7 Best Air Fryers, Tested by Food Network Kitchen
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By Joey | 07 October 2020 | 0 Comments

7 Best Air Fryers, Tested by Food Network Kitchen

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           7 Best Air Fryers, Tested by Food Network Kitchen
There has been great advancement in smart home appliances technology, and your kitchen cannot be left behind. I am sure you don’t want to use the old methods preparing the best meals for your family, hence a call for a smart kitchen appliance like the air fryer.

What is an Air Fryer?
An air fryer is a simple oven that has a highly concentrated heat source and a powerful fan that serves to move hot air above whatever you want to fryer with a limited supply of cooking oil.

How Does it Work?
An air fryer is featured with a fan and a heating mechanism on its top. The heating element supplies heat that is circulated by the fan through the food that you need to fry packed in a fryer-style basket. The rapid heat circulation makes your food crunchy the same state as that of deep-frying. The air fryer is made compact, a feature that facilitates faster food cooking.

Is Air Fried Food Healthy?
Air Fried food comes with numerous health benefits that have a positive change in your health. First, the air fryers require little or no fat to fry your food; thus, you can escape the risk of cholesterol accumulation in your body. Since the foods prepared by an air fryer have low-fat content, then you can trust the air fryer if you need to cut weight.

What are the best Air Fryers?
There are many air purifiers in the market that have been in existence for years now that may totally confuse you on the ones that may be the best for you. Different air fryers may come in the same shape and size but totally different in their frying efficiency. 
Here are the best air purifiers as put into test by the food network kitchen;
Ninja Air Fryer
The Ninja Air Fryer is among the top best performer ranked because of its ease of use.
The Ninja Air Fryer comes with outstanding features that guarantee you high frying performance. The Ninja Air Fryer comes with a fryer basket that is easy to slide in and out when you are loading food. The basket’s interior is made in a slick design, removable and from a ceramic material that is non-stick.
Another test on Ninja Air Fryer is the dehydrating ability. With this feature, you can regulate by slowing the amount of air circulating through your food to allow it to dry out.
Ninja Air Fryer features different cook settings, which include the Max crisp and air broil setting that operates on 450ºF and the dehydrate setting that reaches 105ºF. The different settings assure you even juicy fries.
The Ninja Air Fryer is the top performer among other traditional air fryers with basket-style.
You will like Ninja Air Fryer because of its outstanding performance at a reasonable cost. It comes with a specially designed ceramic food basket that is non-stick; this means that your food will not stick on it, which is healthy. Another outstanding feature that will make you include Ninja Air Fryer on your shopping list is its different cook settings. The settings allow you to set on either maximum or minimum power, which assures you the best result.

Gowise Air Fryer
If you are looking for an air fryer for frying large batches of food, the Gowise Air Fryer is your option.
The Gowise Air Fryer has a food basket with an oblong shape that allows you to fry much food at once. The oblong-shaped food basket hen tested allows you to cook with a single layer and aids during the food dehydrating process.
Another tested feature is the rack. Gowise Air Fryer comes with three additional racks that allow you air fry thin and also dehydrate your food up to four times.
Gowise Air Fryer comes with three racks that stack, a feature that other air fryers lack.
Gowise Air Fryer gives you the power to fry bulky food at once. With Gowise Air Fryer, you will enjoy its eight presents for different foods like a warm-up, Meat, Cake, Steak, Chicken, Fish, and even Chips. You don’t need different air purifiers for different foods. 

Cuisinart Air Fryer
If you are always intrigued by most air fryers, then Cuisinart Air Fryer is the best for you as it resembles an oven and its small in size.
The Cuisinart Air Fryer comes with three-in-one functional elements; a toaster oven, an air fryer, and a convection oven. Cuisinart Air Fryer allows you toast bread, fry, roast chicken, and even bake pizzas.
It also features an analog dialler style that is easy to use and gives it a sleek and classic look.
The Cuisinart Air Fryer comes as a three in one machine that other air fryers are not capable of.
The Cuisinart Air Fryer is the best you can have. I am sure you don’t want to spend extra money buying different kitchen appliances, and that is why you will like Cuisinart Air Fryer as a toaster oven, as an air fryer, and also as a convection oven. When you buy a Cuisinart Air Fryer unit, you buy three kitchen appliances.

