Is Dyson the Best Vacuum Cleaner in 2020?
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By Lauren Quan | 12 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Dyson the Best Vacuum Cleaner in 2020?

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When buying a vacuum cleaner, we intend to choose those built to conveniently and efficiently satisfy our needs. These vacuum cleaners use different ways of trapping dust particles.

Dyson vacuums are one of the best vacuums in the market due to their durability and other aspects that make them suitable for all surfaces. Most of their vacuum cleaners are cordless and still the most efficient in the business. We shall look at the various aspects that make Dyson Vacuum cleaners the best in the current market.
Dyson vacuums aspects that make them the best in 2020.

Centrifugal Separators
Dyson vacuums use centrifugal separators to trap dust particles. This took 5,127 trial designs and licensing of the technology to a Japanese company to develop. The company released the cyclone technology as a G-Force and earned income to set up Dyson Appliances Ltd. The first vacuum to be produced was a dual cyclone under the brand name DA001.

With time, technology has been developed to suit the different needs of their customers. These centrifugal separators have helped in the making of high-quality vacuums that have trap 99.99% of dust particles and also in the production of allergy-free certified vacuums such as the Dyson v8 Animal.

Cordless and lightweight
Finding a vacuum that can clean our everyday mess is the best solution. Dyson vacuums are lightweight and cordless, offering this solution. Most of their vacuum cleaners, such as the Dyson v11 Animal and Dyson v8 Animal, fit this description giving the user the best experience.

These vacuums can efficiently both floor and ceiling surfaces ensuring that the rooms are safe and well cleaned. Their lightweight feature makes it possible to clean ceilings and other high places using these vacuums. They also have a vacuum head that turns at the wrist's twist, making them suitable for cleaning tight edges and corners.

Battery life
The latest and most powerful vacuum is powered by an integrated power management system that uses Dyson's battery and battery saving technology to provide several hours of running time. Dyson vacuums are installed with powerful batteries to ensure that they can clean a room for approximately 60 minutes after a phone recharge.

They come with the charging dock that stores and recharges the vacuum when it's not in use. For example, the Dyson V10 Animal offers up to 60 minutes of ad-free suction and 35 minutes of torque drive cleaner. This makes the vacuum very powerful when working on alternate surfaces such as carpets and hard floors.
Its battery has 3.5 hours of full charging time, which is relatively short. However, battery life is dependent on the power mode that is in use. This means that the higher the power mode is used, the lower the battery life, and the lower the power mode, the longer the battery life.

Dyson vacuums are designed in such a way that they can clean both ceilings and floors effectively. Most of the volcanoes are cordless, making them suitable to be used across any room. They have several acoustically arranged brushes that ensure that the vacuums clean even in tight edges and corners.

They have a massive dust canister that can hold up to 79,000 grams of dust particles and bacteria. These vacuums are powered by Dyson motors that are powerful and long-lasting in maintaining powerful suction. Play lithium-ion batteries are durable and can offer up to 60 minutes of fade-free suction before the next full recharge.

Some of the Dyson vacuums, such as the Dyson V10 Animal, have a soft-touch trigger that maximizes the cleaning time when the battery is in use. The vacuum cleaners are lightweight and ergonomic, making them suitable for high places and the most interior places that require thorough cleaning. Dyson vacuums acoustically engineered to produce minimal sound by absorbing vibrations.

Dyson vacuums can clean both hardwood floors and carpets. They can also effectively clean the intersections between rough surfaces and carpets. Due to their robust and powerful suction, trap even the smallest of particles from the floors and the ceilings.

Their lithium-ion batteries that have proven to be long-lasting have given them an added advantage on its performance because they can continue for several hours. Their large dust canisters enable the vacuum to continuously clean a more prominent space without having to empty the dustbin regularly.

In general, Dyson vacuums have the best performance compared to other vacuums from rival companies. Purchasing one of the latest Dyson vacuum models will guarantee an outstanding yet effective cleaning job.

Suction power
Dyson vacuums are known to have the most powerful suction of any cordless vacuum. They use concentric array cyclones to create their powerful suction ability. This makes it possible to trap 79,000 grams of particles into the vacuum's bin. They have a 99.99% successful suction rate for both dust particles and bacteria under a 0.3 success rate for microscopic microns.

The vacuum cleans the room, effectively ensuring that the air we breathe is clean and bacteria-free. Different models of the Dyson vacuums are built with other technologies to boost its suction power. The Dyson v7 Animal can spin 110000 rpm, producing 100 Air Watts that creates its suction power. The Dyson V8 Animal as a whole machine filtration that can track allergens and release cleaner air to the room.

It also has 2 tier RadialTM cyclones made up of 15 small cyclones that create centrifugal force that attracts microscopic dust particles and allergens. The vacuums are powered by different generations of the Dyson motors that help in creating a powerful suction.

A Dyson Hyperdymium motor powers the most powerful Dyson vacuum. This motor has twice powerful suction and also created with a whole machine filtration system that is made up of 14 concentric array cyclones set traps at least 79,000 grams of dust particles into the beam. It has three power modes that ensure that the user picks the best mode needed for a task.

Additionally, it's motor, bin, and cyclones are set up in a straight line to create an extra powerful Dyson suction.

Hygienic dustbin
Dyson vacuums are designed so that the user does not have to empty the dustbin manually. Earlier versions of the vacuums had a not touch dustbin where the user would only have to push a button, and then the bin and its contents would be expelled from the vacuum. However, the latest vacuum models have a shoot bin that helps in emptying the bins.

Dyson vacuums also have a relatively bigger dustbin such as the 0.2-gallon dust canister found in Dyson v11 Animal that makes sure that the vacuum can clean up to 1500 sq.ft. Before emptying is needed, this feature in a cordless vacuum is most suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Without a doubt, Dyson vacuums are the best in today's market. They have exceptional features that make them all-purpose and suitable for both home and office use. Their cordless nature has enabled them to be portable and made them outstanding from other vacuums since they can clean both floor and ceiling surfaces.
There is a variety of vacuums from Dyson that one can choose from that suit their needs. Since different people admire different products, the assortment of vacuums to select from satisfies a more significant part of the population. The vacuum cleaners are durable with long-life batteries that sustain the vacuums' cleaning capabilities.

The vacuums have different power modes to support the various tasks that the vacuum can perform. The vacs are enhanced with Dyson motors and cyclones to boost its suction, and therefore, the products have the most powerful suction power. For example, the best Dyson vacuum cleaner is the Dyson v11.
It is the most powerful and also the most intelligent of vacuums that have twice the suction power of any other cordless vacuum. The Dyson v8 Animal vacuum is asthma and allergy certified because it can trap allergens inside it. By choosing a Dyson vacuum, one is merely selecting the best vacuum that gives the real value of their money.


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