The 8 Best Air Fryer of 2020 
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By Joey | 30 September 2020 | 0 Comments

The 8 Best Air Fryer of 2020 

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                        The 8 Best Air Fryer of 2020 
If you are dreaming of enjoying the amazing taste of fried foods with less fat in them, air fryers are the perfect solution. You will want an easy to operate and clean appliance that functions according to your specific needs. Health-conscious people would be advised to prefer air fryers for the preparation of their daily meals.

Is an air fryer worth it?
Your air fryer will be able to cook food faster than an oven, regular deep-fryer or even a stovetop. An air fryer means a less greasy, less oily experience on your favourite dish that also comes out as flavourful, crispy and pretty enjoyable.
You will need to know which air fryer you can own and get to experience the gorgeous qualities of various air fryers that have sailed to the peak of modern technology.
Ninja Air Fryer
The Ninja Air Fryer is admirably known for is wonderful features that lures you to loving it. This black device is equipped with a dual food basket feature with a capacity of 4 quarts each that will help you cook two kinds foods at a go. This Ninja air fryer capacity can work well for family size serving.
In the main unit of the air fryer are six programmable cooking functions that will enable you to select the most appropriate temperatures to specified kinds of food. Still on the main unit, you are provided with an easy to use control panel with DuolZone technological features that will help you make your selections to the available cooking options.
The Ninja Air Fryer Ninja Air Fryer weighs 10.53 pounds which makes it easy to move compared to the GoWise air fryer which weighs 13 pounds. Even in terms of capacity the Ninja air fryer surpasses the GoWise air fryer by a single quart.
Get to experience the best quality features from these popular air fryer machine, which will make all your cooking expectations become part and parcel of your daily kitchen encounters.
GoWise Air fryer
GoWise Air fryer is more of fun when you get to interact with it, as it displays bright blue forward flashes as you turn on the device. It is designed to have graphic buttons that give it an appealing outlook, along with easy to comprehend functions.
This wonderful appliance will amaze you because its extra-large size that has a total food basket capacity of 5.8 quarts that can hold a three-people meal. This GoWise Air fryer allows you to access 8 presets that include the Shrimp, Chicken, fish, Warm, Pork, Cake, Steak, and French fries cooking options. Each kind of food gets its perfect cooking conditions, for in turn of an optimum flavorful taste of the dish.
Unlike the Cuisinart Air fryer, this device provides a wider temperature range of 180-400F. Compared to that of Cuisinart Air fryer which ranges between 250-450F.
You cannot afford to miss the awesome capabilities of the GoWise Air fryer that will improve your home lifestyle in a greater degree. Own it today!

Cuisinart Air fryer
Cuisinart Air fryer is a unique air fryer, since it offers you more than one critical service of air frying, but on top of that, you get to enjoy the convection bake, broil, toast, convection broil, and warm functions. What this device is, it is both an air fryer and at the same time an oven.
It sounds thrilling when the Cuisinart Air fryer is able to allow you to do multiple cooking simultaneously. Once you acquire this device you get to experience how the powerful ultra-hot air is significant at preparing tasty fried meals in a decent and healthy manner.
As much as it is able to do multi-cooking, it means it will much power which goes up to 1800watts. Even though the Cosori air fryer uses less power of 1700watts it does not offer much services compared to the Cuisinart Air fryer. This makes it a likely choice when it comes to the air fryer use.

Philips air Fryer
Once you get to interact with the Philips air Fryer, you will get to appreciate the fathomable features that anyone who loves cooking will want to use. The appliance features the Turbostar technology that cooks your food perfectly and also evenly, without requiring you to turn the ingredients even for a single moment.
The Philips air Fryer has picked the five most popular dishes and offers their actual preset options. Your food now can be cooked at its rightful temperature conditions. The basket capacity of this appliance is 2.75 quarts will allow you to execute four servings at a single meal preparation.
The device needs 1425 watts only for it to run, which is less power consumed when you consider the 1800 watts of power consumed by the Cuisinart Air purifier. You a guaranteed a no let down situation when it comes to the Philips air Fryer use. You should truly consider the Philips air Fryer as it comes along with a 200 recipe app.

