Which is the Best Air Fryer in 2020?
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By Lauren Quan | 29 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Which is the Best Air Fryer in 2020?

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Air Fryer have gained considerable importance in modern day cooking. Similar in function to an oven, the appliance works on the principle of Millard reaction. Under increased temperature, the device generates high intensity hot air to cook the food. Hot air is generated by a fan placed inside the apparatus to achieve the results.
Moreover, air fryers support sustainable and healthy food practices. The gadget does not use any oil to cook and fry the food, instead relies on heating technology for this purpose. Therefore, food prepared in this appliance are lower in calories as compare to traditional cooking equipment.
Temperature range varies from model to model, but the average operating temperature ranges up to 230 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, air fryers are time efficient devices and save a lot of time while cooking. The gadgets have been proved to save up to 20% of traditional cooking time. Some of the prominent air fryers available in 2020 are included below.

1.Shark Ninja AF100 Air Fryer


Shark Ninja AF100 air fryer is a stylish electronic appliance possessing metallic black Color. Enclosed in a cylindrical shape, the advanced settings are displayed in the front cover. Feature such as cooking time, temperature etc. can be adjusted by clicking the display menu in the front.

The equipment is lightweight and portable, with 4.9 pounds’ weight and 1 ft. long power cord. The gadget also contains a large nonstick basket having the storing capacity of 4 quarts. In addition to this another 2 pounds crisp plate is also a component of the main apparatus.


Shark Ninja AF100 has the ability to cook low calorie crispy food similar to that of deep fried dishes. The device works on wide temperature ranging from 40 degree Celsius to 205 degree Celsius. Thus, adding a touch of crispness to the end product. Due to which the resulting food tastes similar to traditionally cooked food but is actually low calorie in nature.

 Air fryer AF100 has the capability to reduce 75% of the original fat present in deep fried food by using convection cooking methods. Additionally, another significant attribute of the AF100 air fryer is the ability to completely dehydrate the food ingredients. This is achieved by cooking at low temperature and air speed so that heat gets evenly distributed among the mixture and provide complete dehydration.

Manufacturer mostly recommend pre heating the equipment before introducing the ingredients for added more crispiness to the food. The only issue associated with Ninja air fryer is lack of additional accessories and smell of burning plastic from the apparatus sometimes.


Ninja air fryer AF100 is available with a 1-year solid warranty. Therefore, relieving concerns and  troubles regarding the  quality of the product among consumers.

Shark Ninja AF100 comes with the price tag of $78.95 and is very inexpensive as compare to its industrial counterparts. Thus, it can be easily affordable by majority of the people around the world.

2.Proscenic T21 smart air fryer

Proscenic T21 smart air fryer is a technological equipment possessing 15 pounds of weight and is embellished with a stylish look. Colored in black and grey on the outer surface, the appliance is mounted with a LED touch screen at front. The touch screen allows the users to change temperature, schedule cooking time and other functions of the device.

Moreover, the gadget also supports remote control features and Alexa voice control by connecting the device with Proscenic Home app via Wi-Fi. In addition to these attributes, other important tools embedded in the product include an aluminum constructed nonstick basket to store 5.8 quarts of cooking material.

The basket has the ability to adjust in a confined space. The large capacity of the basket allows consumer to cook food for whole family in a single attempt. 


Proscenic T21 air fryer is a multifunctional device which implies that the product is not only efficient for frying but also roasting and baking applications. Furthermore, wide temperature range along with latest heat technology provide crispy nutritious food. The heating technology evenly distributes the hot air among the ingredients while temperature settings allow to choose desired cooking conditions.

Temperature inside T31 air fryer ranges from 77 degrees Celsius to 205 degrees Celsius. It is mostly recommended to pre heat the apparatus before introducing the ingredients for fast and time efficient cooking experience.


Proscenic T21 air fryer comes with a price tag of $119 and can be considered as inexpensive cooking equipment available in the market.

3.Cosmo COS 23 AFAKB air fryer


Cosmo COS 23 AFAKB air fryer possesses an elegant and stylish appearance with two rotatable buttons on top. The buttons can be used to adjust the temperature and other settings of the  equipment. Similar to previous two air fryers, Cosmo air fryer is also covered in black and grey body and weighs only 5.5 pounds.

The device also contains timer and temperature knob to adjust cooking conditions depending upon the recipes. along with this the air fire contains durable frying basket having 2.3 quarts of storing capacity.

