carpets, and under-furniture. It weighs only 5.5 pounds which makes it easy to carry around and it is also equipped with an anti-allergen filtration system allowing for clean and safe emissions.
Dyson V7: Designed to pick even the tiniest particles of dust, the vacuum cleaner is powerful and practicable. It is powered by a rechargeable battery to free you to clean anywhere inside your home and have a simple yet effective filtration system. It also allows quick emptying of the bin.
Verdict: Both vacuum cleaners are cordless and comfortable to work with. Also, they both are equipped with filtration systems to ensure the air remains clean.
Control & Versatility
Eureka NEC122A: It has pretty simple controls such as a one-push button, the plush roll at the front for picking up dirt and debris, the two additional attachments to accompany the brush, the crevice tool, and the 2-in-1 upholstery tool.
Dyson V7: Though the operations are the same as in the Eureka, you need to push and hold the button to vacuum or stop. It has a powerful motor coupled with a brush that allows for deep cleaning on fabrics. Also, it gives the option of removing the stick and transforms it into a handheld.
Verdict: With its ability to transform into a handheld device, the Dyson V7 betas the Eureka’s vac. However, they both have efficient brushes with the V7 offering better results with carpets.
Battery Performance
Eureka NEC122A: It has a removable 21.6 V Li-Ion battery and takes around 3 hours on average to go from empty to full. As far as the run-time is concerned, the vac gives you approximately 30 minutes of working time. Also, it comes with wall-mount charging stations and indicator lights.
Dyson V7: The vac comes with two sets of cyclone cylinders and an improved air suction design with a maximum button at the top side of the handle. The brand promises up to 30 minutes of battery life when fully charges and recharging time is around 3.5 hours.
Verdict: While comparing the two models, the Dyson V7 seems to be more powerful but the battery life was around just six minutes in its highest setting.
“While concluding the main differences between Eureka NEC122A and Dyson V7, both models are lightweight and good for deep cleaning.”

The Similarities Between the Two Brands and Models

While we are comparing the two popular brands, Dyson and Eureka, we will also discuss a few similarities they have. Dyson V8 Absolute and Eureka PowerPlush NEC122 are two models that we will compare for their resemblance.
Here we go:
Features Dyson V8 Absolute Eureka PowerPlush NEC122
Converts to Handheld Yes Yes
Folding Handle No No
Bagless Yes Yes
Cordless Yes Yes
Battery Type Li-ion Li-ion
Battery Voltage 21.6 v 21.6 v
HEPA Filter Yes Yes
Washable Filter Yes Yes
Full Bin Indicator Yes Yes
Crevice Tool Yes Yes
Extension Wand No No
Motorized Brush Yes Yes
Built-in Attachment Storage Yes Yes
Edge Cleaner Yes Yes
Upholstry Brush Yes Yes
Surface Compatibility Carpet, Rug, Hardwod, Tile, Laminate, Concrete, Vinyl Carpet, Rug, Hardwod, Tile, Laminate, Concrete, Vinyl
Warranty 24 Months 24 Months
Self-Emptying No No
Self-Cleaning No No 
As you can see, the discussed models have many similarities but there are some features they differ in such as pet brush, dust brush, bare floor nozzle, carpet height adjustment, cyclonic action, and more.
Comparing the Vacuums in Detail
The vacuum cleaners are one of the handiest domestic tools ever made and there are so many brands offering an impressive variety to their customers. Dyson and Eureka are two big names that are known to provide well-designed and well-performing vacuum cleaners.
In this section, we will be comparing two sought-after models by Eureka and Dyson: Dyson DC41 Animal Complete and Eureka AirSpeed AS1051A.
  • General Specs: Both models from Dyson and Eureka vary in terms of weight, height, width, and thickness. Dyson’s vac weighs 7.76kg with 1.8m height and 340.3mm width while the other one is 8.39kg with 1.12m height and 368.3mm width.
  • Filter & Warranty: Both Dyson DC41 Animal Complete and Eureka AirSpeed AS1051A has HEPA filter but they vary in warranty period. The Dyson vac comes with 5 years of warranty while the Eureka’s vac offers 3 years warranty.  
  • Design: Dyson’s vac has included washable filters and automatically adjusts its height while these features are missing in the Eureka vacuum. However, the Eureka vac uses bags while the Dyson vac doesn’t use disposable bags.
  • Cleaning Power: As far as the cleaning performance is concerned, the Eureka’s vac has electronic suction power controls and has a turbo brush for deep cleaning of carpets. On the other hand, Dyson’s vac doesn’t have the same suction controls but has a turbo brush.
  • Bagged/Bagless: The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete is a bagless vacuum cleaner while the Eureka AirSpeed AS1051A is a bagged vacuum. It simply means you don’t have to buy bags when you invest in the Eureka’s vac.
  • Cable & Indicators: A long cable provide more freedom of movement and in this section, Dyson has the advantage by offering 10.6 m cable length while the Eureka’s vac has 9.1m cable. As for indicators, the Eureka vac indicates when full.
  • Storage: Both vacuums have on-board tool storage which means all extra tools can be stored in the device itself. They
also have an upright foam for easy storage and control but miss on auto cord rewind.
  • Other Features: Eureka AirSpeed AS1051A vacuum cleaner comes with a quick clean-lock bag system and includes pet power paw power brush and a pet upholstery tool. On the other hand, Dyson’s vac comes with seven additional attachments and powered by the V8 digital motor.
Comparison Table
Features Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Eureka AirSpeed AS1051A
Washable Filters Yes No
HEPA Yes Yes
Warranty 5 Years 3 Years
Cable Length 10.6m 9.1m
Electronic Suction Power controls No Yes
Indicates When full No Yes
Bagless Yes No
Automatically Adjusts Height Yes No
Verdict: Dyson DC41 Animal Complete seems to be better than Eureka AirSpeed AS1051A as it has washable filters, 2 more years of manufacturer’s warranty, automatically adjusts the height, and have a longer cable. Also, the vacuum is bagless and lightweight so that it can be used with ease and reach complex corners.

