Which Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the Best?
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By Lauren Quan | 13 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Which Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the Best?

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Most of the Roomba robots are very similar underwire may sometimes be confused to identify the uniqueness of each model. However, there are differences between the products, and each of the products is unique and beneficial. It is, therefore, advisable too closely research the various models before purchasing so that one can buy the required and suitable robot for the year vacuum cleaning purposes.
Roomba 671

This is a robotic vacuum that can be controlled using a phone application. This vacuum cleaner can navigate through a room, avoiding obstacles such as walls and furniture while also avoiding tripping of the stairs due to its suite of sensors. However, large items such as clothes and toys have to be removed from the floor before starting the robot.

For the first-time setup, the phone application helps show the tutorials and schedule cleaning sessions, see battery levels and check to play history, and even offers the option to contact the customer care.

The charging case for the robot has to be permanently plugged in, and whenever the battery level is low, the robot will find its way back to the charging dock. The battery has a 1 hour lifetime and takes up to 3 hours for a full recharge.

  • Roomba 671 has a powerful battery that can last up to 90minutes when working on rough surfaces. This power is enough to clean a medium-sized room, and it takes slightly over an hour to fully charge.  A fully charged battery can clean 1500 sq.ft.
  • The robot sends notifications such as stuck, job done, and others to the iRobot Home app. One can also check on the battery status, and it can work from any location.
  • The robot works in straight lines since it cannot accurately map the house and is already cleaned. However, it can clean the wall edges and tight corners, and when it detects that it hangs on a wall, it tightly holds onto it.
  • The dirt brushes and trap can be easily accessed for maintenance since they require regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • It does not have the strongest of suction power and only traps dust particles that are directly below it.
  • It does not do a good cleaning job at the intersection of a floor and a carpet or rug. It mainly fails to collect any dirt that is at the joint of the two surfaces.
  • Roomba 671 has a sensor at the top of it that can make it get stuck beneath coffee tables and other furniture.
Roomba 985
This is a robot that has a 10x suction power that is empowered by its power boost mode. It has a 3-stage cleaning system with a dual multi-surface rubber brush and powerlifting section that traps debris and pet hair.

It has a tangle-free rubber brush that thoroughly deals with pet hair and absorbs 99% of allergens and pollen. It can run for 120 minutes and automatically recharge itself and pick up from the last point where it worked.

Roomba 985 has a full level coverage that keeps track of the vacuum's location. It is suitable for cleaning all floors and can automatically adapt two different floor surfaces due to its dual multi-surface brushes.
  • The vacuum can clean both carpets and hard floors
  • The vacuum has an option to schedule future cleaning sessions
  • Roomba 985 can pick out pet hair
  • The robot has additional sensors that prevent it from crushing against walls and navigate well around the house.
  • It can effectively transit between surfaces while also doing a good cleaning job.
  • Its three brushes and dustbin can be easily removed and cleaned after every cleaning session.
  • The appliance is relatively smaller as compared to other similar models
  • The robot does not send any notifications on the remaining battery, and it can therefore power off when still cleaning.
  • It is not one of the noiseless robots as produces some sound when cleaning that can make it difficult for a person to watch television when it is cleaning.
  • The robot cannot be connected to other third-party devices such as smart home automated devices.
  • Roomba 985 is expensive, retailing at around $900. This is expensive compared to other similar and popular robots.
  • The robots' advanced features can only be accessed through the iRobot Home application. A physical remote control does not accompany it can only be controlled using the smartphone IS.
Roomba 980

This is a vacuum that cleans surfaces without the need of the user physically controlling it. It is a flat round vacuum that is almost 14 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height, and slightly below 9 pounds.

It has two rotating brushes and an extra spinning brush that helps it cover the floor and the ages close to the floor. The Roomba 980 also has a removable dustbin. There are clean, home, and spot mode buttons that hell in the running of the vacuum.

One can also manually control the starting and stopping of the robot. It has an LED indicator that shows Wi-Fi connectivity, troubleshooting, battery life, and a full dustbin. The vacuum has two AA battery enabled virtual lighthouses that are easy to set up and identify boundaries that the vacuum cleaner should consider when cleaning.

The Wi-Fi connectivity and she could be controlled using a smartphone app to schedule and clean cycles and boost the robot's suction on carpets.

  • It has additional sensors that prevent it from crushing against walls and navigate well around the house.
  • It can effectively transit between surfaces while also maintaining an effective cleaning
  • Roomba 980 automatically can change the cleaning methods so that the surfaces are well cleaned.
  • It can be controlled using a Smartphone app or Amazon's Alexa since it has Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Its lithium-ion battery is long-lasting, and it sustains a powerful suction during the cleaning
  • It has additional sensors that help it navigate in a room despite any changes in furniture arrangements and clutter.
  • The robot retails at $900, which is relatively expensive
  • The vacuums advanced features can only be accessed from the iRobot home application, and it does not also come with a physical remote controller.
  • Compared to the previous Roomba models, suction power is lower, and therefore it limits its performance.
  • The report does not have a notification panel to read the battery life is remaining.
  • It cannot be connected to third party services such as smart home automation systems
  • The vacuum producers some sound making it difficult to have conversations within the room when it is working.
Roomba 960
This robot measures 13.8 by 13.8 by 3.6 inches and weighs approximately 8.6 pounds. It is idealistic Ali design for floor cleaning purposes, and these dimensions make it possible for it to clean most surfaces, including under the beds and the chest of drawers.

The report has no issue in cleaning that under TV stands, unlike previous models such as Neato Botvac that gets stuck under furniture. At the top, their several buttons despite there being an option of Robert being controlled using a mobile application. The vacuum can be connected to the Wi-Fi and can be controlled using the iRobot home application.

  • It has good navigation abilities
  • It can handle different types of floors
  • It produces less sound making it possible to hold conversations or watch the television well the robot conducts the cleaning.
  • It is compatible with a Smartphone application and voice controls such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.
  • It can display the map where cleaning has been done.
  • Sometimes the robot gets there under low lying furniture.
  • The report cannot be steered using the phone application.
Depending on the available budget and the required cleaning services, one has to decide which of the Roomba products are best suited for their needs. Despite the Roomba products having the same design, the different models have unique abilities to suit everyone's needs.

It is advisable to purchase the latest models of Roomba products so that the buyer can enjoy the latest features to be added by the company to its robot vacuum cleaners. There are also other similar products from other companies to choose from. Each year there is an improvement in robots, and more powerful robots are produced.


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