Cosmos COS air fryer is versatile in nature and offers various applications including baking, roasting, grilling and frying for a diverse range of products. In addition to this, the apparatus is easy to clean and can be used to cook food for the whole house.

Multiple temperature ranging from 82 degrees Celsius to 205 degrees Celsius enable the user to cook meals under desired conditions. The device also does bit require any oil to cook the meal but instead relies on the heat transfer mechanism to produce delicious meals for the consumers.

Cosmos COS 32 AFAKB air fryer is available with a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer.


The price of Cosmos COS 32 AFAKB is $39.95 and is the most inexpensive air fryer on the list till now.

4.GoWISE Air Fryer


GoWISE air fryer possesses a modern and classy appearance with an LED screen mounted at the front. Similar to an oval shape, the apparatus is actually lightweight and weighs only 4 pounds. Additionally, a power button to switch on/off the equipment is also located on the top.

Recently the smart alarm application is also integrated in the appliance to remind the consumer to regularly shake the ingredients after specified intervals. A 5.8 quarts large nonstick detachable basket is also incorporated in the main apparatus to store ingredients for cooking purposes.


GoWISE air fryer is also named as 8 in 1 cooking appliance because it contains in built settings for cooking 8 different types of materials including pork, fish, fries, shrimp, pizza, steak, cake and chicken. Besides this, the appliance features wide temperature ranges, from desired conditions can adjusted depending on individual preferences.

The temperature in this model mostly ranges from 82 degrees Celsius to 205 degree Celsius and cooking timer can be scheduled up to 30 minutes. Moreover, the appliance is perfect for baking, grilling, frying and roasting the meals.

The product is available with a 1-year solid warranty. Along with this, GoWISE air fryer also provides 30 day refundable warranty. Registered product also receives extra 60 day warranty and lifetime support from GoWISE

GoWISE air fryer features the price tag of $82.39.



NUWAVE BRIO air fryer displays a square shaped stylish appearance with adjustable modes located on the of the device. Appliances is extremely lightweight, weighing only 15 pounds with metallic black coating and offers diverse range of features.

BRIO air fryer is embedded with a large basket for storing cooking ingredients and possesses 3 quarts of capacity.  Moreover, the LCD screen mounted on the top of equipment allows user to adjust the temperature up to 5 degrees at a time.


NuWave Brio Digital air fryer is a versatile appliance and is perfect for producing low fat healthy food. The appliance does not require any additional component for cooking the meal instead relies on high temperature to produce diverse range of delicious meals.

Moreover, the product contains a detachable basket that provides enough capacity to feed you whole family. The basket is  nonstick and can also be washed easily in dishwasher without damaging the apparatus.

NuWave air fryer is available with 1 year limited warranted from the manufacturer.


The product is available with the price tag of $129.99 and is the most expensive air fryer on the list of best air fryers.


Ninja Af100
Proscenic T21
-Cylindrical design
-Weighs 4.9 pounds
-Metallic black body
-13 x 11 x 13 inches’ dimensions
-Cylindrical design.
-Weighs 5.5 pounds.
- Silver and black body.
-8.2 x 10.5 x 11 inches’ dimensions.
-Oval Shaped design.
-Weighs 4 pounds.
-Square shaped design.
-- Weighs 15 pounds.
-Traditional black body.
- 16.5 x 15.1 x 13.1 inches’ dimensions
-Box shape with rounded edges.
- Weighs 15 pounds.
-Traditional black body.
- 12 x 12 x 12.7 inches dimensions.
Temperature ranging from 40 C to 205 C
Temperature ranging from 82 C to 205 C Temperature ranging from 82 degrees C to 205 C Temperature ranging from 82 C to 205 C Temperature ranging from 77 0C to 205 0C.
One Year Warranty One Year Warranty One Year Warranty One Year Warranty One Year Warranty
$78.95 $39.95 $129.99 $129.99 $119
Durable construction able to endure tough environmental conditions. Inexpensive yet robust body to withstand high temperature. Considerably high endurance. Compact and sturdy with high level of endurance.  High quality construction for maximum endurance.


These were the some of the best air fryers available in 2020. Each of the above mentioned appliances outshine the other in one or another aspect. Based on the above discussed facts it can be deduced that Cosmos COS 23AFAKB air fryer is exceptional both in performance as well as price factor. The appliance is not only versatile in cooking applications but also is available under $50 and therefore, can be afforded by majority.


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