Dash Air Fryer
Dash Air Fryer is the best if you are looking for an air fryer for one.
The Dash Air Fryer makes use of an exceptional digital display. After loading it with the food to be fried, the digital display allows you to make use of its five pre-sets with ease.
It can hold about 3 quarts of food capacity.
One of the tests also acknowledges the auto-shutoff feature. This prevents your food from overcooking.
Dash Air Fryer is one of the smallest capacity air fryers.
The Dash Air Fryer makes use of an air crisp technology that replaces the oil technology, which makes the food fried by it healthier. You can also trust Dash Air Fryer since it is safer. It always automatically shut off, keeping your food safe from overcooking and also prevents fires.

Chefman Air Fryer

The Chefman Air Fryer is the best for you if you need even and crispy results.
Chefman Air Fryer has a vented food basket that facilitates not only high hot air circulation on your food but also allows easy dripping.
Chefman Air Fryer comes with a variable temperature between 175º- 400º F, a feature that allows you to bake and fry easily by varying the temperature accordingly.
It also comes with a removable tray that is featured with numerous vents that make it easy when cleaning it. You can easily clean the tray with a brush.
Chefman Air Fryer has a flat design that allows you a high capacity to fry juicy food that increases the frying space by 40%.
Chefman Air Fryer is one of the quickest air fryers.
You will love Chefman Air Fryer because of its futuristic air technology. The technology lets you cook, bake, and fry under one unit. Using Rapid Air Technology, Chefman Air Fryer gives you amazingly fast results. You will also like Chefman Air Fryer because of its healthy assurance. It features a removable food basket tank, which is easy to clean.

Bella Air Purifier
There exist a good number of Bella Air Purifiers, according to Food Network Kitchen, among them being the BELLA 5.3 QT Air fryer.
The BELLA 5.3 QT Air fryer makes use of a 1700-watt heating system. The heat technology is made circular that delivers crispy, fast, and uniformly fried food.
BELLA 5.3 QT Air fryer does not use oil to fry your food. This means that it fries food with 88% less butter and 65% fewer calories, which is good for your health.
It makes use of a variable temperature that you can vary all the way up to 400F. The variable temperature gives BELLA 5.3 QT Air fryer the ability to fry foods of all kinds by varying the temperatures accordingly.
BELLA 5.3 QT Air fryer is the best choice for you because it cares for your health. It does not require any cooking oil or fat to fry your food; thus, the food fried by BELLA 5.3 QT Air fryer has fewer fats and fewer calories, thus good for your health. With its Circular Heat Technology, you are assured of fast, crispy, and evenly cooked meals. You will also love BELLA 5.3 QT Air fryer because of its ability to shut off automatically after 60 minutes, which prevents your food from over frying.

Farberwave Air Fryer
If you are looking for a versatile and healthy frying machine, then look no further as Farberwave Air Fryer is the deal.
The Farberwave Air Fryer has a powerful Air Circulation System that rapidly circulates hot air over your food for fast cooking. This technology gives Farberwave Air Fryer the fastest ability to fry any kind of food.
The Farberwave Air Fryer’s adjustable timer was also tested and proved to be amazingly working. The adjustable timer allows you to set Farberwave Air Fryer up to 30 minutes of cooking time; after that, it automatically shuts off.
It has a capacity of 3.2 Quarts that is enough to fry food enough for two.
Farberwave Air Fryer provides the fastest way to cook food.
One of the amazing features is the adjustable timer. You can set up to 30 minutes cooking time, after which the air fryer automatically shuts off a feature that assures you of no overcooking. You can spend your time doing other home chores while the food fries at its own. The Farberwave Air Fryer cuts off the fats and cholesterol levels; thus, you are protected from health conditions like overweight.
Farberwave Air Fryer assures you crunchy and delicious fries. It is also safe Healthwise as features a food basket that does not stick. 

The 7 best Air Fryers Comparison Chart
Model Basket capacity
Power Rating
Timer Time
Ninja Air Fryer 4 4.9 1700 60
Gowise Air Fryer 3.7 11 1700 30
Cuisinart Air Fryer 7 21 1800 60
Dash Air Fryer 5.7 1.6 100 30
Chefman Air Fryer 3.6 8.91 1200 60
Bella Air Purifier 5.3 9.8 1500 60
Farberwave Air Fryer 3.2 11.8 1400 30
The air fryers modernize your kitchen, keeping your up to date with the current cooking technology. A few searches on the internet introduces you to numerous air fryers in the market, and it may not be easy to discern the one that best fits your kitchen needs. You can always trust Food Network Kitchen guides. Always check the detailed reviews to confirm that the air fryer that you but best fits your home needs.


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