What’s the Best Levoit Air Purifier?
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By pppggg | 28 September 2020 | 0 Comments

What’s the Best Levoit Air Purifier?

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As days go, people want to make the best out in life. Everyone looks for a means to improve his or her lifestyle. A serene environment with clean, cool, and fresh air is worth enjoying. We tend to make most of our lives in our bedrooms. It is a special place you ought to make it as comfortable as possible. Levoit Air Purifier Brand brings you modest air purifiers of various models that will bring joy to your home or office. At the end of this article, you will have known which best air purifier you can get from Levoit Air Purifier Brands.
What is the Levoit air purifier?

Levoit air purifiers can be easily identified since they have a 3 stage filtration system with the inclusion of original HEPA filters that do away with 99.99% of air pollutants. These Levoit air purifiers have an advanced feature of Cyclone technology that accelerates the airflow in your room.
When it is time to replace the Levoit air purifiers’ filter, there must be a signal from their indicator light. In some other models, you can get details on the quality of air from them in real-time. These brands offer you a low, medium, and fast speed settings while some other models come with auto mode. The auto mode will adjust the airspeed based on the air quality in the surrounding atmosphere.

If you are looking for the quietest air purifiers in the market, Levoit air purifier models are your ultimate answer. They are not noisy, even in the loudest setting.

Which models are included in the Levoit air purifier?

Since Levoit Air Purifier Brandproduce numerous models that deliver you an outstanding job when it comes to air purification. These are one of the excellent Levoit Air Purifier models in the market;

LEVOIT Core P350

LEVOIT Core P350 air purifier beats all other models in Levoit air purifier brands. There are numerous special features LEVOIT Core P350 displays that will make you the happiest air purifier user. Its effect can be felt by quite a large area of 219 Sq. Ft, recording the third widest coverage area after the LEVOIT LV- PUR131S and LEVOIT LV-H133. This can satisfactorily work for most room sizes at your home.

A timer is equipped in this air purifier that can be set four times: two, four, eight, and twelve hours.
Levoit's Vortex Air is a feature in this air purifier that, in conjunction with this other amazing feature known as an Air Re-composition formula (ARC), boosts this device's ability in deodorizing air up to 60% better than other models. This means that you will never find any wet dog or kitty litter smell in your room.

The LEVOIT Core P350 cares for allergic people, who need to be as comfortable as the non-allergic. You only need to unwrap the True HEPA filter and install it into the device, and you get to enjoy a smoke, dust, and pollen-free lifestyle at your home.

LEVOIT Core P350 is composed of three fan speeds; the night mode is the quietest, most suitable when it is sleep time. You can also turn off its lights, and you have the 'paw-lock' power to lock its settings from being changed by any unauthorized person.

LEVOIT Core 300

The LEVOIT Core 300 is the best small Levoit air purifier. It is almost similar to LEVOIT Core 350 in terms of their specifications. It is small in size, hence easily portable. The only thing that is missing in LEVOIT Core 300 I the ARC, but all the other features are identical. It comes with a true HEPA filter, which is replaceable after a period of six to eight months of use. You can access any type of filter, the pet allergy filter, the original filter, the Mold and bacteria filter, and a toxin absorber filter.

There are numerous air purifiers that produce some amount of ozone to the surrounding, making them unsafe to use over a long time. Luckily, you do not have to worry; Levoit air purifiers are ozone free, granting you the confidence to use it any time and any period you wish.


LEVOIT LV-HI132 is ranked to be the most popular air purifier model. It is well known for its suitability in small spaces like offices, dorm rooms, and cars, serving you with the purest air you deserve. It grants you the soft blue nightlight that can be awesome, especially in the kids’ bedrooms. Its purification effect is felt up to 129 Sq. ft. around the room.

 This air purifier makes use of True HEPA filters and also features a three-stage filtration system. Unwanted and harmful particles in the air like smoke, odor, mold spores, pet dander, dust, pollen, bacteria, and other microscopic gases like nitrogen dioxide are easily eliminated through this technologically advanced system. As you go along using the LEVOIT LV-HI132, there will be a need to replace a new filter in order to maintain the efficiency of the air filtration process.

Even though at 50 decibels, it is louder than other Levoit air purifier models, its price is really low, and therefore it can be afforded by many.


The LEVOIT LV- PUR131S is another remarkable air puffier model known for its wonderful ability to purify the air up to 900 Sq. ft. after only just an hour. This makes it the best for extra-large rooms. This LEVOIT LV- PUR131S model is an upgraded version of the older one, which makes use of technologically advanced features like the Wi-Fi connectivity and voice activation. You have the option to sync it with other devices like the Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

This Levoit model has a noise level that ranges at 27-52, depending on the fan speed mode you have selected; the lowest mode is the quietest. It also applies the three-stage filtration system and uses the True HEPA filters. You need to replace a new filter after every 5-7 months of LV- PUR131S operation.

Another technological step this model takes is the built-in air quality sensor so that when you select the Auto mode, the device will automatically adjust the fan speeds in line with the need of the room. It provides a very powerful airflow of 135 CFM. On that note, you should remember that it also, as the other models have three fan speeds. You can run this device every day, all day long.


The LEVOIT LV– H133 is top-ranked as the best for our bedrooms. You will come to realize that this model is the advancement of the LEVOIT LV-HI132 air purifier model. Being a tower model, it can fit anywhere. It has the perfect ability to work at a wider coverage area of 538 Sq. ft. with unbelievable ease. This model is well featured with a more substantial airflow power of 235 CFM compared to the LEVOIT LV-HI132 model.

What is also amazing about the LEVOIT LV– H133 is that it can give you real-time feedback by giving different color indications on air quality; red is bad, yellow stands for moderate condition, green is for good, and blue means the air quality is very good. Lastly, it makes use of an H13 True HEPA that can capture all impurities from the air, thus allowing you to enjoy the fresh and pure air all day long.

Levoit air purifier Comparison Chart
Model Room
(Sq. ft.)
219 24-50 6-8
215 24-50 6-8
129 50 6
900 27-52 5-7
538 25-54 6-8

Should you buy a Levoit air purifier?

Making a choice to buy a Levoit air purifier will be a significant milestone in your life. You will escape any allergic and asthmatic effects since all Levoit purifiers have a True HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of pollutants. Their Cyclone technology drastically accelerates airflow within your room. It also indicates that the filter should be replaced when the time is right and many other marvelous features you will enjoy once you get one of your own.

How do you clean a Levoit air purifier HEPA Filter?

Before you get to replace another filter, you have to be cleaning the filter in the course of using the air purifier. Gently remove the HEPA filter and wash it with clean, cold water, then sundry it. You will have to wait for 24 hours, and then you fix the filter again to the air purifier.


The Levoit air purifiers are the trending addition in the market today that offers home and office air purifications. They are budget-friendly and worth owning in your house for a luxurious lifestyle.


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