The Best Humidifier for Every Room in Your Home, According to Reviewers
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By Joey | 30 September 2020 | 0 Comments

The Best Humidifier for Every Room in Your Home, According to Reviewers

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The Best Humidifier for Every Room in Your Home, According to Reviewers
Humidity serves an important health role. Too much dryness may cause severe health issues like dry lips and even nose bleeding. Breathing dry air strains the respiratory system that makes you fill sick even though you actually well. To overcome such dryness, you need to maintain your house's humidity level between 30% and 50%. To achieve this level of humidity, you need a humidifier.

When Should you Use a Humidifier?
When the humidity in your environment runs below 30%, you may start experiencing certain health issues that will signal you that you need a humidifier. The conditions include;
Chronic Nose Bleeding- if you experience recurrent nose bleeding, then there is a possibility that it is caused by low humidity; thus, you need a humidifier.
When you Experience Congestion- when you breathe dry air, it dries up mucus, which in turn comes dry and thick and clogs nasal passages. If you experience a stuffy nose, sore throat, and sinus pain, then those are signs of low humidity hence a call for you to use a humidifier.
Dry Skin and Lips- dry air adversely affects your skin and lips hence drying them. Raising the humidity in your home may prevent the skin and dry lips.

What Type of Humidifier do You Need?
Humidifiers come in five different broad categories that you can choose from. You can opt for Central Humidifiers if you need home heating and humidification, but they are always highly-priced, Evaporator Humidifier, Impeller humidifiers that use an impeller to push humidity into your room, Steam Vaporizer that is electrically powered, and finally the Ultrasonic Humidifiers that uses ultrasonic vibrations to push the mist into your room. Make sure you carefully check the specification to get the best humidifiers that fit your home needs.

Types of Humidifiers
As earlier stated, humidifiers are classified into five broad categories that you can choose from. Here are the detailed humidifier categories;

Warm Mist Humidifier 
The warm mist humidifiers act as heating elements, boil the water placed on their water tanks, and make steam. In the process, they slightly warm your room’s air. Because of their warm mist, they are the best if you want to reduce bacteria and germs in your room. The warm mist humidifiers achieve a high level of humidity, easily making them a better option for your kids and pets.
The warm mist humidifiers don’t use a fan in their operation; therefore, they operate more quietly than their counterparts that make use of a fan.

  1. Since the warm mist humidifiers boil the water before releasing the mist, the minerals and dust in the water are not diffused with the steam hence healthier.
  2. The warm mist humidifiers allow you to add medicated inhalants to the water then diffuse together in the form of steam into your room.
  3. They do not make use of a fan to propel steam into your room, thus making them operate quieter than their cool mist humidifiers counterparts.
  4. Since they produce a warm mist, you can use them as heating elements too. You don’t need a warming element in your room.
  5. The Warm mist humidifiers are highly portable; thus, you can move them from one room to the other.
  6. You will also love its fast operation. You can achieve high humidity levels in your room, firstly hence saving on power.

  1. Since they contain boiling water, the warm mist humidifiers might be hazardous to your kids or even you.
  2. The warm mist humidifiers require a lot of electricity to boil the water into steam hence may be costly.
  3. During the boiling process, some minerals may be deposited in it hence may prove difficult for you to clean.

Cool Mist Humidifier
The Cool mist humidifiers emit cool vapor in the form of water droplets to add humidity into the air in your room. Instead of boiling the water to remove minerals, the Cool mist humidifiers utilize easy-to-clean filters to capture any water impurities. They work in a simple way to have your home humidified. 
The Cool Mist Humidifier uses an internal wick filter that absorbs the water, then the fan blows the air through the filter, causing the water to evaporate in droplets. The droplets may come out visibly or invisibly.
Since the Cool mist humidifiers release a cold mist, they are the best option for you during warmer seasons of the year.

  1. The Cool mist humidifiers emit a cool vapor that is safe for your kids, your pets, and even you. They don’t pose a risk of burns.
  2. The Cool mist humidifiers allow you to add inhalants into the water, making them safe for you if you suffer from cold and flu.
  3. It filters out waterborne impurities; thus, the mist that the Cool mist humidifiers produce is safe for inhalation.
  4. Cool mist humidifiers are cost-effective. They do not consume much electric power since they do not boil the water to form the mist.
  5. You will find the Cool mist humidifiers easy to clean.

