What Are The Best Air Fryers In 2020?
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By pppggg | 28 September 2020 | 0 Comments

What Are The Best Air Fryers In 2020?

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                What Are The Best Air Fryers In 2020?
What Is Air Fryers?

In a nutshell, an air fryer can be described as a sizable innovative electric container or cooking pot fitted with a lid that is used to fry food using hot air, it requires little to no oil for this. It serves as a small countertop convection oven that is able to work like a deep fryer without having the food dipped in oil. They guarantee crispy fried food without all that oil. In a world where everyone is watching their intake this is a welcome alternative to the traditional deep frying method. The fryers are able to cook a wide range of finger foods such as chicken wings, fries, chicken nuggets and cheese sticks. 

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer does not really fry food but uses convection to heat food just like in an oven. With the aid of a fan and a heating element, this piece of equipment is able to radiate heat and then circulate the hot air over food to cook it. These fryers are usually fitted with an air intake and an exhaust outlet to dispel excess hot air. The fryer does not require the use of cooking oil as it tends to burn. Air fryers do not require preheating and are therefore pretty fast and cook food evenly. They are also fitted with timers, cooking modes and temperature modes for more precise cooking. The food cooked in an air fryer is crispy and juicy just like with a deep fryer. Once done, cleaning is easy given most of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryer 


· You are guaranteed of healthier food that is still tasty. An air fryer eliminates the need to use oil to make your favorite food brown and crisp and instead makes food low in calories and fat.
· An air fryer saves you cooking time owing to its negligible preheating time. Your foods will be ready way quicker than with a traditional deep fryer
· Air fryers are generally safer than the boiling deep fryers. Users are protected from the heating process
· Using an air fryer over time tends to be budget friendly as it nearly eliminates the expenditure on cooking oil
· This versatile device allows you to prepare a diverse variety of foods as it can bake, steam, fry and roast
· This device is usually compact sized and will not take up much room space which is ideal for those who don't like cluttered kitchens
· Air fryers are user friendly. They are easy to understand and operate which is ideal for handy kitchen appliances
· An air fryer eliminates a great deal of cooking messes. Cleaning them out is also quite easy because they are designed and fitted with dish water friendly parts



· There is a learning curve to understanding, operating and using an air fryer. Since it cooks quickly, you may end up overcooking your meals the first few times.
· There is a notable difference between food cooked in a deep fryer and that from an air fryer which may be slightly off-putting.
· These innovative devices are slightly expensive to purchase
· Given the size of an air fryer, large amounts of food will need to be cooked in batches
· Since most of these fryers are made from cheap metal and plastic material, they may tend to wear out quickly with consistent use.
· While compact in size they tend to occupy quite a bit of space on the kitchen counter especially when used only occasionally


What are the best air fryers in 2020? 

Instant Vortex Plus

The Instant Vortex Plus is one of the best quality products from Instant Brands with a sleek square design with a stainless steel face giving it good aesthetics. Its square shape gives it a larger cooking surface capacity of 6 quarts when compared to other round air fryers. This makes it a versatile air fryer that can be used for large families. This air fryer is fitted with an extremely user friendly interface that also increases its functionality. The user interface consists of a digital touch screen with pre-programmed modes and settings and a dial. The available cooking settings include air fry, bake, broil, roast, dehydrate and reheat. The dial is also quite efficient and precise as it allows the user to adjust temperature in 5 degree increments unlike many other air fryer models. The Instant Vortex Plus is fitted with a removable tray that has a hinged handle making it easy to remove and replace. It also comes with a rotisserie which can be used for cooking chicken. This air fryer retails at about $110 on Amazon, which is quite budget-friendly given its specifications, features and efficiency. While running however, this device produces a slight whirring sound, almost as loud as a microwave.

Ninja Air Fryer

At first glance, this air fryer oozes quality in a market flooded with air fryers made out of cheap material. Its capacity makes it ideal for use when preparing food portions for two people. It is quite efficient and gives good cooking results by making golden brown food that has a crisp texture. It is fitted with a multifunctional display unit that increases functionality and blends well with the air fryers design. The display is quite easy to understand and operate making it easy for the user to interact with the air fryer and bring out its best performance. The user is therefore able to choose between cooking modes such as roasting and reheating. It can also be used to prepare dehydrated foods such as veggie chips, apple slices and dried kale. This is made possible by slowing down the heated hear around the food to slowly dry it out. The Ninja Air Fryer cooks pretty quickly and does not usually require preheating before cooking. It comes with a non-stick coated food basket that is dish washer friendly. It also comes with an additional stainless steel rack that can be used for multi cooking. It retails at about $120, which is quite agreeable given its functionality, specifications and the accompanying one year warranty. 