Popular Dyson Models
The following are some beloved vacuum models from Dyson…
  • Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum: Engineered for carpet cleaning, this is a cord-free and lightweight vacuum cleaner. It’s a specialized pet hair collector with 100AW suction over and 30 minutes of run-time. This vac features the Dyson Digital Motor V7 and has a Hygienic Dirt Ejector to help you with deep cleaning and get rid of the collected debris easily.
  • Dyson V8 Absolute Plus Vac: Engineered to deep clean, this vacuum comes with powerful suction for whole-home cleaning. It gives you around 40 minutes of run-time and includes 9 accessories. Other features include an advanced filtration, 2 tier Radial cyclones, two power modes, no-touch bin emptying, docking station, and converts to a handheld.
  • Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vac: One of the powerful intelligent vacuums from Dyson that has senses and adapts for optimum cleaning on al floor types. It comes with an LCD screen that displays performance and run-time and gives around 60 minutes of run-time. Other features include an integrated power management system, point and shoot bin emptying, drop-in docking, etc.
  • Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vac: The vac is designed to deep clean and comes with the whole machine filtration and hygienic point-and-shoot bin emptying. It gives you around 60 minutes of run-time and comes with 9 tools and accessories. Other features include 14 concentric cyclones, 3 power modes, in-line configuration, and quickly transforms into a handheld.
Popular Eureka Models
The following are some well-known vacuum models from Eureka… 
Eureka PowerSpeed: One of the most powerful vacuums by Eureka that is designed to deep clean your carpets, hardwood floors, and other surfaces. It features an XL dust cap and 5 height adjustment settings. Some impressive product specs include an easy empty flip bottom, foam filter type, all tools onboard, quick release handle, 2-year limited warranty, and more.
Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G: Designed for floors, stairs, and other surfaces, the vac comes with standard filtration to capture dirt, debris, and other small particles. It features a 7-piece floor-to-ceiling cleaning attachment set, blower port, power-touch handle, fingertip controls, crevice tool, dual-purpose upholstery tool, and dusting brush that store onboard vacuum.
Eureka NES210: This 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner comes with an onboard crevice tool for customizing it as per your needs and has swivel steering for improved maneuverability. The vac is ideal for hard floors, low pile carpets, and area rugs. It also comes with an 18’ power cord to reach complex corners and an X-Large dust cap and a nozzle that picks up larger debris.
Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Canister Vacuum: The bagless, multi-surface canister vacuum cleaner is designed to deep clean surfaces. It features an integrated airflow control on the handle and includes three settings: carpet, hard floors, and upholstery. Other features include a 2.5L dust container, 2-in-1 integrated crevice tool, 3L capacity, and automatic cord rewind.

Dyson vs Eureka Models: How They Stack Up
Both Dyson and Eureka offer powerful vacuum cleaners that may make it difficult for you to pick the best. To help you in your decision, we are comparing some sought-after models from these two brands…

