Roomba 650, is it a Good Value?
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By Lauren Quan | 13 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Roomba 650, is it a Good Value?

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Roomba 650 is one of the most outstanding and sought after vacuums despite it being one of the oldest vacuum models in the market. It is specifically programmed to perform cleaning session at its best and faster compared to other vacuum models.

The vacuum is suitable for pet owners since it can clean pet hair as well as dog poop, dust particles, and large debris. It has been designed to clean under low-lying furniture, kickboards and beds effectively. The robot measures 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches and weighs approximately 11.7 pounds making it suitable to clean various parts of the room.

  • The robot has an auto docking service.
  • It has a 3-stage cleaning system that ensures that the robot perfectly cleans the house.
  • Roomba 650 is relatively to use.
  • It has the ability to self charge itself.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • It has a virtual wall system.
  • It can work on all types of floors without any problems.
  • It produces less noise with smart cleaning schedules to plan for future cleaning sessions.
  • It has an iAdapt navigation system.
  • The robot does not have Wi-Fi connectivity and cannot, therefore, be connected to a Smartphone application.
  • Its battery takes a long time to charge fully.
  • It has a weak AI.
  • Roomba 650 does not support either of Google Assistant voice or Amazon Alexa.
  • The robot has a weak user experience.
Aspects of Roomba 650
The following are some of the various aspects that have made Roomba 650 more outstanding than other robots from the company and rival companies.
This device does not have a unique design, and its appearance is similar to that of other robots. It is designed in a tried-and-true circular design with grey and black trimmings with an industrial aesthetic. At the top of the robot is a pullout handle that is quite useful when manually moving the device up and down the stairs.
When you buy the vacuum cleaner it comes with the following things;
  • A replacement filter
  • A cleaning tool
  • A charger
Set up virtual barriers that define the boundaries that the vacuum should work in.

However, you don’t have to worry about the robot falling downstairs since it has a series of infrared sensors to help it identify the floors it should tread on.

This robot is mainly controlled by pressing the clean button found at the center. This button will display a yellow color when the appliance is charging and a green color when the robot is fully charged. This button is then surrounded by five other buttons that help in controlling the robot.

These buttons include a start-up button to start the robot, a clean mode button for choosing the type of cleaning session such as deep cleaning the robot’s base and one for sending the robot to its charging dock. However, the robot can automatically go back to the charging dock on its own after completing the cleaning.

Setting up the robot
Setting up this robot can somehow turn out to be boring since it uses a similar setup process as the old school alarm clock. One starts by setting the date and time by pressing and holding the clock button to change the display view, then the date, hour or minute buttons. This is the same procedure that is used for scheduling any future cleaning sessions only that now you press and hold the schedule button.
The robot is created with a set of dual rotating brushes that ensure maximum cleaning. It also has a filtered dustbin that has been adopted by other robot making companies, when cleaning Roomba 650 moves fast as compared to other robots that move steadily and stately as they move across rooms.

However, this robot can trip over a pile of rugs and may require some extra time to suck a large volume of debris. Due to this speed; the robot is unable to take it easy around corners and may even damage one’s belongings. Therefore, before any cleaning duties are assigned, the user should collect any breakable stuff such as bottles, glasses and cups.

This robot is, however, not the best for households that are heavily petted. Due to its bristled rolling brush, the robot can do reasonably well but not effectively.
This Roomba is powered by a 3,000mAh battery that can last up to an hour while cleaning a 470 square foot home. This is a good battery life compared to other robot models that retail around the same price. Before the battery is fully drained, the robot can automatically go back to its charging dock.
Roomba 655

This product is uniquely designed to look a little bit different from traditional Roomba models.  After taking a look at it, it is evident that iRobot wanted to try something different from its other models. Roomba 650 has a unique smart look of any vacuum in the market. However, it is sporadic to find this sleek product in the market today.

The device measures 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches and weighs approximately 7.9 pounds. Looking closely at these dimensions, one can notice that they are almost identical to those of Roomba 650. The robot can squeeze itself into the toughest of spots, and it has no issues with cleaning them.

  • It has an iAdapt navigation system.
  • It has a 3-stage cleaning feature that ensures that the surfaces are thoroughly and well cleaned
  • It is relatively simple to use.
  • It has a dirt detection system that detects dust particles and thoroughly cleans the surfaces until no more dust particles are left.
  • It has an improved battery life that keeps the robot running for some time until it has cleaned an excellent area of the house. This depends on the house size and in a small room; the robot can clean the surfaces before the next recharge thoroughly.
  • It has a virtual wall system that defines the boundaries within which the robot will work.
  • It has a weak AI system.
  • Its navigation system is relatively weak compared to other robot vacuum models.
  • It has a small dustbin.
How to clean Roomba 655
To clean the bin, one presses the bin release button and pulls the bin to remove it. The next step is to open the bin’s lid to make the emptying possible. Then pull out the filter to remove it and then shake off the dirt particles against the trash containers. You can then reinstall the filter by following these steps in reverse order.
To clean Roomba 655’s brushes, we first take out and clean pet series brushes by pressing down the two yellow tabs and then pulling the brush gate gently open. The next step is removing the brushes which can be achieved by grabbing and pulling up the brushes so that they can be taken out.

This step should be done using a damp microfiber cloth to clean the brushes. Cleaning the bristle brush involves the use of a hair cutter to cut hairpieces that have been entangled within the brush. The brush is slid up and down until the brush is seen to be clean. To reinstall the parts, follow these steps in reverse order.

Both of these iRobot vacuums are unique in their own way. Based on the abilities of the two vacuums, Roomba 655 is the most preferable. Still, the fact that it is rarely found in today’s market has disqualified it from the vacuuming robots one can try to purchase. Therefore, the option is to purchase the iRobot 650 since it performs similar tasks as Roomba 655.

Both of these robots are easy to use, and user guides accompany them during purchase. Therefore, for a new user, it is easy to set up the device and schedule future cleaning sessions. The Roomba 650 is an advanced device that thoroughly cleans a room.

However, it is advisable that before starting a cleaning session, one should collect any breakable stuff such as bottles, glasses and cups. Due to its speed, the robot can likely break them. It is also advisable that one collects piles of rugs within the house to prevent the robot from tripping over.


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