Chefman Air Fryer  
The Chefman Air Fryer is a device that has adapted and utilized the rapid-air technology. This appliance’s temperature is easily adjustable within the range of 175-400F; therefore you can fry, bake, and cook at a recommended temperature level.
The Futuristic technology of this Chefman Air Fryer gives out a crispy fried texture to whatever dish you are frying with little to no oil. The air fryer is designed in such a way that its basket has a flat base to intentionally increase the food capacity of the appliance up to 3.5 liters.
The Chefman air fryer needs less power of 1200watts only to run compared to other models like Gourmia air fryer that consume up to 1300watts. Also, your Chefman Air Fryer has the auto Shut off feature that Gourmia air fryer does not have. There are high chances that the Chefman air fryer will work best for you!

Nuwave Air Fryer
The Nuwave Air Fryer is a healthy digital air fryer that is equipped with an intuitive digital control panel with large pads and lettering, making it very much easy to read and comprehend the options to select.
This appliance is divided into two separate sections, so that different kinds of food can be cooked simultaneously, without the flavors of the two dishes getting into contact.
Nuwave Air Fryer with its 6-quarts basket capacity is far much larger than the 3.2 quarts of Farberware air fryer model or even the 4 quarts of Gourmia. Find the Nuwave Air Fryer for you to enjoy the tasty and evenly cooked meals every day.

Gourmia Air Fryer
The Gourmia Air Fryer performs an excellent task at cooking food with amazing tastes, and the food gets the perfection of a crispy texture, giving out a healthier and more convenient frying than deep frying.
The Gourmia Air Fryer’s 4-quart size is able to serve a family size of two. Gourmia Air Fryer is easy to operate as it uses the LED display with digital controls that will enable you to make changes on the temperature settings that range from 190-400F. You can also be in a better position to select the seven preset cooking modes. These modes will ensure that each dish receives the perfect cooking conditions it deserves.
What is intriguing about this device, is how it operates in a much silent mode compared to other models which tend to make louder sounds while cooking. Gourmia Air Fryer proves to work for you the best especially if you do not need an extra-large air fryer.

Power Air Fryer
Power Air Fryer is a 7-in-1 multi cooker that is black or stainless-steel outlook, that comes with the recent modern technology. It is a deep fryer, Rotisserie Oven, dehydrator, an oven and a Pizza grill.
This device employs the Rapid Air Technology that make your food to be surrounded with a super-heated hot air whirlwind giving out that crispy-fried taste and moistens every side of your dish.
In addition to this excellent device, there are eight one touch digital presets that include the air fry, extra crispy, chicken fingers, Rotisserie savory, pork roasts and also the authentic kebabs.
The Power Air Fryer consumes 1700watts and therefore producing up to 400F compared to the 1400watts of Farberware air fryer which carries out less tasks. Take the big step into getting a Power air fryer of your own and enjoy its outstanding qualities.
Air Fryer Weight (lbs) Food Basket Capacity (Quarts) Temp range
Power Cord Length (Feet) Presets Pre-heat time (Minutes)
Ninja Air Fryer 10.53 4 105-400 2.6 11 3
GoWise Air fryer 11 5.8 250-450 3.0 8 3
Cuisinart Air fryer 21 Variable   3.3 7 3
Philips air Fryer 17.6 2.75 40-200 26 11 3
Chefman Air Fryer 8.91 3.6 175-400 26.2 8 3
Nuwave Air Fryer 14.6 6 100-400 7.3 6 2
Gourmia Air Fryer 17.6 4 190-400 - 8 3
As you can see, cooking has been made damn easy for you. Indeed, cooking can now become a hobby to most people. Thanks to the air fryers developers who have come up with a variety of air fryers that put smiles to all air fryers users. Your health is ultimately considered, and anybody can confidently use the air fryers in place of other cooking alternatives.


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