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vac vs Eureka PowerSpeed NEU180 Upright Vac
The Dyson V7 is a cord-free, hassle-free vac that gives you around 30 minutes of run-time and versatile for easy home cleaning. It has an instant release trigger and comes with a detachable battery that requires charging for 3.5 hours minimum before first use. Powered by the Dyson digital motor V7, the vac has no-touch bin emptying and quickly transforms into a handheld vacuum.
Coming to the Eureka PowerSpeed, this lightweight upright vacuum is designed for multi-floor cleaning and comes with 5 height adjustments. It comes with XL easy empty dust cap and deluxe stretch mode to reach complex spaces. Other features include a 25’ power cord, advanced chrome steel quick-release handle, 4 on-board tools, bagless technology, and washable filters.
Dyson V8 Absolute Plus Cord-Free Vac vs Eureka MightyMiTE 3670 Canister Vac
Dyson V8 is designed for deep cleaning and has powerful suction for whole-home cleaning. It gives you around 40 minutes of run-time and captures allergens with its advanced filtration. The vac has 2 tier radial cyclones and 15 cyclones create strong centrifugal forces. It comes with two power modes, no-touch bin emptying, docking station, and quickly transforms into a handheld.
On the other hand, Eureka MightMITE 3670 is ideal for quick and efficient vacuuming and comes with standard filtration to capture even small particles. It comes with a 7-piece floor-to-ceiling cleaning attachment set and includes a blower port to blow debris. The power-touch handle has easy-to-use fingertip controls and comes with crevice tool, dual-purpose upholstery, and a dusting brush.
Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Stick Vac vs eureka NES210 3-in-1 Vac
The Dyson V11 is an intelligent vacuum that has senses and adapts for optimum cleaning regardless of the type of floor. It gives you around 60 minutes of run-time and also has an LCD screen that displays performance and run-time. Other features include an integrated power management system and digital motor, different cleaning modes, point & shoot bin emptying, and drop-in docking.
Talking about the NES210 Blaze from Eureka, it is a 3-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner that comes with an onboard crevice tool and signature swivel steering. The nozzle is designed to capture even the larger debris with ease and it is ideal for hard floors, area rugs, and low pile carpets. It has an 18’ power cord, XL dust cup, and a washable filtration system.
Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vac vs Eureka Mighty Mite Bagged Canister Vacuum
Dyson V10 is a vacuum that is ideal for deep cleaning and equipped with whole machine filtration and hygienic point-and-shoot bin emptying. It provides around 60 minutes of run-time and powered by the Dyson digital motor V10. It has14 concentric cyclones for picking up the microscopic particles and has an in-line configuration for creating more suction power.
As far as the Eureka Mighty Mite vac is concerned, it’s a multi-surface device that comes with 2.5 litres of dust capacity. It has up to 20 feet of an extra-long cord and on-board tools to clean hard-to-reach areas. Other features include an easy empty dust Bag, fingertip controls for easy usability, and a convenient blower port.

Q. Are Eureka vacuums any good?
A. Eureka is a well-known brand with many popular vacuum models under its name and most of them perform well on carpet and bare floors. The vacuums are available at an affordable price as compared to other similar brands or models available on the market.
Q. Is Eureka vacuum still in business?
A. Eureka offers many efficient and affordable vacuum models that are fitted with the latest technology like AirSpeed or SuctionSeal. Eureka NEU180B is the best overall while the Might Mite is the best budget vacuum from Eureka.
Q. Which is the best vacuum on the market?
A. There is an interminable amount of vacuum cleaners available on the market from different brands such as Eureka, Dyson, Shark, etc. The Eureka Forbes DX 1200 and Dyson V11 Torque Drive are two popular models available from Eureka and Dyson.
Q. Are Eureka vacuums made in the USA?
A. Founded in 1909 in Detroit, Mich. by Toronto, Eureka is a big name in the vacuum industry. They have their headquarters in Medford, Massachusetts, U.S., and about one-third of all vacuums by the company are manufactured in the USA.
Q. Why is Dyson so expensive?
A. Dyson is quite an expensive brand as compared to other similar vacuums. The vacuums have some additional electrical and mechanical parts allowing the vac to perform well. Also, the company spends a lot on advertising.
Q. Is a Dyson vacuum worth it?
A. Though Dyson vacuums are expensive as compared to other brands, you get value for money in terms of some additional features. However, there are other similar vacuums available on the market with the same features at an affordable price.

In Conclusion
Vacuum cleaners offer countless advantages at times when everyone is busy and didnt have time to deep clean their homes. Aside from cleaning dirt and debris, a well-designed vacuum also cleanses air quality that is extremely imperative when pollution levels are increasing.
Here weve mentioned some tips to pick the best vacuum cleaner for your home

  • Known your needs to shortlist vacuums
  • Check for quality and durability
  • Know the different types of vacuums
  • Know the amount of traffic and carpet soils
  • Look for allergen retention
  • Check features and performance
  • High levels of filtration
  • Ease of use and noise level
  • Check the capacity and storage
  • Tools and attachments
  • Compare different models
Recommended Vacuum Types

  • Canisters are easy to maneuver but quite tricky to store.
  • Uprights are great to tackle big jobs.
  • Stick vacs are ideal for quick clean-ups.
  • Handhelds can be stored in tight spaces.
  • Robotic vacs do the work for you.
With sufficient information in hand, you will be able to pick the best vacuum cleaner for your home. However, we still recommend doing some research before you go for vacuum shopping, and its always great to start with determining your needs and budget. Even a small mistake can lead to big damage as buying a good vacuum is like a one-time investment and you may not want to go wrong.
Are you ready to get your hands on the best vac? 



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