Roomba e5, Is it a Good Robot Vacuum?
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By Lauren Quan | 13 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Roomba e5, Is it a Good Robot Vacuum?

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iRobot Roomba e5 is one of the most efficient and powerful robots in the market. The robot has strong suction, a longer battery life, and can also support both app controls and voice commands. However, it faces stiff competition from other robots that perform the same duties.

For the robot to perform its duties, it requires a companion application to either start or stops the vacuuming process. The app is also used to schedule future cleaning sessions. iRobot Roomba E5 is relatively easy to use and hosts plenty of cleaning power even though it is not the most outstanding robot.

iRobot Roomba E5 cost $449.99, which is relatively costly compared to Roomba 675 that only costs $330 and has the same functionality as Roomba E5.

  • It has a powerful suction
  • It has a longer battery life as compared to other robots
  • It is suitable for low- clearance furniture
  • It has support for both Google Assistant voice command and Amazon’s Alexa.
  • It produces a lot of noise when in use
  • There are no physical controls for the robot.

Aspects of Roomba E5
This robot is hosted in a circular black plastic body that measures 13.3 inches in width and 3.6 inches in height. It is, therefore, relatively short enough, making it possible for this robot to clear under low clearance furniture such as beds and couches.

The top
A clean silver button is sandwiched between the home button to the left and then sport clean version on the right-hand side in the middle of the top side of the vacuum. Once the vacuum is switched on, there is an indicator light for battery life, Wi-Fi, and troubleshooting purposes. There is a built-in handle that helps in picking up and moving the robot manually when there is a need to.

The Front
On the front part of the vac, there is the bump. Whereas on the backside, there are the following things.
  • 0.5 liters dustbin
  • Dustbin’s release button
  • Filters
Turning over the e5 brushes, brush caps, cliff sensors, caster wheel, charging contacts, edge-sweeping brushes, and a brush frame release tap are seen.

The bottom
During purchase, Roomba E5 is accompanied by a home-based charging station with features such as an RCON sensor at the top, on the IR sensor window, and the charging contacts for the vacuum. The robot is well suited for iRobot dual-mode virtual wall barriers that restrict the robot from entering the areas that are out of bounds. However, these are not included during the purchase, and one has to purchase them separately at $59.99.

The setup, application, and voice control for the robot
It is not an essential requirement for one to download the companion app to use the E5. However, without it, it is impossible to turn on and off the robot or to schedule future cleaning sessions. To connect it, one has to download the iRobot home application and create an account. The next step is to choose the vacuum model from the available menu and select a Wi-Fi network. Press and hold the spot and home buttons found on the vacuum for proximately 2 seconds and follow the prompts so that the Roomba E5 can be connected to the application.

At the center of the home application, there is a cleaning button that starts and stops the vacuuming process, and below it, there is a battery level indicator. Upon completion, a pop-up message appears that asks the user whether to resume the vacuuming or to take back the robot to its charging dock. The right corner of the application is to manage smart home services connected to the robot, such as the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, when the left corner of the application shows received notifications. Once a connection has been established, the user can use voice commands to either start or stop the vacuum, pause, or send the vacuum cleaner back to its charger.

Below the clean button are four tabs; the schedule, help, settings, and history tabs. By visiting the schedule option, one can set that the vacuum automatically cleans the room at a specific day and time. Under the history tab, the log of total cleaning jobs, the time it has taken on that account can be found. Tapping on a specific musician displays the duration, starting time, and status (either completed or started) can be seen.

The Help tab is where the user can find maintenance and care guidelines, common FAQs, and warranty information. Under the setting tab, the user can see the Wi-Fi information, language switch options, factory resets, and when need be, one can locate a missing vacuum. The iRobot E5 has no steering controls or an opportunity to switch to spot clean mode in the application. Therefore, one has to move the vacuum to places that require cleaning manually.

The Roomba 675
The Roomba 675 is the least expensive robot vacuum with Wi-Fi, app controls, scheduling, and voice controls. A new user can choose this robot that can be bought at $299.99 and is one of the most marketed robots proven to be very useful. It is the most affordable and cheapest robot that has Wi-Fi connectivity to be produced by the company. The robot can automatically adjust to different floor surfaces and rarely get stuck and has a higher work rate.

  • The robot rarely gets stuck in rough spaces and surfaces
  • It has both voice and app controls
  • The robot allows scheduling for future cleaning sessions
  • Roomba 675 can easily adjust to contrasting floor surfaces
  • It can detect and concentrate on heavily soiled surfaces. (htt15).
  • The robot produces sound when working
  • At times, the robot fails to return to its base station after the cleaning process accurately
  • The robot can sometimes miss some dust particles on carpets (htt15).

Design and Setup
The robot measures 13 inches in diameter and 3.7 inches in height. It can clean under furniture despite it being one of the tallest vacuums. The bottom side has multi-surface brushes that clean and lifts debris, adding them to the suction channel.  There is also a side brush for cleaning the corners and several sensors to prevent it from falling off the stairs.

The set up for Roomba 675 is relatively easy as the only requirement is plugging its home base on a wall, removing the battery, and placing it on the charging panel. To check for the battery status, one only has to press the clean button on the vacuum. Its iRobot home application is available for both android and IOS users, and one has only to create and sign in to their accounts.

Once completed, the application will display various robots to choose from, and the user should pick out Roomba 675. Finally, one connects to the Wi-Fi by following the prompts. However, the robot does not come with physical remote control, but it can be controlled through its home application using Google Assistant Voice and Amazon’s Alexa. After connecting both devices, it is possible to control the appliance by just your voice.

The robot has a long battery life of up to 100 minutes and can also automatically dock itself back to the base station. In cases where it fails, it has a handle at the top and can be manually carried back to the base station.

The robot requires that the bin is emptied after every cleaning session. Additionally, clean the brushes and filters at least once or twice a week.

On a monthly basis, the side brushes, charging plates, and cliff sensors require to be cleaned too. To empty the bin, the user only has to press the release button at the top side of the vacuum, pull it out, open the bin door and empty the contents.

Both iRobot Roomba e5 and Roomba 675 are created to simplify the cleaning of a room. In comparison, e5 is more expensive than 675 despite them being almost similar. However, Roomba e5 is more efficient in its work and can station itself back to its charging base.

The two devices are very similar, and the only primary consideration by the buyer is the price difference between the two. The price difference is high, yet the user will get the same services when using the cheaper option of Roomba 675. Therefore, Roomba e5 is a superb option but is avoided by many due to its price tag. This prompts many to purchase Roomba 675.


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