2020 the Best Ninja Air Fryer
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By pppggg | 28 September 2020 | 0 Comments

2020 the Best Ninja Air Fryer

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What is Ninja Air Fryer?

An air fryer can be described as a sizable innovative electric cooking pot fitted that is used to fry food using hot air, it requires little to no oil for this. They resemble small countertop convection ovens that are able to work like a deep fryer without having the food dipped in oil. They guarantee crispy fried food without all that oil and extra calories. In a world where everyone is watching their intake this is a welcome alternative to the traditional deep frying method. The fryers are able to cook a wide range of finger foods such as chicken wings, fries, chicken nuggets and cheese sticks. The air fryer market is flooded with diverse products with versatile functionality scopes. These useful devices are however quite handy and efficient kitchen appliances. The Ninja Air Fryer is one such product from the Ninja Company, a well renowned appliance company. They are available based on size, cooking times, ease of maintenance or cleaning and so much more.

Why Should You Consider Ninja Air Fryer?

A Ninja Air Fryer may be the ideal option for you because:

· A Ninja Air fryer eliminates the need to use oil to make your favorite food brown and crisp and instead makes food low in calories and fat. Using one will guarantee you a healthier diet.
· Ninja Air Fryers are designed to save you cooking time owing to their negligible preheating time. Your foods will be ready way quicker than with a traditional deep fryer.
· Air fryers are generally safer than the boiling deep fryers. Using a Ninja Air Fryer protects the user from the hazardous accidents that may come with deep frying
· Using an air fryer over time tends to be budget friendly as it nearly eliminates the expenditure on cooking oil
· These versatile Ninja Air Fryers allow you to prepare a diverse variety of foods as they can bake, steam, broil, dehydrate and roast.
· Ninja Air fryers are user friendly. They are easy to understand and operate which is ideal for handy kitchen appliances.
· Ninja air fryers prevent a great deal of cooking messes. Cleaning them out is also quite easy because they are designed and fitted with dish water friendly parts


Ninja Air Fryer Buying Guide



Ninja Fryers have varying features. Before purchasing one it is vital that one knows which features are best suited to their specific needs and which Ninja Air Fry is most compatible with those features. A good example is ensuring the air fryer can grill chicken before purchasing an air fryer to grill your chicken.

Ease of Use

Ninja Air Fryers are notably easy to operate and use. They are fitted with user friendly controls, dials and timers to increase functionality. Some models however may not have these controls or have slightly more complex controls. This makes it necessary for you to know which air fryer would be most convenient for you to avoid committing your hard earned money to something you will have trouble using.

Frequency of Use

Before picking a Ninja Fryer it is necessary to know how often you are going to use it. Those intending to frequently use an air fryer on a variety of meal options would be able to get more value from investing in one compared to those who intend to occasionally use it.


Size is key. The size of an air fryers basket determines the capacity of food it can hold and the amount of kitchen space it will occupy. It is advisable that one knows the size of the meals they intend to use the Ninja Air Fryer to prepare and appropriately choose a model that will deliver the best utility. To cook for a larger family would mean that you have to get and air fryer with a bigger basket to be able to cook for all of them in one go.

Storage Space

Another factor to consider before buying a Ninja Air Fryer is its storage space and countertop space. To use an air fryer, you will need kitchen space to work with. You may also require space to store the air fryer when not in use. The air fryer should also be placed slightly away from the wall to make room for exhaust releases.


Ninja Fryers may either have hydration features or dehydration features. For those with hydration needs, it would be more viable to consider getting the Ninja Pressure Cooker Air fryers which are designed with more cooking features than the usual air fryer. These features may however vary from model to model. Those looking to dehydrate foods should consider a Ninja Air Fryer with a preprogrammed dehydration feature.


Whenever you purchase an electrical appliance, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of it warranty. Products from Ninja Company have a one year limited warranty.

Which Models Are Included In The Ninja Air Fryer?

This brand has quite a number of models with different features making them ideal in specific areas. This article will look at some of their best models and what they have to offer.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

This is arguably one of the best air fryers out there and is considered Ninja Company’s best product. Its performance ratings are through the roof on all fronts. It has an adequate cooking capacity of 4-Quarts, precise temperature regulation and is very user friendly. It also serves as a food hydrator and can be used to regulate the liquid content in food. It has a pretty quick cooking time which is vital for an air fryer. It has 4 preprogrammed cooking modes which are roast, air fry, reheat and dehydrate. It is fitted with parts that are dishwasher safe making cleaning easier. 

Ninja OP301 Foodi Compact Air Fryer

This is consider to be Ninja Company’s most user friendly air fryer. This is mostly because of its extensive but precise temperature range that runs from 105 to 400 and it’s easy to understand user interface. The user interface allows the user to choose from an impressive 7 available functions. While this appliance may seem compact, it has a capacity of 6.5-Quarts and is able to handle large amounts of food such as 4 pounds of chicken.  Its pressure cooker is up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods and it can keep food warm for up to 12 hours. The safety standards of this appliance are unquestionable given its safety features.

Ninja OP101 Foodi Air Fryer

This product serves as a multi-cooker given its ability to carry out a wide range of functions. It can be used for up to 7 functions including roasting, baking, steaming and as a pressure cooker. As a Ninja Fryer standard, it cooks up to 70% faster than the usual cooking methods and makes good tasty food with 75% less fat content. Its basket is non-stick coated and is dishwasher friendly. It has a capacity of 5-Quarts which is quite sizable.

Ninja Foodi AG301 Air Fryer

The Ninja Foodi AG301 Air Fryer is notably compact and is rumored to ably to mimic the performance of an outdoor grill. It has 4 temperature settings to choose from. It is also fitted with innovative anti-smoking technology that uses a splatter shield, cool air zone and a grill grate with temperature controls. This air fryer employs Cyclonic Grilling Technology which gives food the golden brown color and even creates char marks without actually burning the food. It has a cooking pot capacity of 6-Quarts and a basket capacity of 4-Quarts giving it the ability to old up to 4 steaks. It is quite easy to use and comes with 20 recipe recommendations.
Other notable Ninja Air Fryer Models include:
· Ninja Foodi SP101 Digital Air Fryer (Easy Cleaning)
· Ninja Af161 Max XL Air Fryer (Best Cooking Times)
· Ninja FD401 Foodi Air Fryer (8-Quarts size)
· Ninja Foodi OP302 Air Fryer (Budget Friendly)
· Ninja Auto-iQ Air Fryer and Cooker (Tech friendly)


In Conclusion

Ninja Air Fryers are greatly diverse, good quality and highly versatile. This gives them immense utility and efficiency which guarantees good value to its users. By following the above mentioned guidelines, it becomes easier to adequately choose a Ninja Company product that best suits your specific needs and is a worthy investment.


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