Ultrasonic Humidifier 
The Ultrasonic Humidifiers use a piezo-electric transfer transducer to create a high-frequency level of mechanical movements on the water. The water creates adverse movements, thereby creating a vacuum making the water turn into vapor. The mist is created through mechanical oscillations; hence there is no heat energy required. 
If you need instant humidity in your home, then Ultrasonic Humidifiers are the best type for you. The Ultrasonic Humidifiers are also easy to operate with a precise on/off humidity feature.

Silent Operation- the noise level is one of the important features to have in mind when purchasing a humidifier. Ultrasonic Humidifiers do not use a fan hence operates quietly, making them ideal for you if you have kids since they do not disturb them while asleep. This feature makes Ultrasonic Humidifiers the best if you want to use them in a study room.
Economical- the Ultrasonic Humidifiers help saves the electric powers since it does not boil the water to create steam. The Ultrasonic Humidifiers consume almost 90% less electric energy to produce the same amount of humidity. With Ultrasonic Humidifiers, you will save the money that you could have spent to pay electricity bills hence economical.
Maximum water vaporization- the Ultrasonic Humidifiers effectively converts the water to vapor maximumly. 
Highly portable- the Ultrasonic Humidifier brands are always made in a compact design that makes them highly portable. You can trust Ultrasonic Humidifiers if you are a regular traveler, and you need a humidifier.
Minimal water consumption- the Ultrasonic Humidifier brands do not require a high amount of water to generate humidity. A little amount of water is enough to generate a good amount of humidity.

Relatively Costly- the Ultrasonic Humidifiers are highly-priced compared to other types of humidifiers.
The negative impact on health- the mist emitted by Ultrasonic Humidifiers is not from boiled water and may contain some bacteria that may negatively affect your health.

Vaporizer Humidifier
A Vaporizer is a type of warm mist humidifier that comes in different varieties like portable vaporizers and electric vaporizers. A vaporizer produces both the warm mist or cold mist, depending on your choice. The multi-functional ability makes it a great deal if you need to combat common cold and flu.
  1. A Vaporizer boils the water before letting out the mist hence curbing the risk of bacterial contamination.
  2. Reduces the risk of mineral dust accumulation when it produces a cool mist.
  3. A Vaporizer allows you to add inhalants into the water for aromatic mist and helping fight cold flu.
  4. It operates quietly, a factor that makes it suitable for your sleeping kids and even suitable for your bedroom.
  1. May pose a burn risk when producing a warm mist.
  2. A Vaporizer is not economical due to its higher energy consumption rate.

Evaporative Humidifier
The Evaporative Humidifier does not boil water to create mist, just like the cool mist humidifier. It uses a wick and a fan to circulate the humidity in your room.

  1. Evaporative Humidifier is safe for your children since it does not produce hot mist.
  2. It is highly affordable
  3. Evaporative Humidifier comes with a self-regulating feature that lets it regulate the humidity level so that it does not get extreme.
  4. Evaporative Humidifiers are the best choice to treat asthmatic and allergic conditions.

  1. Evaporative humidifiers posse high risk of bacterial contamination.
  2. They usually operate on high noise levels.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Humidifier
A humidifier serves its purpose well, depending on how you maintain and operate it. To make sure that you get the best service from a humidifier, carry out the following measures;
  1. Regularly change the filters- a filter is an important part of your humidifier, more so if you use a central humidifier. Regularly have the filters changed for effective filtration.
  2. Maintain the recommended humidity level- from time to time, make sure you check the humidity level to make sure it's at the recommended level, over humidifying your home ma lead to serious health issues.
  3. Always change the water- the humidifiers make use of water. You need to always use pure, fresh, and distilled water—the fresher the water, the healthier the emitted mist.

The humidifiers are some of the best smart home appliances that you can possess. Too low humidity has a negative impact on your health, and also high humidity has a negative health impact. Consider buying a hydrometer to always have measured the level of humidity for necessary action.


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