The Best Air Purifier to Help You Stay Healthy
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By Joey | 13 October 2020 | 0 Comments

The Best Air Purifier to Help You Stay Healthy

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                  The Best Air Purifier to Help You Stay Healthy
We all regularly clean our homes to our satisfaction. But there are certain elements we tend to overlook apart from focusing on the surfaces. Consider the quality of the air you breathe in your house.  You will need to eliminate smoke, allergens, pet dander, and other disturbing impurities from the air you wish to respire in your room. The current rising technologies have designed modern air purifiers that come to your rescue and give you the best life!

Are Air Purifiers Worth it?
Air purifiers offer plenty of health benefits depending on the person using them. Some are allergic to various allergens like dust, which can bring discomfort to them. Others are asthmatic. Once they are exposed to individual particles suspended in the atmosphere, asthmatic symptoms are triggered. You only need to enjoy the air perfection that gives you the relaxing composure in your house for those who neither are allergic nor asthmatic. Take a closer look at these best air purifiers you can buy in the market.

Dyson Air Purifier
The Dyson Air Purifier is popularly known for the best features for allergy elimination. Most allergens can originate from the family's pets. This appliance has got a high-efficiency particulate air that traps 99.97% of unwanted particles from the atmosphere.
Your Dyson Air Purifier is equipped with ultraviolet germicide irradiation. This feature plays a significant role in inactivating the microbes from the space but does not remove the microbes. It only inactivates them.
The appliance has got three level sensors on its base. One of the sensors uses the infrared light source to check for any particulate matter like pollen composed of a diameter of 10 microns. The second sensor gets red of any VOCs, which may bring about allergic reactions to an individual.
This device can be easily controlled by a remote or even your phone through the Dyson app, as it gives you frequent real-time reports for you.

Honeywell Air Purifier
Having your dogs, cats, or any other pet in your home may not bring any allergic effects to you, but it may be unpleasant to breathe any of the pet's odor. The Honeywell brands bring you various air purifier models that contain the best quality HEPA filters, which ensures that not even the tiniest impurity in the air remains in the room.
The Honeywell Air Purifier also employs the pre-filter that captures the larger particles like pollen, hair, fur, and dust from the surrounding air. Due to the pre-filters presence, the HEPA can last longer, and its efficiency is enhanced.
You will know whether it is time to change the current filter with a new one since an electronic filter indicator alerts you. Honeywell Air Purifier is quite ideal for small rooms.

Levoit Air Purifier
Deal with the bothersome air quality caused by smoke, especially to non-smokers. The Levoit Air Purifier is truly meant for you. What the device does is that it uses the true HEPA filter, along with the pre-filter and the activated carbon filter that form the three-stage filtration that forcefully captures 99.97% of the particles in the atmosphere, where smoke particles are included.
The Levoit Air Purifier gives you a quiet operation that is ideal for bedrooms as it can allow you to sleep soundly and an added advantage about the device because it offers you a night light that supports sleep. You will surely love its perfect design that comes along with the gorgeous touch control display that is simple and faster to operate.
The Levoit Air Purifier features the smart Auto mode that can deliver you the current air quality assessment in the room.

Gem Guardian Air Purifier
The Gem Guardian Air Purifier is a 4-in-1 home device that comes with a true HEPA air filter. This air purifier traps up to 99.97% of harmful particles like dust, germs, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and any other unwanted particle in the air, leaving you to enjoy the absolute pure air freshness. Any particle smaller larger than 0.3 microns are easily trapped.
It is fitted with the prudent help of the UV-C light that functions in conjunction with Titanium Dioxide. Hence, the Gem Guardian Air Purifier has the full capability to kill any germs, including viruses such as influenza, rhinovirus, and staph. Thus, reducing the organic compounds that may be suspended in the air.
As long as you use the Gem Guardian Air Purifier, odors and pet dander will never be a threat to you, since the device makes the activated charcoal into functionality. Enjoy the gentle quietness at the lowest setting of this machine, which is ideal when you want to sleep without any sound disturbance at night.

Holmes Air Purifier
Holmes Air Purifier employs the High-efficiency filter that is most trusted in removing airborne particles like smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, and many unwanted particles suspended in the air. The strong arm and hammer, baking soda, are fortified to absorb and finish any odor in the house.
The Holmes Air Purifier has three fan-speed settings that you can adjust to save on power and determine the sound level of your device since the fan is loudest at the highest speed and lowest at the slowest speed. You will love the machine's slim tower design that lets you position it in any place in the room.
Whenever the appliance needs you to change its filter, there is an excellent filter change alert at your convenience since the Holmes Air Purifier uses an ionizer that binds negative ions to a more massive particle that can be easily captured by the filter.

Winix Air Purifier
The Winix Air Purifier is perfectly equipped with a true HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, and a PlasmaWave so that you can get rid of the dirt, allergens, and dust especially and enjoy clean air to breathe. Intriguingly, the carbon filter is washable instead of disposing of them often, thus conserving the environment.
To eliminate most dust, which is an allergen, the Winix Air Purifier employs multiple fan speeds that can quickly adapt to any size of your room. If you want to trap more dust, you only need to increase the speed of the fan.
This affordable appliance offers you smart sensors that detect and asses the current air quality and give you the actual reports. After sensing lousy air quality caused by impurities like dust, the machine automatically switches to the required settings to improve the state of the surrounding air.

Molekule Air Purifier
If there are spores everywhere that may be attached to the walls outside or inside the house, you cannot overlook them. Since gradually, you will start inhaling their spores and find yourself getting allergic or asthmatic effects. The Molekule Air Purifier has the perfect features that can counteract the molds in your house or office.
The HEPA filter plays a significant role in filtering up to 99.97% of any particle that measures 0.3 microns of diameter and above. The mold spores being large, they fail to escape the high-efficiency filter. You only need to occasionally change the filters to prevent the molds from growing in the filter, rendering the filter into inefficiency.
Thankfully, the Molekule Air Purifier comes with the PECO technology with the ultimate power to destroy the mold spores through its light-activated catalytic reaction. This eliminates any potential of the mold to grow inside the Molekule Air Purifier.

Coway Air Purifier
The Coway Air Purifier is an ideal device for home use due to its super silent operation except for the highest fan speed that is a bit louder. The tool gives you a unique chance to operate it through the voice control apps like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home using your smartphone.
 The Coway Air Purifier delivers real-time reports through the smart sensors that take the responsibility to communicate. Different lights give various specific signals about the air quality in the room. You will see the brightly colored LED ring that signifies how dirty or clean the indoor air is.
Unlike most air purifiers, the Coway Air Purifier has a timer installation that allows you to set between 1, 2, 4, and 8-hour settings.  It is big-time you should own a Coway Air Purifier that will always alert you when to replace the filters.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Experience the fantastic adventures with one of the air purifiers that fits your daily life essentials at home or office. With an air purifier, you are guaranteed a respiratory disease-free environment and a refreshing and relaxing surrounding that will make you forget all your worries. Make a significant step into buying one of your choices.


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