Dash Compact Electric Air Fryer

Just as the name suggests, this air fryer is quite small in size with a capacity of 1.7 liters and is considered the best for people cooking for themselves only. Its size means it can only prepare one portion of food at a time for the best results. This device does not require to be pre heated before cooking but may require the food to be tossed and turned occasionally in order to cook evenly. Overloading it however could lead to longer cooking times and uneven cooking of food. It also takes up very little room on the kitchen counter making it ideal for people with limited kitchen space. It comes with a non-stick coated food basket that is also compact in size and dish washer safe. Its little size and heating power gives amazing cooking results when browning chicken and fries. The Dash Compact however is fitted with retro dials for its temperature and timer, which makes it difficult to precisely adjust the temperature and timer. This air dryer retails at a budget friendly price of $49.99 on Amazon and is available in different color such as aqua, glossy red, black and white. 

GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

The GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer is quite good looking and fun to use. Its stunning bright blue display makes it quite enjoyable to interact with this device. This is further bettered by its simple graphic buttons that are quite easy to understand and operate. Its digital controls offers a wide range of functionality as it has 8 programmed setting as suggested by its name. The user is even able to set an alarm to remind them to toss the food while cooking. This air fryer has a large capacity of 5.8-Quarts making it quite handy when in need of extra food portions. Cleaning this its inside is pretty easy as messes may only require wiping down with a paper towel. This makes this model stand out and be highly preferable to other air fryers. Its basket is non-stick coated and dish washer safe. There is no need for pre-heating prior to cooking which greatly reduces cooking times. This air fryer comes with a cookbook and a manual to give its user a wide range of recipes and an easy time cooking. It is available in an assortment of colours that may be purple, white, black and red.

NuWave Brio Air Digital Air Fryer

This air fryer is large in size and consequently has a large capacity of 6 quarts making it able to hold a lot of food. This makes it ideal for use when cooking for many people. Its digital controls offer a wide range of functionality and making it quite the convenient. This air fryer uniquely has a built in preheating feature among other programmed settings. It comes with a divider for its basket allowing the user to cook two foods simultaneously without them mixing. Its manual also has a few recipes that the user can follow for best results with the appliance. Its parts are mostly dishwasher safe but may be quite sizable and occupy a lot of space. This air fryer may however be slightly noisy while running and does not cook evenly. It retails at an affordable $90 on Amazon and comes with a one year warranty.

Farberware HF-919B

It has a measured capacity of 3.2 Quarts which may be small but ideal for making meals for two. It is also one of the quietest air fryer models to hit the market. It has pretty simple to understand and use dials making it easy to get peak performance while cooking. Cleaning it may however prove to be a daunting task due to its nooks and crannies. It however gives amazing crispiness and browning which are vital for a good fryer. To get even foods, the user as to preheat the oven and keep tossing the food. Its price is one of the most reasonable on the market retailing at about $70 on Amazon. As a plus, it comes with a 2 year warranty.

Elite Platinum EAF-1560D 3.5

This air fryer has a modest capacity of 3.4-quarts but its housing makes it look bigger. The handle however folds down making it compact for storage. It comes with a simple and easy to understand user interface with preprogrammed settings to increase diversity and functionality. Cleaning is fairly easy thanks to its design. Cleaning the basket may however require some doing. The Elite Platinum Air Fryer retails at a comfortable $80 and has a one year warranty.

Cosori 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer

This is one of the best-selling air fryers on Amazon. Retailing at a price of about $100, it is quite affordable. It comes with a sizeable 3.7 quarts cooking basket. This appliance also adopts a square design which is meant to give it more capacity in comparison to round air fryers. It has many circulation vents to help it keep cool and is quite lightweight. It has a preheat feature and programmed presets such as cooking times and temperatures. If none of these meet the user’s criteria, it offers a manual setting. 

In Conclusion

An air fryer is a pretty handy kitchen appliance especially when you need to make fries, stir fry meat, or chicken nuggets. It is also an ideal appliance for people trying to eat their favourite foods but with low calorie and fat content. It gives much better results and does not mess up your kitchen or heat it up.



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