Is Roborock e35 worth buying?
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By pppggg | 28 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Is Roborock e35 worth buying?

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Roborock e35 Design

 This versatile and multipurpose cordless robot vacuum cleaner adopts the modern look that comes with most robot vacuums. It is all-round charcoal gray in color giving it a sophisticated feel. The top of the vacuum is not cluttered making its overall design simple but aesthetically appealing. On its top, you will find the power button, a removable dustbin and a navigation sensor. On its underside you will find a multi-surface brush roll, a spinning brush, a removable water reservoir, removable mopping pad and three wheels. The design adopts a circular shape much like the one on most robot vacuum cleaners.

Roborock e35 is quite sizable measuring 7 pounds in weight, 3.86 inches in height and 12.88 inches in diameter. It is fitted with a pair of gyroscope to help it learn the layout of your home. This is accompanied by multiple cliff sensors, optical sensors and collision sensors. It even has a “slowdown” feature that slows it down as it approaches obstacles to protect it from impact. It has also been fitted with large wheels to enable it go over obstacles that are 2cm in height. Its circular design is believed to make it more agile easing navigation and reducing chances of collisions. It runs on a 5200mAh battery that gives it 150 minutes of running time which is quite commendable.

When low on charge it goes back to its docking station to recharge before resuming cleaning. This robot vacuum is fitted with a large dustbin that has a capacity of 0.64 litres which is quite large compared to other robot vacuum cleaners.
 This robot vacuum is fitted with a HEPA E11 filter that is washable. This filter however requires replacement upon wearing out. The water reservoir also has a filter of its own meant to tackle hard water. Ultimately the design on this unit is top notch and has been carefully considered to give it good aesthetics while still delivering excellent performance.

Roborock e35 Pros

· This intricate vacuum cleaner is able to concurrently mop, sweep and vacuum. 
· This machine is fitted with a large battery giving it a longer battery life of up to two and a half hours.
· It has an in built advanced navigation system to give it an easier time handling floor plans that are slightly complex
· The app controls for this unit are easy to understand and use. This makes it easy for the user to monitor and efficiently remote control their vacuum cleaner
· It has Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it easy to control from your smartphone with the aid of the Mi-Home app and gives the user access to a wide range of interactive features such as software updates, remote scheduling and monitoring in real-time
· It is fitted with large wheels to enable it go over obstacles that are 2cm in height
· It is Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with Alexa assistant


Roborock e35 Cons

· When in use on carpet flooring, it has a harder time cleaning up finer debris
· The Roborock e35 is quite slow when cleaning out high pile carpeting
· Owing to its circular design and the layout of its brush roll and mopping pad, this vacuum cleaner has a hard time reaching edges especially those close to walls
· It does not come with a virtual wall barrier to restrict cleaning to specific areas.


Roborock e35 Accessories & Parts

On purchase, the robot vacuum cleaner comes with a manual, a charging dock, power cable, mopping pad mounted on the mop tray and a cleaning brush. It also comes with replaceable parts such as an extra filter, a water filter and a mopping pad. 

Charging Dock

The Roborock e35 comes with a charging dock where the root vacuum goes to recharge its depleted batteries. This docking station has an output of 20V at 18A and takes up to 240 minutes to fully recharge the vacuum.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir is located on the underside of the root vacuum and has a capacity of 0.15 litres. To avoid wet floors when mopping, the reservoir only releases water onto the mopping pad when it is on the move. This reservoir is fitted with two filters for use with hard water.

Mopping Pad

The underside of the Roborock e35 is fitted with a removable mopping pad. The mop absorbs water by capillary action and can be stopped at any given time by the user. Disengaging the mop pad from the unit is quite easy as it involves simply pulling it out like a drawer, neglecting the need to turn the vacuum over.


The Roborock e35 comes with two fitted filters, a washable HEPA filter and a water filter, accompanied by replacement filters of the same. The HEPA filtration system ensures the air in your room is dust and allergen free after cleaning.

Roborock e35 Maintenance

Maintenance for this device is pretty easy. Some of the recommended maintenance practices to help you get the most out of your Roborock e35 include:

· Checking, cleaning or changing the filter in the robot vacuum cleaner occasionally to ensure the machine maintains peak performance.
· Occasionally checking the fitted brush roll for tangles and cleaning or replacing where necessary 
· It is also advisable to wash the dustbin screen when the machine is done with a mopping session
· Changing out the mopping pad for a new one on occasion to ensure the machine continues giving excellent mopping results
· Keeping an eye on the battery life of the device to help you know when it needs a replacement battery to continue giving peak performance times
By paying attention to your robot vacuum cleaner, it is easy to notice slight discrepancies and curb them before they grow into more troublesome technical difficulties. It also ensures the machine keeps giving you its best performance, consistency and utility. It is vital to note that this machine comes with a one year limited warranty.


Is the Roborock e35 a good value?

 This robot vacuum cleaner has an above average rating which is quite appealing. It is able to give its user a robust cleaning performance, has moderate maintenance costs and versatile features to enhance utility. Having to invest in this slightly pricy vacuum cleaner, one would expect top notch performance from it. Amazingly, it delivers and comes across as good value. The Roborock e35 has an aesthetically pleasing but functional design and is easy to understand, use and maintain. It also has a quality build and robust performance making its good value unquestionable.
The Roborock e35 is therefore ideal for:
· Those looking for a robot vacuum cleaner with a mop combo. This unit is able to impressively execute this vacuum and mop combo while delivering excellent results.
· Looking for a unit that is able to deliver impeccable results on all floor indoor floor types.
· People interested in getting a vacuum cleaner with robust above average performance. This performance makes it worth its pricy cost of purchase.

Roborock e35 Review


This robot vacuum cleaner cum mop has a suction power of 2000 Pa and can clean an estimated area of up to 3000 square feet. This suction power means that it can remove dirt efficiently from low pile carpets and area rugs. The vacuum can be set to lower power settings. These modes include normal, strong, maximum and silent. It has a running time of 150 minutes which is considerably long when compared to other robot vacuum cleaners. Its noise levels are also quite amicable as it produces about 68 decibels on its maximum setting.

Vacuum and Mop Combo

The Roborock e35 features a combo of sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning. It is able to efficiently handle all this tasks at a go without cutting power or performance on any front. The mop combo is made up of a water reservoir and a mopping pad that can be detached when not needed and reattached to mop as it vacuums.

App Control

Setting up and using the app is pretty easy. The apps interface is quite user friendly an easy to understand. Once the app has discovered your devices, you can connect to the network by entering your password and start interacting with your robot vacuum. The app makes it possible to schedule cleaning, monitor robot activity, monitor battery levels, start or stop cleaning cycles and choose cleaning modes.

Use and Maneuverability

The design adopts a circular shape much like the one on most robot vacuum cleaners meant to make maneuverability easy. The application makes remote controlling the robot vacuum cleaner a breeze. It is also compatible with Alexa making voice commands possible. While it may have a little trouble with cleaning edges because of its circular shape, this vacuum cleaner is quite maneuverable and extremely easy to use.

In Conclusion

The Roborock e35 is an exceptional root vacuum cleaner with a vacuum and mop combo. It also has one of the longest operation times on a robot vacuum and is quite budget friendly. Its amazing suction power paired with the long battery life make it able to efficiently clean larger surface areas without interruption. It is definitely a must have as it guarantees efficiency and versatility.


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